List of airports in Western Sahara

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This is a list of airports in Western Sahara, sorted by location. These airports are also included in the List of airports in Morocco.


Airport names shown in bold indicate the airport has scheduled commercial airline service.

City served ICAO IATA Airport name Coordinates
Dakhla (ad-Dakhla) GSVO / GMMH VIL Dakhla Airport 23°43′05″N 015°55′55″W / 23.71806°N 15.93194°W / 23.71806; -15.93194 (Dakhla Airport)
El Aaiún (Laâyoune) GSAI / GMML EUN Hassan I Airport (Laâyoune Airport) 27°09′06″N 013°13′09″W / 27.15167°N 13.21917°W / 27.15167; -13.21917 (Laâyoune/Hassan I Airport)
Smara (Semara) GSMA / GMMA SMW Smara Airport 26°43′54″N 011°41′04″W / 26.73167°N 11.68444°W / 26.73167; -11.68444 (Smara Airport)
La Güera (La Gouera) ZLG La Güera Airport (closed) 20°51′0″N 017°5′0″W / 20.85000°N 17.08333°W / 20.85000; -17.08333 (La Güera Airport)
  • Laayoun Annex Air Base[citation needed] (May be a section of Hassan I Airport GMML/EUN)

There are other unpaved airstrips in Western Sahara:

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