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This is a list of airports in Vietnam, grouped by type and sorted by location. Airports in Vietnam are managed and operated by Airports Corporation of Vietnam.

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Civil airports[edit]

Airports in Vietnam
Location ICAO IATA Airport name Coordinates
Cần Thơ VVCT VCA Can Tho International Airport 10°05′07″N 105°42′43″E / 10.08528°N 105.71194°E / 10.08528; 105.71194 (Can Tho International Airport)
Da Nang VVDN DAD Da Nang International Airport 16°02′38″N 108°11′58″E / 16.04389°N 108.19944°E / 16.04389; 108.19944 (Da Nang International Airport)
Hai Phong VVCI HPH Cat Bi International Airport 20°49′09″N 106°43′29″E / 20.81917°N 106.72472°E / 20.81917; 106.72472 (Cat Bi International Airport)
Hanoi VVNB HAN Noi Bai International Airport 21°13′16″N 105°48′26″E / 21.22111°N 105.80722°E / 21.22111; 105.80722 (Noi Bai International Airport)
Ho Chi Minh City VVTS SGN Tan Son Nhat International Airport 10°49′08″N 106°39′07″E / 10.81889°N 106.65194°E / 10.81889; 106.65194 (Tan Son Nhat International Airport)
Huế VVPB HUI Phu Bai International Airport 16°24′06″N 107°42′10″E / 16.40167°N 107.70278°E / 16.40167; 107.70278 (Phu Bai International Airport)
Nha Trang VVCR CXR Cam Ranh International Airport 11°59′53″N 109°13′10″E / 11.99806°N 109.21944°E / 11.99806; 109.21944 (Cam Ranh International Airport)
Phú Quốc VVPQ PQC Phu Quoc International Airport 10°10′18″N 103°59′28″E / 10.17167°N 103.99111°E / 10.17167; 103.99111
Quảng Ninh VVVD VDO Van Don International Airport 21°07′04″N 107°24′51″E / 21.11778°N 107.41417°E / 21.11778; 107.41417
Vinh VVVH VII Vinh International Airport 18°44′12.21″N 105°40′15.17″E / 18.7367250°N 105.6708806°E / 18.7367250; 105.6708806 (Vinh Airport)
Buôn Ma Thuột VVBM BMV Buon Ma Thuot Airport 12°40′05″N 108°07′12″E / 12.66806°N 108.12000°E / 12.66806; 108.12000 (Buon Ma Thuot Airport)
Cà Mau VVCM CAH Cà Mau Airport 09°10′32″N 105°10′46″E / 9.17556°N 105.17944°E / 9.17556; 105.17944 (Cà Mau Airport)
Côn Đảo VVCS VCS Co Ong Airport 08°43′57″N 106°37′44″E / 8.73250°N 106.62889°E / 8.73250; 106.62889 (Co Ong Airport)
Chu Lai VVCA VCL Chu Lai Airport 15°24′22″N 108°42′20″E / 15.40611°N 108.70556°E / 15.40611; 108.70556 (Chu Lai International Airport)
Da Lat VVDL DLI Lien Khuong Airport 11°45′02″N 108°22′25″E / 11.75056°N 108.37361°E / 11.75056; 108.37361 (Lien Khuong International Airport)
Điện Biên Phủ VVDB DIN Điện Biên Phủ Airport 21°23′50″N 103°00′28″E / 21.39722°N 103.00778°E / 21.39722; 103.00778 (Dien Bien Phu Airport)
Đồng Hới VVDH VDH Dong Hoi Airport
17°30′54″N 106°35′26″E / 17.51500°N 106.59056°E / 17.51500; 106.59056 (Dong Hoi Airport)
Pleiku VVPK PXU Pleiku Airport 14°00′16″N 108°01′02″E / 14.00444°N 108.01722°E / 14.00444; 108.01722 (Pleiku Airport)
Qui Nhơn VVPC UIH Phu Cat Airport 13°57′18″N 109°02′32″E / 13.95500°N 109.04222°E / 13.95500; 109.04222 (Phu Cat Airport)
Rạch Giá VVRG VKG Rach Gia Airport 9°57′35″N 105°8′2″E / 9.95972°N 105.13389°E / 9.95972; 105.13389 (Rach Gia Airport)
Tuy Hòa VVTH TBB Dong Tac Airport 13°02′58″N 109°20′01″E / 13.04944°N 109.33361°E / 13.04944; 109.33361 (Dong Tac Airport)
Vũng Tàu VVVT VTG Vung Tau Airport 10°22′0″N 107°05′0″E / 10.36667°N 107.08333°E / 10.36667; 107.08333 (Vung Tau Airport)
Thanh Hoá VVTX THD Tho Xuan Airport 19°54′6″N 105°28′4″E / 19.90167°N 105.46778°E / 19.90167; 105.46778 (Tho Xuan Airport)

Military Airports[edit]

Location ICAO IATA Airport name Coordinates
Bắc Giang VVKP Kép Air Base 21°23′23″N 106°15′09″E / 21.38972°N 106.25250°E / 21.38972; 106.25250 (Kép Air Base)
Biên Hòa VVBA Bien Hoa Air Base 10°58′37″N 106°49′06″E / 10.97694°N 106.81833°E / 10.97694; 106.81833 (Biên Hòa Airport)
Cam Ranh VVCR CXR Cam Ranh Air Base
Cam Ranh Cam Ranh Naval Base Airstrip
Hanoi (Hà Tây) VVYL Hòa Lạc Air Base 21°02′17.79″N 105°29′23.7″E / 21.0382750°N 105.489917°E / 21.0382750; 105.489917 (Hòa Lạc Airport)
Hanoi VVGL Gia Lam Airbase 21°02′27.51″N 105°53′09.64″E / 21.0409750°N 105.8860111°E / 21.0409750; 105.8860111 (Gia Lam Airbase)
Hai Phong VV03 Kien An Airport 20°48′12″N 106°36′17″E / 20.80333°N 106.60472°E / 20.80333; 106.60472 (Kien An Airport)
Phan Rang VVPR PHA Phan Rang Air Base
Truong Sa Truong Sa Airport 8°38′43″N 111°55′14″E / 8.64528°N 111.92056°E / 8.64528; 111.92056 (Truong Sa Airport)
Yên Bái VVYB Yên Bái Air Base
Da Lat VVCL Cam Ly Airport 11°56′34″N 108°24′54″E / 11.94278°N 108.41500°E / 11.94278; 108.41500 (Cam Ly Airport)
Da Nang Nước Mặn Air Base
Quảng Ngãi Quảng Phú Airfield

Proposed Airports[edit]

Location ICAO IATA Airport name Coordinates
Đồng Nai Long Thanh International Airport
Lao Cai Sa Pa Airport
Phan Thiet, Binh Thuan VVPT PHH Phan Thiet Airport
An Giang An Giang Airport
Ba Ria Vung Tau Go Gang Airport
Quang Tri Quang Tri Airport

Former Airports[edit]

Location ICAO IATA Airport name Coordinates
Phú Quốc VVPQ PQC Duong Dong Airport 10°13′33″N 103°57′39″E / 10.22583°N 103.96083°E / 10.22583; 103.96083 (Duong Dong Airport)
Bến Tre Truc Giang Airfield 10°15′57″N 106°20′58″E / 10.26583°N 106.34944°E / 10.26583; 106.34944 (Truc Giang Airfield)
Long Khánh Xuan Loc Airfield 10°55′17″N 107°17′20″E / 10.92139°N 107.28889°E / 10.92139; 107.28889 (Xuan Loc Airfield)
Bình Thuận VVPT PHH Phan Thiet Airfield
Cần Thơ Binh Thuy Air Base
to converted as Trà Nóc Airport
Đắk Lắk An Khe Airport
Hanoi Bach Mai Airfield
Khánh Hòa VVNT NHA Nha Trang Air Base 12°13′39″N 109°11′33″E / 12.22750°N 109.19250°E / 12.22750; 109.19250 (Nha Trang Air Base)
Kiến Tường Moc Hoa Airfield 10°45′45″N 105°56′1″E / 10.76250°N 105.93361°E / 10.76250; 105.93361 (Moc Hoa Airfield)
Tân An Can Dot Airfield 10°32′36″N 106°23′56″E / 10.54333°N 106.39889°E / 10.54333; 106.39889 (Can Dot Airfield)
Nghệ An Anh Son Airfield 18°57′38″N 105°1′28″E / 18.96056°N 105.02444°E / 18.96056; 105.02444 (Dua Airfield)
Quảng Trị Dong Ha Airfield 16°46′30″N 107°9′47″E / 16.77500°N 107.16306°E / 16.77500; 107.16306 (Dong Ha Airfield)
Tây Ninh Tay Ninh West Airfield
Trà Vinh VVTV PHU Phu Vinh Airport 9°55′24″N 106°19′42″E / 9.92333°N 106.32833°E / 9.92333; 106.32833 (Phu Vinh Airport)
Vĩnh Long XVL Vinh Long Airfield 10°15′5″N 105°56′49″E / 10.25139°N 105.94694°E / 10.25139; 105.94694 (Vinh Long Airfield)
Lâm Đồng Bao Loc Airfield
Lâm Đồng Loc Phat Airfield
Thủ Dầu Một Phu Loi Airfield 11°0′0″N 106°41′55″E / 11.00000°N 106.69861°E / 11.00000; 106.69861 (Phu Loi Airfield)
Sơn La VVNS SQH Na San Airport 21°12′53″N 104°02′7″E / 21.21472°N 104.03528°E / 21.21472; 104.03528 (Na San Airport)

Notes: Among 10 international airports mentioned above, only five are served with current international flights including Tan Son Nhat (Ho Chi Minh city), Noi Bai (Hanoi city), Danang (Danang city), Cam Ranh (Nha Trang city) and Phu Quoc ( Phu Quoc Island). While other though managed to be international hubs, but has just served in domestic routes so far.

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