List of alumni of Girton College, Cambridge

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This is a list of alumni of Girton College, Cambridge.

Sandi Toksvig, comedian and author
Hisako, Princess Takamado, member of the Japanese Imperial Family
Name Birth Death Career
Adelaide Anderson 1863 1936 Labour activist
Mary Arden 1947 Lord Justice of Appeal
Hertha Marks Ayrton 1854 1923 Electrical engineer
Janet Ruth Bacon 1891 1965 Principal, Royal Holloway College, University of London 1935-44
Sally Beauman 1944 Author
Mary Berry 1917 2008 Conductor
Dina bint 'Abdu'l-Hamid 1929 Queen consort of Jordan
Ann Bishop 1899 1990 Protozoologist
Alistair Brownlee 1988 Triathlete (left to study at University of Leeds)
Margaret Canovan 1939 Professor of political theory
Patricia Clarke 1940 Professor of microbial biochemistry
Isabel Cooper-Oakley 1853 1914 Theosophical writer
Delia Derbyshire 1937 2001 Musician, composer
Athene Donald 1953 Physicist
Tom Fordyce BBC Sports journalist
Jane Fraser 1967 CEO, Citigroup Latin America
George Freeman MP 1967 British politician
Brenda Hale, Baroness Hale of Richmond 1945 Justice of the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom
Phil Hammond 1962 Comedian and Doctor
Rosalyn Higgins 1937 President of the International Court of Justice
Gertrude Himmelfarb 1922 American cultural historian
Arianna Huffington 1950 Political author and activist, Founder of The Huffington Post
Wendy Holden 1965 Novelist
Dorothy Jewson 1884 1964 British politician
Julie Kirkbride 1960 Former MP
Rosamond Lehmann 1901 1990 Novelist
Rachel Lomax 1945 Former Deputy Governor of the Bank of England
Sheila Scott Macintyre 1910 1960 Mathematician
Ada Isabel Maddison Mathematician
Jonathan Manns Urbanist
Margrethe II of Denmark 1940 Queen regnant of Denmark
Dorothy Marshall Historian, educator
Annie Scott Dill Maunder 1868 1947 Astronomer
Anna Maxted 1969 Novelist
Constance Maynard British feminist, educator
Rod McAllister 1961 Architect
Margaret Mountford 1951 Former Herbert Smith Partner, now star of BBC's The Apprentice
Sarojini Naidu 1879 1949 Poet, politician
Joseph O'Neill 1964 Novelist, non-fiction writer
Sheila Pim Author
Emily James Smith Putnam 1865 1944 Educator, historian
Kathleen Raine 1908 2003 Poet
Gisela Richter 1882 1972 Classical archaeologist, art historian
Joan Robinson 1903 1983 Economist
Diana Ross 1910 2000 Author
Clara Ruth Rouse Missionary, ecumenical leader
Ethel Sargant 1863 1918 Botanist
Wendy Savage 1935 Gynaecologist
Charlotte Angas Scott 1858 1931 Mathematician
Matthew Schellhorn 1977 Concert pianist
Gavin Shuker MP 1981 British politician
Charlie Siem 1986 Violinist
Salma Sobhan 1937 2003 Barrister
E. Millicent Sowerby 1883 1977 Bibliographer
Irene Spry 1907 1998 Economic historian
Alice Stewart 1906 2002 Epidemiologist
Marilyn Strathern 1941 Social Anthropologist
Eugene Sellars Strong 1860 1943 Art historian
Steph Swainston 1974 Writer
Bertha Swirles 1903 1999 Physicist
Elizabeth Symons, Baroness Symons of Vernham Dean 1951 Peer, former General Secretary of the FDA trade union
Princess Takamado 1953 Princess of Japan
Mary Taylor Slow 1898 1984 Physicist
Sandi Toksvig 1958 Author and broadcaster
Dorothy Wedderburn 1925 Principal, Royal Holloway and Bedford New College, University of London
Sarah Woodhead 1873 First ever female Oxbridge graduate-equivalent Senior Optime. Headmistress Bolton Grammar School for Girls
Barbara Adam Wootton 1897 1988 Social scientist, economist
Dorothy Wrinch 1894 1976 Mathematical biologist
Grace Chisholm Young 1868 1944 Mathematician