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A list of alumni of University College, Oxford. University College, Oxford is one of the constituent colleges of the University of Oxford. Its alumni include politicians, lawyers, bishops, poets, and academics.


The sub-headings are given as a general guide and some names might fit under more than one category.

Abbreviations used in the following tables
  • M – Year of matriculation at University College (a dash indicates that the individual did not matriculate at the college)
  • G – Year of graduation / conclusion of study at University College (a dash indicates that the individual graduated from another college)
  • DNG – Did not graduate: left the college without taking a degree
  • ? – Year unknown; an approximate year is used for table-sorting purposes.
  • (F) after name – later became a Fellow of University College, and included on the list of Fellows
  • (HF) after name – later became an Honorary Fellow of University College
Degree abbreviations

The subject studied and the degree classification are included, where known. Until the early 19th century, undergraduates read for a Bachelor of Arts degree that included study of Latin and Greek texts, mathematics, geometry, philosophy and theology. Individual subjects at undergraduate level were only introduced later: for example, Mathematics (1805), Natural Science (1850), Jurisprudence (1851, although it had been available before this to students who obtained special permission), Modern History (1851) and Theology (1871). Geography and Modern Languages were introduced in the 20th century. Music had been available as a specialist subject before these changes; medicine was studied as a post-graduate subject.[1]

Politicians and civil servants[edit]

Name M G Degree Notes Ref
Attlee, ClementClement Attlee (F) 1901 1904 BA Modern History (2nd) British Prime Minister [2]
Beecham, JeremySir Jeremy Beecham 1962 1965 Law (1st) Labour politician -
Busia, Kofi AbrefaKofi Abrefa Busia 1941 1947 BA PPE, DPhil Prime Minister of Ghana -
Cecil, RobertRobert Cecil ? ? Law A founder of the League of Nations, Nobel Peace Prize 1937. -
Clinton, BillBill Clinton 1968 1970 [DNG] 42nd President of the United States of America -
Silva, William deWilliam de Silva ? ? ? Ceylonese politician -
George, AndrewAndrew George ? 1981 MA Agricultural Economics Liberal Democrat MP -
Fuller, RichardRichard Fuller ? ? ? Conservative MP -
Hammond, PhilipPhilip Hammond ? ? PPE Conservative MP -
Hawke, BobBob Hawke ? ? BLitt Australian Prime Minister (Labor) -
Mogae, FestusFestus Mogae ? ? Economics President of Botswana -
Moynihan, ColinColin Moynihan 1974 1977 BA PPE Silver medal 1980 Olympics, MP 1983–92, Minister for Sport 1987–90, Chairman British Olympic Association 2005 -
Reich, RobertRobert Reich 1968 1970 PPE former U.S. Secretary of Labor -
Renton, DavidDavid Renton (HF) ? ? Law MP -
Scott, JohnJohn Scott ? 1770 BA Lord Chancellor of Great Britain -
Short, RogerRoger Short ? ? ? British consul-general to Turkey -
Jee Say, TanTan Jee Say 1973 1976 PPE Singaporean politician and former civil servant -
Thrale, HenryHenry Thrale 1744 ? ? MP -
Weld, WilliamWilliam Weld ? ? Economics governor of Massachusetts -
Whitehead, EdgarSir Edgar Whitehead ? ? ? Prime Minister of Southern Rhodesia -
Whitehead, RowlandSir Rowland Whitehead ? ? History (1st) KC MP -


Artists and writers[edit]

Philosophers and theologians[edit]

Broadcasters, journalists and entertainers[edit]

Scientists, inventors and engineers[edit]

Name M G Degree Notes Ref
Bowen, JonathanJonathan Bowen 1974 1977 MA Computer scientist -
Cartwright, EdmundEdmund Cartwright ? ? ? Clergyman and loom-inventor -
Hawking, StephenStephen Hawking 1959 1962 BA Theoretical physicist -
Radcliffe, JohnJohn Radcliffe ? ? ? Royal Physician to William & Mary and politician -
Wessely, Sir SimonSir Simon Wessely ? 1981 BM BCh Psychiatrist -

Sports people[edit]

Judges and lawyers[edit]


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