List of airports in the Marshall Islands

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List of airports in Marshall Islands, sorted by location.

For a list sorted by airport name, see Category:Airports in the Marshall Islands
For a list sorted by ICAO code, see List of airports by ICAO code: PK
Civilian Airports
Ailinglaplap Atoll Ailinglaplap AIC     Ailinglaplap Airok Airport
Ailinglaplap Atoll Jeh JEJ     Jeh Airport
Ailinglaplap Atoll Woja WJA     Woja Airport
Ailuk Atoll Ailuk AIM     Ailuk Airport
Arno Atoll Ine IMI   N20 Ine Airport
Arno Atoll Tinak TIC   N18 Tinak Airport
Aur Atoll Aur AUL     Aur Airport
Bikini Atoll Enyu BII     Bikini Atoll Airport
Ebon Atoll Ebon EBO     Ebon Airport
Enewetak Atoll Enewetak ENT PKMA   Enewetak Auxiliary Airfield
Jabat Island Jabot JAT     Jabot Airport
Jaluit Atoll Jabor UIT   N55 Jaluit Airport
Kili Island Kili KIO   Q51 Kili Airport
Kwajalein Atoll Ebadon EBN     Ebadon Airstrip
Kwajalein Atoll Elenak EAL     Elenak Airport
Lae Atoll Lae LML     Lae Airport
Likiep Atoll Likiep LIK     Likiep Airport
Majuro Atoll Majuro MAJ PKMJ MAJ Marshall Islands International Airport (Amata Kabua Int’l)
Maloelap Atoll Kaben Island KBT     Kaben Airport
Maloelap Atoll Taroa Island MAV   3N1 Maloelap Airport
Mejit Island Mejit MJB   Q30 Mejit Airport
Mili Atoll Enejit EJT     Enejit Airport
Mili Atoll Mili MIJ   1Q9 Mili Airport
Namdrik Atoll Namdrik NDK   3N0 Namdrik Airport
Namu Atoll Majkin MJE     Majkin Airport
Rongelap Atoll Rongelap RNP     Rongelap Airport
Ujae Atoll Ujae UJE     Ujae Airport
Utirik Atoll Utirik UTK   03N Utirik Airport
Wotho Atoll Wotho WTO     Wotho Airport
Wotje Atoll Wotje WTE   N36 Wotje Airport
Military Airports
Kwajalein Atoll Kwajalein KWA PKWA KWA Bucholz Army Airfield
Kwajalein Atoll Meck Island       Meck Airstrip
Kwajalein Atoll Roi-Namur   PKRO ROI Dyess Army Airfield