List of airports in Tunisia

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This is a list of airports in Tunisia, sorted by location.


ICAO location identifiers link to airport page at Office de l'Aviation Civile et des Aeroports (OACA), the Tunisian Civil Aviation & Airports Authority.

Airport names shown in bold indicate the airport has scheduled service on commercial airlines.

City Governorate ICAO IATA Airport name Coordinates
Bizerte Bizerte DTTB Bizerte-Sidi Ahmed Air Base (military) 37°14′44″N 009°47′29″E / 37.24556°N 9.79139°E / 37.24556; 9.79139 (Sidi Ahmed Air Base)
Borj El Amri Manouba DTTI Borj El Amri Airport 36°43′16″N 009°56′35″E / 36.72111°N 9.94306°E / 36.72111; 9.94306 (Borj El Amri Airport)
Djerba Medenine DTTJ DJE Djerba - Zarzis International Airport 33°52′30″N 010°46′31″E / 33.87500°N 10.77528°E / 33.87500; 10.77528 (Djerba - Zarzis International Airport)
El Borma Oil Field Tataouine DTTR EBM El Borma Airport 31°42′15″N 009°15′17″E / 31.70417°N 9.25472°E / 31.70417; 9.25472 (El Borma Airport)
Enfidha Sousse DTNH NBE Enfidha – Hammamet International Airport 36°05′31″N 010°24′50″E / 36.09194°N 10.41389°E / 36.09194; 10.41389 (Enfidha – Hammamet International Airport)
Gabès Gabès DTTG GAE Gabès - Matmata International Airport (civil/military) 33°44′0.13″N 9°55′5.55″E / 33.7333694°N 9.9182083°E / 33.7333694; 9.9182083 (Gabès - Matmata International Airport)
Gafsa Gafsa DTTF GAF Gafsa - Ksar International Airport (civil/military) 34°25′19″N 008°49′21″E / 34.42194°N 8.82250°E / 34.42194; 8.82250 (Gafsa - Ksar International Airport)
Kasserine Kasserine Thelepte Airfield 35°00′15″N 008°35′37″E / 35.00417°N 8.59361°E / 35.00417; 8.59361 (Thelepte Airport)
Monastir Monastir DTMB MIR Monastir - Habib Bourguiba International Airport 35°45′29″N 010°45′17″E / 35.75806°N 10.75472°E / 35.75806; 10.75472 (Monastir - Habib Bourguiba International Airport)
Remada Tataouine DTTD Remada Air Base (military) 32°18′22″N 010°22′56″E / 32.30611°N 10.38222°E / 32.30611; 10.38222 (Remada Air Base)
Sfax Sfax DTTX SFA Sfax - Thyna International Airport 34°43′04″N 010°41′27″E / 34.71778°N 10.69083°E / 34.71778; 10.69083 (Sfax - Thyna International Airport)
Tabarka Jendouba DTKA TBJ Tabarka–Ain Draham International Airport 36°58′48″N 008°52′37″E / 36.98000°N 8.87694°E / 36.98000; 8.87694 (Tabarka–Ain Draham International Airport)
Tozeur Tozeur DTTZ TOE Tozeur - Nefta International Airport 33°56′23″N 008°06′38″E / 33.93972°N 8.11056°E / 33.93972; 8.11056 (Tozeur - Nefta International Airport)
Tunis Tunis DTTA TUN Tunis - Carthage International Airport 36°51′04″N 10°13′38″E / 36.85111°N 10.22722°E / 36.85111; 10.22722 (Tunis - Carthage International Airport)
Soliman Nabeul Soliman Airstrip 36°42′31″N 010°26′56″E / 36.70861°N 10.44889°E / 36.70861; 10.44889 (Soliman Airstrip)

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