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This is a list of airports in Thailand. There are 39 commercial service airports in Thailand, 10 of which are international airports.[1] The Department of Airports (DOA) managed 29 airports, while 7 airports are managed by Airports of Thailand (AOT), 3 airports are managed by Bangkok Airways (BA), and 1 airport is managed by the Royal Thai Navy (RTNV).[2] The six major international airports managed by AOT are the main gateways to Thailand for international travelers, while smaller commercial airports may be operated by the DOA or individual airlines. Thailand also has military and private airports that serve various purposes, such as supporting military operations, private aircraft operations, and general aviation.

Classification of airports[edit]

Flight accommodation[edit]

Airports can be classified according to the types of flights they accommodate. There are two main categories:[3]

  1. International airports: Serve regular international flights and operate 24/7. Have ICAO-standard customs and immigration services, as well as ground facilities for handling passengers, cargo, and mail. Can be classified into two types based on their capacity:
    1. Primary international airports: Provide regular facilities and services for international flights.
    2. Secondary international airports: Provide limited facilities and services for international flights.
  2. Domestic/National airports: Cater exclusively to domestic flights, without international flights.

CAAT classification[edit]

The Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand (CAAT) has classified Thailand airports into four categories based on their location in large cities and passenger traffic. The four categories are as follows:[4]

  1. Primary hub airports: These airports have a passenger traffic of over 25 million per year and are located in Bangkok. They are the main hubs of transport and connectivity in Thailand and offer a wide range of facilities and services for both domestic and international flights.
  2. Secondary hub airports: These airports have a passenger traffic between 5 and 25 million per year and are located in popular tourist destinations. They offer a range of facilities and services for both domestic and international flights, but with fewer options than primary hub airports.
  3. Regional airports: These airports have a passenger traffic between 1 and 5 million per year and are located in smaller cities or popular tourist destinations. They offer limited facilities and services for both domestic and international flights.
  4. Local airports: These airports have a passenger traffic of less than 1 million per year and are located in small towns or remote areas. They offer very limited facilities and services for domestic flights only.

List of airports[edit]

Airport name City served Location IATA ICAO Classification Operator Coordinates
Province District Flight accommodation CAAT
International airports
Don Mueang International Airport Bangkok Metropolitan Region Bangkok Don Mueang DMK VTBD International Primary AOT 13°54′44.59″N 100°36′14.57″E / 13.9123861°N 100.6040472°E / 13.9123861; 100.6040472 (Don Mueang International Airport)
Suvarnabhumi International Airport[5] Bangkok Metropolitan Region Samut Prakan Bang Phli BKK VTBS International Primary AOT 13°41′32.71″N 100°45′1.79″E / 13.6924194°N 100.7504972°E / 13.6924194; 100.7504972 (Suvarnabhumi International Airport)
Chiang Mai International Airport Chiang Mai
Chiang Mai Mueang Chiang Mai CNX VTCC International Secondary AOT 18°46′8.38″N 98°58′4.57″E / 18.7689944°N 98.9679361°E / 18.7689944; 98.9679361 (Chiang Mai International Airport)
Mae Fah Luang - Chiang Rai International Airport Chiang Rai Chiang Rai Mueang Chiang Rai CEI VTCT International Regional AOT 19°57′15.43″N 99°52′44.92″E / 19.9542861°N 99.8791444°E / 19.9542861; 99.8791444 (Mae Fah Luang - Chiang Rai International Airport)
Krabi International Airport Krabi Krabi Nuea Khlong KBV VTSG International Regional DOA 8°5′55.52″N 98°58′57.92″E / 8.0987556°N 98.9827556°E / 8.0987556; 98.9827556 (Krabi International Airport)
Phuket International Airport Phuket Phuket Thalang HKT VTSP International Secondary AOT 8°6′19.23″N 98°18′20.2″E / 8.1053417°N 98.305611°E / 8.1053417; 98.305611 (Phuket International Airport)
U-Tapao International Airport[6] Chonburi
Rayong Ban Chang UTP VTBU International Local RTNV 12°40′47″N 101°0′18″E / 12.67972°N 101.00500°E / 12.67972; 101.00500 (U-Tapao International Airport)
Hat Yai International Airport Hat Yai Songkhla Khlong Hoi Khong HDY VTSS International Regional AOT 6°56′11.3″N 100°23′37.4″E / 6.936472°N 100.393722°E / 6.936472; 100.393722 (Hat Yai International Airport)
Samui International Airport Koh Samui Surat Thani Koh Samui USM VTSM International Regional BA 9°32′52″N 100°3′44″E / 9.54778°N 100.06222°E / 9.54778; 100.06222 (Samui International Airport)
Surat Thani International Airport Surat Thani Surat Thani Phunphin URT VTSB International Regional DOA 9°8′3.75″N 99°8′32.94″E / 9.1343750°N 99.1424833°E / 9.1343750; 99.1424833 (Surat Thani International Airport)
Udon Thani International Airport Udon Thani Udon Thani Mueang Udon Thani UTH VTUD International Regional DOA 17°23′12.79″N 102°46′32.63″E / 17.3868861°N 102.7757306°E / 17.3868861; 102.7757306 (Udon Thani Airport)
Domestic airports
Betong Airport[7] Betong
Yala Betong BTZ VTSY Domestic Local DOA 5°47′11.31″N 101°8′50.24″E / 5.7864750°N 101.1472889°E / 5.7864750; 101.1472889 (Betong Airport)
Buriram Airport Buriram
Buriram Satuek BFV VTUO Domestic Local DOA 15°13′40.43″N 103°14′55.08″E / 15.2278972°N 103.2486333°E / 15.2278972; 103.2486333 (Buriram Airport)
Chumphon Airport Chumphon Chumphon Pathio CJM VTSE Domestic Local DOA 10°42′52.17″N 99°21′32.19″E / 10.7144917°N 99.3589417°E / 10.7144917; 99.3589417 (Chumphon Airport)
Hua Hin Airport Hua Hin Prachuap Khiri Khan Hua Hin HHQ VTPH Domestic Local DOA 12°37′41.59″N 99°57′9.94″E / 12.6282194°N 99.9527611°E / 12.6282194; 99.9527611 (Hua Hin Airport)
Khon Kaen Airport Khon Kaen Khon Kaen Mueang Khon Kaen KKC VTUK Domestic Regional DOA 16°27′51.95″N 102°47′11.78″E / 16.4644306°N 102.7866056°E / 16.4644306; 102.7866056 (Khon Kaen Airport)
Lampang Airport Lampang Lampang Mueang Lampang LPT VTCL Domestic Local DOA 18°16′39.25″N 99°30′20.2″E / 18.2775694°N 99.505611°E / 18.2775694; 99.505611 (Lampang Airport)
Loei Airport Loei Loei Mueang Loei LOE VTUL Domestic Local DOA 17°26′44.6″N 101°43′35.45″E / 17.445722°N 101.7265139°E / 17.445722; 101.7265139 (Loei Airport)
Mae Hong Son Airport Mae Hong Son Mae Hong Son Mueang Mae Hong Son HGN VTCH Domestic Local DOA 19°18′1.92″N 97°58′30.69″E / 19.3005333°N 97.9751917°E / 19.3005333; 97.9751917 (Mae Hong Son Airport)
Mae Sariang Airport[8] Mae Sariang Mae Hong Son Mae Sariang VTCS Domestic Local DOA 18°10′40.47″N 97°55′49.86″E / 18.1779083°N 97.9305167°E / 18.1779083; 97.9305167 (Mae Sariang Airport)
Mae Sot Airport Mae Sot
Tak Mae Sot MAQ VTPM Domestic Local DOA 16°42′8.83″N 98°32′44.16″E / 16.7024528°N 98.5456000°E / 16.7024528; 98.5456000 (Mae Sot Airport)
Nakhon Phanom Airport Nakhon Phanom Nakhon Phanom Mueang Nakhon Phanom KOP VTUW Domestic Local DOA 17°23′11.63″N 104°39′37.82″E / 17.3865639°N 104.6605056°E / 17.3865639; 104.6605056 (Nakhon Phanom Airport)
Nakhon Ratchasima Airport Nakhon Ratchasima Nakhon Ratchasima Chaloem Phra Kiat NAK VTUQ Domestic Local DOA 14°57′13.3″N 102°18′41.33″E / 14.953694°N 102.3114806°E / 14.953694; 102.3114806 (Nakhon Ratchasima Airport)
Nakhon Si Thammarat Airport Nakhon Si Thammarat Nakhon Si Thammarat Mueang Nakhon Si Thammarat NST VTSF Domestic Regional DOA 8°32′23.8″N 99°56′25.11″E / 8.539944°N 99.9403083°E / 8.539944; 99.9403083 (Nakhon Si Thammarat Airport)
Nan Nakhon Airport Nan Nan Mueang Nan NNT VTCN Domestic Local DOA 18°48′9.8″N 100°47′5.32″E / 18.802722°N 100.7848111°E / 18.802722; 100.7848111 (Nan Nakhon Airport)
Narathiwat Airport Narathiwat Narathiwat Mueang Narathiwat NAW VTSC Domestic Local DOA 6°31′22.99″N 101°44′55.17″E / 6.5230528°N 101.7486583°E / 6.5230528; 101.7486583 (Narathiwat Airport)
Pai Airport Pai Mae Hong Son Pai PYY VTCI Domestic Local DOA 19°22′13.55″N 98°26′9.41″E / 19.3704306°N 98.4359472°E / 19.3704306; 98.4359472 (Pai Airport)
Pattani Airport Pattani Pattani Nong Chik PAN VTSK Domestic Local DOA 6°47′6.16″N 101°8′51.53″E / 6.7850444°N 101.1476472°E / 6.7850444; 101.1476472 (Pattani Airport)
Phetchabun Airport Phetchabun Phetchabun Lom Sak PHY VTPB Domestic Local DOA 16°40′33.36″N 101°11′26.16″E / 16.6759333°N 101.1906000°E / 16.6759333; 101.1906000 (Phetchabun Airport)
Phitsanulok Airport Phitsanulok Phitsanulok Mueang Phitsanulok PHS VTPP Domestic Local DOA 16°46′17.97″N 100°16′53.86″E / 16.7716583°N 100.2816278°E / 16.7716583; 100.2816278 (Phitsanulok Airport)
Phrae Airport Phrae Phrae Mueang Phrae PRH VTCP Domestic Local DOA 18°7′54.2″N 100°9′44.47″E / 18.131722°N 100.1623528°E / 18.131722; 100.1623528 (Phrae Airport)
Ranong Airport Ranong Ranong Mueang Ranong UNN VTSR Domestic Local DOA 9°46′25.74″N 98°35′14.3″E / 9.7738167°N 98.587306°E / 9.7738167; 98.587306 (Ranong Airport)
Roi Et Airport Roi Et Roi Et Thawat Buri ROI VTUV Domestic Local DOA 16°6′33.84″N 103°46′57.05″E / 16.1094000°N 103.7825139°E / 16.1094000; 103.7825139 (Roi Et Airport)
Sakon Nakhon Airport Sakon Nakhon Sakon Nakhon Mueang Sakon Nakhon SNO VTUI Domestic Local DOA 17°11′48.02″N 104°6′59.51″E / 17.1966722°N 104.1165306°E / 17.1966722; 104.1165306 (Sakon Nakhon Airport)
Sukhothai Airport Sukhothai Sukhothai Sawankhalok THS VTPO Domestic Local BA 17°13′56.88″N 99°49′13.66″E / 17.2324667°N 99.8204611°E / 17.2324667; 99.8204611 (Sukhothai Airport)
Tak Airport Tak Tak Mueang Tak TKT VTPT Domestic Local DOA 16°53′53.48″N 99°15′13.5″E / 16.8981889°N 99.253750°E / 16.8981889; 99.253750 (Tak Airport)
Trang Airport Trang Trang Mueang Trang TST VTST Domestic Local DOA 7°30′40.75″N 99°36′55.14″E / 7.5113194°N 99.6153167°E / 7.5113194; 99.6153167 (Trang Airport)
Trat Airport Trat Trat Khao Saming TDX VTBO Domestic Local BA 12°16′51.95″N 102°19′27.74″E / 12.2810972°N 102.3243722°E / 12.2810972; 102.3243722 (Trat Airport)
Ubon Ratchathani Airport Ubon Ratchathani Ubon Ratchathani Mueang Ubon Ratchathani UBP VTUU Domestic Regional DOA 15°14′49.5″N 104°52′13.56″E / 15.247083°N 104.8704333°E / 15.247083; 104.8704333 (Ubon Ratchathani Airport)

Other airports[edit]

This list includes airports other than the 39 airports listed above, without scheduled services, military airports, as well as airports and airstrips used solely for general aviation.

Airport name Location ICAO IATA Operator Coordinates
Province District
Bang Phra Airport[9] Chonburi Si Racha VTBT Thai Flying Club 13°13′59.77″N 100°57′28.29″E / 13.2332694°N 100.9578583°E / 13.2332694; 100.9578583 (Bang Phra Airport)
Ban Thi Airport[10] Lamphun Ban Thi VTCM 18°40′35.45″N 99°6′9.75″E / 18.6765139°N 99.1027083°E / 18.6765139; 99.1027083 (Ban Thi Airport)
Bhumibol Dam Airport [11] Tak Sam Ngao VTPY EGAT 17°14′0.87″N 99°3′24.9″E / 17.2335750°N 99.056917°E / 17.2335750; 99.056917 (Bhumibol Dam Airport)
Cha-ian Airport Nakhon Si Thammarat Pak Phun VTSN RTA 8°28′9.74″N 99°57′20.94″E / 8.4693722°N 99.9558167°E / 8.4693722; 99.9558167 (Cha-ian Airport)
Chanthaburi Airstrip[12] Chanthaburi Tha Mai VTBC RTNV 12°37′49.07″N 102°1′33.55″E / 12.6302972°N 102.0259861°E / 12.6302972; 102.0259861 (Chanthaburi Airstrip)
Chiang Kham Airport[13] Phayao Chiang Kham VTCB RTA 19°29′59.28″N 100°17′2.97″E / 19.4998000°N 100.2841583°E / 19.4998000; 100.2841583 (Chanthaburi Airstrip)
Kabinburi Airport[14] Prachinburi Kabinburi VTZ3 Sahapat 14°1′11.62″N 101°42′8.37″E / 14.0198944°N 101.7023250°E / 14.0198944; 101.7023250 (Kabinburi Airport)
Kamphaeng Saen Airport[15] Nakhon Pathom Kamphaeng Saen VTBK KDT RTAF 14°5′50.2″N 99°55′16.91″E / 14.097278°N 99.9213639°E / 14.097278; 99.9213639 (Kamphaeng Saen Airport)
Khok Kathiam Air Force Base[16] Lopburi Mueang Lopburi VTBL KKM RTAF 14°52′29″N 100°39′47″E / 14.87472°N 100.66306°E / 14.87472; 100.66306 (Khok Kathiam Air Force Base)
Korat Royal Thai Air Force Base[17] Nakhon Ratchasima Nakhon Ratchasima VTUN RTAF 14°55′51.5″N 102°4′34.48″E / 14.930972°N 102.0762444°E / 14.930972; 102.0762444 (Korat Royal Thai Air Force Base)
Koh Mai Si Airport[18] Trat Koh Kut Soneva Kiri 11°43′2.84″N 102°31′13.64″E / 11.7174556°N 102.5204556°E / 11.7174556; 102.5204556 (Koh Mai Si Airport)
Koh Takian Airport Trat Mueang Trat VTBV RTAF 12°15′15.29″N 102°31′6.44″E / 12.2542472°N 102.5184556°E / 12.2542472; 102.5184556 (Koh Takian Airport)
Lamphun Airport[19] Lamphun Lamphun VTCO Sahaphat 18°32′50.16″N 99°0′43.78″E / 18.5472667°N 99.0121611°E / 18.5472667; 99.0121611 (Lamphun Airport)
Loeng Nok Tha Airport[20] Yasothon Loeng Nok Tha 16°9′21.9″N 104°35′22.9″E / 16.156083°N 104.589694°E / 16.156083; 104.589694 (Loeng Nok Tha Airport)
Lom Sak Airport[21] Phetchabun Lom Sak 16°49′26.92″N 101°15′4.85″E / 16.8241444°N 101.2513472°E / 16.8241444; 101.2513472 (Lom Sak Airport)
Nakhon Sawan Airport Nakhon Sawan Mueang Nakhon Sawan VTPN DRRAA 15°40′19.13″N 100°8′7.67″E / 15.6719806°N 100.1354639°E / 15.6719806; 100.1354639 (Nakhon Sawan Airport)
Namphong Airstrip Khon Kaen Nam Phong RTAF 16°39′6″N 102°57′56″E / 16.65167°N 102.96556°E / 16.65167; 102.96556 (Namphong Airstrip)
Nok Airfield[22] Chiang Mai Ban Thi VTCY Nok Aviation Flying Club[note 1] 18°40′36.13″N 99°6′41.36″E / 18.6767028°N 99.1114889°E / 18.6767028; 99.1114889 (Nok Airfield)
Nong Khor Airfield Chonburi Si Racha Paramotor Thailand 13°8′24.16″N 101°2′45.89″E / 13.1400444°N 101.0460806°E / 13.1400444; 101.0460806 (Nong Khor Airfield)
Old Chiang Rai Airport Chiang Rai Mueang Chiang Rai VTCR RTAF 19°53′0.32″N 99°49′35.81″E / 19.8834222°N 99.8266139°E / 19.8834222; 99.8266139 (Old Chiang Rai Airport)
Pak Phreaw Airport Saraburi Mueang Saraburi VTBE RTA 14°30′48.38″N 100°55′4.65″E / 14.5134389°N 100.9179583°E / 14.5134389; 100.9179583 (Pak Phreaw Airport)
Pattaya Airpark[23] Chonburi Bang Lamung VTBF 12°49′57.39″N 100°56′56.98″E / 12.8326083°N 100.9491611°E / 12.8326083; 100.9491611 (Pattaya Airpark)
Photharam Airport[24] Ratchaburi Photharam VTPR Thai Aerospace Services 13°40′12.61″N 99°44′2.13″E / 13.6701694°N 99.7339250°E / 13.6701694; 99.7339250 (Photharam Airport)
Phuket Airpark[25][26] Phuket Thalang VTSW 8°1′11.08″N 98°24′5.39″E / 8.0197444°N 98.4014972°E / 8.0197444; 98.4014972 (Phuket Airpark)
Prachin Buri Airport [27] Prachin Buri Mueang Prachin Buri VTBI RTA 14°4′39.95″N 101°22′47.59″E / 14.0777639°N 101.3798861°E / 14.0777639; 101.3798861 (Prachin Buri Airport)
Prachuap Khiri Khan Air Force Base[28] Prachuap Khiri Khan Mueang Prachuap Khiri Khan VTBP RTAF 11°47′18.3″N 99°48′16.65″E / 11.788417°N 99.8046250°E / 11.788417; 99.8046250 (Prachuap Khiri Khan Air Force Base)
Rob Muang Airport[29] Roi Et Mueang Roi Et VTUR RTA 16°4′13.26″N 103°38′45.25″E / 16.0703500°N 103.6459028°E / 16.0703500; 103.6459028 (Rob Muang Airport)
Songkhla Airport Songkhla Mueang Songkhla VTSH SGZ RTNV 7°11′11.4″N 100°36′29.08″E / 7.186500°N 100.6080778°E / 7.186500; 100.6080778 (Songkhla Airport)
Surin Airport[30] Surin Mueang Surin VTUJ PXR DOA 14°52′5.75″N 103°29′53.72″E / 14.8682639°N 103.4982556°E / 14.8682639; 103.4982556 (Surin Airport)
Takhli Air Force Base[31] Nakhon Sawan Takhli VTPI TKH RTAF 15°16′38.29″N 100°17′45.06″E / 15.2773028°N 100.2958500°E / 15.2773028; 100.2958500 (Takhli Air Force Base)
Uttaradit Airport[32] Uttaradit Mueang Uttaradit VTPU UTR DOA 17°40′25.01″N 100°14′4.98″E / 17.6736139°N 100.2347167°E / 17.6736139; 100.2347167 (Uttaradit Airport)
Watthana Nakhon Airport[33] Sa Kaeo Watthana Nakhon VTBW RTAF 13°46′7.68″N 102°18′55.77″E / 13.7688000°N 102.3154917°E / 13.7688000; 102.3154917 (Watthana Nakhon Airport)

Under construction, approved and proposed[edit]

This list includes airports that are currently under construction, as well as those that have been approved and are in the planning stages.

Airport name Location Classification Operator Coordinates Start Completion Status
Flight accommodation CAAT
U-Tapao International Airport
New Terminal
Phase 1
Rayong International Primary UTA 12°40′43.34″N 101°1′15.03″E / 12.6787056°N 101.0208417°E / 12.6787056; 101.0208417 (U-Tapao International Airport) 2024[35] 2027 Prepared for construction
Suvarnabhumi International Airport
Expansion: Phase 2
Samut Prakan International Primary AOT 13°40′56.13″N 100°44′52.64″E / 13.6822583°N 100.7479556°E / 13.6822583; 100.7479556 (Suvarnabhumi International Airport) 2016 2023[36] Under construction[37]
Trang Airport
New Terminal
Trang International Regional DOA 7°30′15.72″N 99°37′4.97″E / 7.5043667°N 99.6180472°E / 7.5043667; 99.6180472 (Trang Airport) 2020[38] 2023[39] Under construction
Nakhon Si Thammarat Airport
New Terminal
Nakhon Si Thammarat International Regional DOA 8°32′18.41″N 99°56′24.92″E / 8.5384472°N 99.9402556°E / 8.5384472; 99.9402556 (Nakhon Si Thammarat Airport) 2019[40] 2023[41] Under construction
Khon Kaen International Airport
New Terminal
Khon Kaen International Regional DOA 16°27′51.95″N 102°47′11.78″E / 16.4644306°N 102.7866056°E / 16.4644306; 102.7866056 (Khon Kaen International Airport) 2018[42] 2023[43] Under construction
Buriram International Airport
New Terminal
Buriram International Regional DOA 15°13′40.43″N 103°14′55.08″E / 15.2278972°N 103.2486333°E / 15.2278972; 103.2486333 (Buriram International Airport) 2021 2024 Under construction[44]
Don Mueang International Airport
Expansion: Phase 3
Bangkok International Primary AOT 13°54′22.83″N 100°35′43.82″E / 13.9063417°N 100.5955056°E / 13.9063417; 100.5955056 (Don Mueang International Airport) 2023 2029 Approved[45]
Nakhon Pathom Airport Nakhon Pathom International Regional DOA Proposed[46]
Phang Nga - Andaman International Airport Phang Nga International Regional DOA Proposed[47]
New Chiang Mai International Airport Chiang Mai International Secondary AOT Proposed[48]
Bueng Kan Airport Bueng Kan Proposed[49]
Mukdahan Airport Mukdahan Proposed[49]
Satun Airport Satun Proposed[49]


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