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This is a list of Compact Disc albums with tracks hidden in the pregap of the first track.

Artist Album Release year Name of track (if known) or remarks
2 Many DJs As Heard on Radio Soulwax Pt. 2 2003 "Can't Get You Out of My Head" (Soulwax Elektronic Mix).
311 Transistor 1997 "Transistor Intro"
A.C.T Last Epic 2003 Hidden orchestral introduction.
Aavikko Novo Atlantis 2009 Pseudo-baroque versions of "The Final Countdown" by Europe and "Novo Atlantis" by Aavikko
Adventures in Stereo Monomania 2000
The Adverts Crossing The Red Sea With The Adverts 1978 1997 reissue includes four songs in the pregap: "Gary Gilmore's Eyes", "Bored Teenagers", "Safety In Numbers" and "We Who Wait".[1]
AFI Decemberunderground 2006 The track hidden is just an extension to the intro "Prelude 12/21"
AFI Very Proud of Ya 1996 "No Dave Party"
Agoraphobic Nosebleed Altered States of America "100-song 3" Mini-CD/10" 2003 "Wonder Drug Wonderland" (1:45).
Agoraphobic Nosebleed PCP Torpedo/ANbRx 2006 "Azido Phencyclidine Electrophoresis" on PCP Torpedo and "Agoraphonic Nosecandy Mix" on ANbRx, which is a remix by Submachine Drum.
Alcazar Alcazarized 2003 "Dance With The DJ" (On the first edition of the album, released in Sweden.)
The Aliens Astronomy For Dogs 2007
Anal Cunt Morbid Florist 1993 "Hello, I Love You" cover
Antiloop Fastlane People 2000 "Dead Man"
Apollo Up! Light the End and Burn It Through 2004 "Roken Is Dodelijk"
Arab Strap Cherubs 1999 Cover of 'Ben Kenobi Theme' by John Williams from Star Wars
Arcade Fire Reflektor 2013 The first of the album's two CDs contains a 10-minute medley of instrumental parts from the 7 tracks of the CD, burned in reverse.
Arcturus La Masquerade Infernale 1997
Area 11 All The Lights In The Sky 2013 "All the Lights in the Sky"
Area 11 Modern Synthesis 2016 "Override [B]"
Armor for Sleep What to Do When You Are Dead 2005 "One Last Regret"
Art Brut Bang Bang Rock & Roll 2005 "Subliminal Desire for Adventure"
Die Ärzte 13 1998 "Lady" in the pregap of "Punk ist..."
Die Ärzte Geräusch 2003 "Hände innen" in the pregap of "Als ich den Punk erfand..."
Die Ärzte Jazz ist anders (bonus EP) 2007 "Nimm es wie ein Mann" in the pregap of "Wir sind die Besten".
As Cities Burn Hell or High Water 2009 "Aerial"
Ash 1977 (early copies) 1996 1. "Jack Names the Planets", 2. "Don't Know"
Autechre EP7 1999 Untitled track included on the UK pressing by Warp Records.[2] Track not included on the US pressing by Nothing Records.[3]
Angelo Badalamenti and David Lynch Twin Peaks: Season 2 Music and More 2007 1. "Abstract Mood", 2. "Credit Boogie"
Bang Camaro Bang Camaro 2007
Billy Bauer Plectrist 2000 1. "Lover Come Back To Me" (incomplete take 1), 2. "Lover Come Back To Me" (incomplete take 2)
Ben Folds Five Whatever and Ever Amen 1997 Message by Ben Folds about Ben Folds (only on re-masters)
Tab Benoit What I Live For 2006 Interview with Tab Benoit.
The Berzerker Dissimulate 2002 Instrumental version of "Compromise".
Philippe Besombes Cesi Est Cela 2004 First track "Princess Lolita" listed as track 0[4]
Better Than Ezra Friction, Baby 1996 "Mejor de Ezra"
Lewis Black The Carnegie Hall Performance (disc 1) 2006 Pre-show backstage noises and talking.
Black Moth Super Rainbow Dandelion Gum 2007 HTOA: Chinese Witch Guy With an Axe, Unknown Track
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Take Them On, On Your Own 2003 Take Them On, On Your Own (not present in all editions)
Blind Melon Soup 1995 "Hello Goodbye" (US version; on the European version, it comes as a hidden track after the last song)
Bloc Party Silent Alarm 2005 "Every Time Is The Last Time"
Blood Duster D.F.F. (EP) 2002 1. "TheSpiritOfSoreThroatHasLongSinceDied", 2. "PainfullNoiseEntitled"Htabbaskcalb"
Blur Think Tank 2003 "Me, White Noise"
The Boo Radleys Kingsize 1998 "Tranquillo"
David Bowie Rarest One Bowie 1995 RCA Records 1973 radio advertisement for the David Bowie album Pin Ups.
Brand New The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me 2006 Overlapping phone messages.
British Sea Power Open Season 2005 "How Will I Ever Find My Way Home?" (organ version)
Chuck Brodsky Letters In the Dirt 1996 "Chuck's Here"
James Brown Live at the Apollo, Volume II (Deluxe Edition) 2003 Radio DJ (and concert MC) Frankie Crocker talks to the crowd with a comedian for about four minutes before the show begins (not present in all editions).
Brutal Deluxe Divine Head 2000 "Soulmurder"
Calexico Feast Of Wire 2003
Camouflage Sensor 2003 "Sensor Intro" (0:35)
Camouflage Relocated 2006 "Relocated Intro" (1:21) – based on track "Bitter Taste" with words "I've got a name for you… Relocated"
Cavity Somewhere Between the Train Station and the Dumping Grounds 1997 A 27-minute live performance
Cheap Trick Cheap Trick (a.k.a. Cheap Trick '97) 1997 Original pressing features montage of studio outtakes and rough versions of songs from the album.
Clearlake Cedars 2003 "Sounds Of Clearlake", 9 minutes of music/sound clips.
M. J. Cole Sincere 2000 Silence (not on all versions).
John Coltrane Interstellar Space 2000 (reissue) False starts for the track "Jupiter Variation"
The Conspiracy Too Far Gone 1995 "Fist Fulla Ninja"
Cool Hand Luke Wake Up, O Sleeper 2003 A cappella version of "Wake Up, O Sleeper", an unfinished song from the Wake Up, O Sleeper recording sessions.
Course of Empire Initiation 1994 "Running Man"
Criteria En Garde 2003 Song by Team Rigge.
The Czars The Ugly People Vs. the Beautiful People 2001 "Top Breed"
Damien Rice 9 2006 A demo version of the first song "9 Crimes" with all vocals sung by Damien Rice.
Dashboard Confessional Dusk and Summer 2006 1. "Write It Out", 2. "Vindicated"
Darkane Demonic Art 2008 Jazzy version of "Chaos Vs. Order" (US Edition)
Dead Weather Sea of Cowards 2010 35-second instrumental track
Diablo Swing Orchestra The Butcher's Ballroom 2006
Diamond Rio IV 1996 Various earlier hits mixed with sound effects.
Dog Fashion Disco Committed to a Bright Future 2003 "Grease" cover.
Jerry Douglas Glide 2008
Elegia Sounds Within 1999 "Lushlife"
Electric Light Orchestra Face the Music 1975 34 second reversed clip of "Fire On High"
Endstille Verführer 2009
Evanescence Origin 2000 A humorous outtake from the song "Anywhere"
Fair to Midland Fables from a Mayfly: What I Tell You Three Times Is True 2007 "Tibet"
Fall Out Boy Folie à Deux 2008 "Lullabye"
Ficción Sonora Blade Runner. ¿Sueñan Los Androides Con Ovejas Eléctricas? 2014 "Avance"
Film School Hideout 2007
Five Iron Frenzy All the Hype That Money Can Buy 2000 "What's Up?" (0:03)
Béla Fleck and the Flecktones Little Worlds 2003 New York Yankees outfielder Bernie Williams and David St. Hubbins of Spinal Tap, stuck in traffic and flipping through different radio stations. The songs they hear are songs from the album played in different styles and on different instruments.
David Ford I Sincerely Apologise For All The Trouble I've Caused 2005 "This Is Not Desire"
Flyleaf Memento Mori 2009 "Uncle Bobby"
Freddy Jones Band North Ave. Wake-Up Call 1995 "Play Guitar"
F.F.F. (Fédération française de funk) FFF 1996
Frenzal Rhomb Shut Your Mouth 2000 "Baby Won't You Hold Me In Your Arm"
The Gathering Black Light District 2002 "Over You"
The Gathering Souvenirs 2003 "Telson"
Goldie Lookin Chain Safe as Fuck 2005 "Bedsit"
Goldie Lookin Chain Greatest Hits 2004 "Holiday"
David Gray White Ladder 1998 "Through to Myself" (only on the original UK pressing)
Luke Haines Das Capital 2003 "overture"
Harvey Milk The Kelly Sessions 2004 "My Broken Heart Will Never Mend" (appears first on the album's track listing, but not described as a hidden track, thus resulting in much subsequent confusion)
Hayden Skyscraper National Park 2001 "Mingus" (only present on the Canadian version)
Head of Femur Ringodom or Proctor 2003 Consists of glockenspiel and soft voice.
Hella The Devil Isn't Red 2004 "Your DJ Children (Demo)"
Hilltop Hoods Left Foot, Right Foot 2001 "Afternoon Group Session"
Hilltop Hoods The Calling 2003 "Stay The Fuck Away Because I Spilt When I'm Talking"
Hilltop Hoods The Hard Road 2006 Untitled hidden track (known as "Ya Feel Big?")
HK119 HK119 2006 "11th ID" (a cappella track added to the album as part of a remix competition)
Hoggboy Or 8? 2002 Instrumental.
Holy Molar The Whole Tooth and Nothing but the Tooth (CD 2) 2003 "Untitled"
Hoodoo Gurus Blue Cave 1996
Hot Club de Paris Drop It 'Til It Pops 2006 "Welcome to the Hot Club de Paris" (a capella)
Hybrid Morning Sci-Fi 2003 "Lights go down Knives come out"
Hybrid I Choose Noise 2006 "Everything is Brand New"
I Am Kloot I Am Kloot 2003 "Deep Blue Sea"
I Monster Neveroddoreven 2003 "Cells"
Immortal Technique The 3rd World 2008 "Apocalypse [Remix] featuring Akir & Pharoahe Monch"
In Strict Confidence Mistrust The Angels 2002 "Les Miroirs"
Jebediah Of Someday Shambles 1999 "Big Beer Wall"
Johnny Q. Public Extra*Ordinary 1995 "Father Abraham"
Josh Abrahams Sweet Distorted Holiday 1998 Instrumental
Junior Jack Trust It 2004 "Untitled"
Kamelot The Black Halo 2005
Kane As Long as You Want This 2000 The orchestral track from "Damn Those Eyes".
Lucy Kaplansky Flesh and Bone 1996 "I've Just Seen A Face" cover
Karališka Erdvė Aistra 1998 retrospective of band's career with short samples of songs from previous album
Kenji Ito SaGa Frontier 1 1999 Original Soundtrack, Disc 3: "Coon's Theme"
Kid Carpet Ideas and Oh Dears 2005 "Message 1"
Kinobe Wide Open 2004 Instrumental.
Korn See You On The Other Side 2005 Hidden "Twisted Transistor" intro.
KULT Poligono Industrial 2005 "Kasta Pianistów"
Lamb Fear of Fours 1999 "Lullaby" (instrumental)
Lamb Best Kept Secrets: The Best of Lamb 1996–2004 2004 "Wonder" (instrumental)
Larrikin Love The Freedom Spark 2006 "It Explodes"
Lemon Jelly '64–'95 2005 "Don Edoardo '64"
Less Than Jake Losing Streak 1996 "Yom Kippur", banter spoken by former band mascot "Howie J. Reynolds", an elderly Gainesville local.
Lit A Place in the Sun 1999
LOK Ut ur discot och in i verkligheten 2002 "Dina dagar är räknade"
Los Piojos "3er arco 1996 "Verano del 92"
Ludo You're Awful, I Love You 2008 "Goodbye Bear"
Mae Singularity 2007 "Last Transmission: Part I"
Mates of State Bring it Back 2005 "Untitled"
Matrix Various Films 2000 "Isolation" / "Blue Film #A" / "Equator Music"
Maxwell Embrya 1998 Gestation: Mythos with various voices and watery sound effects
Mayday Old Blood 2002 1. "Domes/Doma/Dominarum Arcana/Döm", 2. "Rebirthing"
Mayhem Grand Declaration of War 2000 "Completion in Science of Agony (Part II of II – Backwards Version)"
McFly Room on the 3rd Floor 2004 "Get Over You"
The Meligrove Band Stars & Guitars 2000 A song about trucks and nonsense.
Melt-Banana Charlie 1998 "Neat Neat Neat" (Originally by The Damned)
Mew Half the World Is Watching Me 2000 "Ending" (Only included on some versions)
Kylie Minogue Light Years 2000 "Password"
Miocene Cellular Memory (EP) 2002 Instrumental jam.
Moneen The Red Tree 2006
Mono Puff It's Fun to Steal 1998 Two-minute introduction to the album, song about the isolation of being a hidden track, thanks to the listener, note from the producer, and scat portion, all spoken and sung by MacinTalk (including its dirge voice).
Jim Moray Sweet England 2003 "After The Fire"
Morbid Angel Entangled in Chaos 1996 Static / interference style noises.
Motorpsycho Angels and Daemons at Play 1997 "Ohm's Concerto for Alto and Soprano Saw"
Motorpsycho Blissard 1996
Ms. Dynamite A Little Deeper 2002 "Get Up, Stand Up"
Muse Hullabaloo Soundtrack (CD2) 2002 "What's He Building", a poem read by Tom Waits.
The Music The Music (Limited Edition CD) 2002 "New Instrumental"
The Never Antarctica 2006 Only confirmed on a promotional version of the CD.
Nobuo Uematsu Final Fantasy VII Reunion Tracks 1997 Karaoke version of "One-Winged Angel" (orchestra version).
Norma Jean O God, the Aftermath (Deluxe Edition) 2005 Instrumental jam.
Ocean Bottom Nightmare We Are Serious (EP) 2009 "The Town Meeting"
Oceansize Everyone into Position 2005 "Emp(irical)error"
Ochre A Midsummer Nice Dream 2004
The Offspring Americana 1998 "Pretty Fly (Reprise)" (some versions)
Will Oldham Guarapero/Lost Blues 2 2000 "Apocolypse, No ! (alternate version)"
Will Oldham Arise Therefore 1996 "41/59"
Osdorp Posse Geendagsvlieg 1997 "Sleur"
Ott Blumenkraft 2003
Out of Eden This Is Your Life 2002 DJ Maj discussing the album with group member Lisa Kimmey (1:20).
David Pajo Pajo 2005 "Hybrid Moments" (cover of The Misfits).
Pennywise Unknown Road 1993 "Slowdown"
Gilles Peterson INCredible Sound Of Gilles Peterson 1999 Earl Zinger - "Another Saturday Morning Rush"
Pierrot Heaven: The Customized Landscape 2002 "Paradox"
Pillar Where Do We Go from Here 2004 "Aftershock" (repeated instrumental guitar/bass riff exhibiting the skills of then-new drummer Lester Estelle)
Pitchshifter Infotainment? 1996 "Data Track"
Jack Planck To Hell With You I'll Make My Own People 2003 "Fuck You"
Pride and Fall Elements of Silence 2006 "December (live)"
Protest the Hero Fortress 2008
Public Enemy Muse Sick-n-Hour Mess Age 1994 "Ferocious Soul" (Drum track with Chuck D ranting about the state of Hip-Hop and the impending negative criticism the album is going to receive - which, coincidentally, it did)
Pulp This Is Hardcore 1998 Cymbal.
Queens of the Stone Age Songs for the Deaf 2002 The Real Song For The Deaf
R.E.M. Murmur 1983 25th Anniversary Deluxe Edition – bonus disc (vintage radio promo for the album's original 1983 release)
R.E.M. Reckoning 1984 25th Anniversary Deluxe Edition – bonus disc (vintage radio promo for the album's original 1984 release)
Rammstein Live Aus Berlin 1999 Audience cheering.
Rammstein Reise, Reise 2004 Final 30 seconds of the flight recorder audio from Japan Airlines Flight 123.
The Red Shore Salvaging What's Left 2006
Regular Fries - War On Plastic Plants 2000 "War On Plastic Plants"
Relient K Mmhmm 2004 "Mmhmm"
Relient K Forget and Not Slow Down 2009 Matt Thiessen's father sings a line from "Sahara"
Relient K Air for Free 2016 The chorus of "Marigold" with piano and vocals only
Resin Dogs Grand Theft Audio 2000
Robyn My Truth 1999 "Det Gör Ont Ibland"
Rollovers Rockabilly Mission 1999 "Kentucky Chicken"
Carina Round Slow Motion Addict 2007 "Same Girlfriend"
Sanctifica Negative B 2002 9min 20sec of hidden content (band members talking?)
Sander van Doorn Supernaturalistic 2008 [HTOA] Track 00 - duration 7:28
Sarah Masen The Dreamlife of Angels 2001 "Longing Unknown"
Satyricon Rebel Extravaganza 1999 "Untitled"
Scorn Logghi Barogghi 1996
Shaver Highway of Life 1996 "Mother Trucker"
Sick Puppies Connect 2013
Sister Machine Gun Burn 1995 "Strange Days" (A cover of The Doors song)
Skunk Anansie Stoosh 1996 2:40
Sly and Robbie Late Night Tales: Sly & Robbie 2003 La Isla Bonita Cover by Sly & Robbie of Madonna track
Jimmy Smith Root Down 2000 Band and audience banter before the first song including Jimmy Smith telling the audience to be quiet.
SNFU FYULABA 1996 The sound of arguing before the first track between a band and an owner of a night club who accuses the band of trashing the dressing room. It is unclear if the band is actually SNFU or not.
Sol Invictus The Giddy Whirl of Centuries 2003 Disc 1 - "Then He Killed Her (Demo)" Disc 2 - "In God We Trust (Demo)"
Son of Dork Welcome to Loserville 2005 "Eddie's Song (choral)" & "Welcome To Loserville (choral)"
Soulwax Leave the Story Untold 1996
Soulwax Much Against Everyone's Advice 2000 50 second song titled "Turn on the A.C."
Soulwax Any Minute Now 2004 Untitled; a similar (but not exactly the same) version appears regularly on Nite Versions as track 7, named I Love Techno;
Soulwax Nite Versions 2005 Untitled 51 second instrumental, borrowing the guitar riff from E Talking;
Soulwax Most of the Remixes 2007 Einstürzende Neubauten: Stella Maris (Soulwax Remix).
Soulwax Belgica: Original Soundtrack 2016
Soulwax From Deewee 2017 Announcement "Zero Two Two Compact Disc" (022 is the album's catalogue number at Deewee)
Staind Dysfunction 1999 "Excess Baggage" (On some versions of the CD this track is within the pregap, others it starts 16:20 into the last track. This song is also sometimes mistakenly called "Black Rain".)
Super Furry Animals Guerrilla 1999 "Citizen's Band"
Super Furry Animals Out Spaced 1998 "Spaced Out"
Tait Empty 2001 Various random recordings.
Tapage & Meander Etched In Salt 2010 "I Found"[5]
Télépopmusik Angel Milk 2005 Spoken word intro.
Terrorust Post Mortal Archives 2008 Static / interference style noises. Found on original release of 1000 copies.
They Might Be Giants Factory Showroom 1996 "Token Back to Brooklyn"
tobyMac Welcome to Diverse City 2004 The "real" intro to the track Burn For You and some (fake) messages from Toby's cell phone.
Total Eclipse Access Denied 1999 "Cornered"
Tripping Daisy Time Capsule (EP) 1997 "Disgruntled Customer"
Tryo Grain De Sable 2003 Talk and joking.
UNKLE Psyence Fiction 1998 "Intro (Optional)" (Uncredited intro featuring an audio collage of some of DJ Shadow's and James Lavelle's musical influences). This hidden audio is not on the US pressing, but can be found on UK and Japanese pressings. May be available on other pressings around the world.
UNKLE Never, Never, Land 2003 Only on some versions.
Farin Urlaub Am Ende der Sonne 2005 "Noch einmal"
Various Artists Twisted Willie: A Tribute To Willie Nelson 1996 Conversation with Johnny Cash and Waylon Jennings
Various Artists Songs in the Key of X: Music from and Inspired by the X-Files) 1996 1. "Time Jesum Transeuntum Et Non Riverentum (Dread the Passage of Jesus, For He Will Not Return)" by Nick Cave and the Dirty Three, 2. The X-Files theme by the Dirty Three
Versus Two Cents Plus Tax 1998 "Oriental American"
Vitalic OK Cowboy 2005 "One Million Dollar Studio"
The Wannadies Bagsy Me 1997 Demo versions of both "Silent People" and "Bumble Bee Boy" (one track in left channel and the other in the right).
Simon Webbe Sanctuary 2004 "Pusherman"
The Wedding Polarity 2007 Outtakes from "Southside"
Kanye West Graduation 2007 Goodnight
When The Lobster Boys 2001
Whiskeytown Rural Free Delivery 1997 "Nervous Breakdown" (longer mix)
Whysall Lane Whysall Lane 2006 "Little Moon"
Winds Reflections of the I 2002 (silence for 9 minutes 26 seconds);
Wintersleep Untitled 2005 "Spring"
The Wombats The Wombats Proudly Present: A Guide to Love, Loss & Desperation 2007 Talk and drinking.
XTC Coat of Many Cupboards 2002 Disc 2 – Wanking Man, Disc 3 – "The Shaving Brush Boogie"
Xutos & Pontapés Dados Viciados 1997 "Telecaster"
XXL Greatest Hits 1996 "Кик-Бокс"
Zeus 07 2007 "Raw"
The Zombies Zombie Heaven 1997 Aborted take of "She's Not There"
ZOX The Wait 2005 "Vampire"
Welle: Erdball Die Wunderwelt der Technik 2002 "Funkbereit"

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