List of airports in the Republic of the Congo

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List of airports in the Republic of the Congo, sorted by location.


Bétou FCOT BTB Bétou Airport
Boundji FCOB BOE Boundji Airport
Brazzaville FCBB BZV Maya-Maya Airport
Djambala FCBD DJM Djambala Airport
Dolisie FCPL DIS Dolisie Airport
Epena   EPN Epena Airport
Ewo FCOE EWO Ewo Airport
Gamboma FCOG GMM Gamboma Airport
Impfondo FCOI ION Impfondo Airport
Kelle FCOK KEE Kelle Airport
Kindamba FCBK KNJ Kindamba Airport
Lague FCBL LCO Lague Airport
Lekana   LKC Lekana Airport
Makabana FCPA KMK Makabana Airport
Makoua FCOM MKJ Makoua Airport
Mossendjo FCMM MSX Mossendjo Airport
Mouyondzi FCBM MUY Mouyondzi Airport
Nkayi FCBY NKY Yokangassi Airport
Oyo FCOD OLL Oyo Ollombo Airport
Okoyo   OKG Okoyo Airport
Ouesso FCOU OUE Ouesso Airport
Owando FCOO FTX Owando Airport
Pointe-Noire FCPP PNR Pointe-Noire Airport
Sibiti FCBS SIB Sibiti Airport
Souanké FCOS SOE Souanké Airport
Zanaga FCBZ ANJ Zanaga Airport

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