List of Ambassadors of Great Britain to Sweden

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Ambassador of Great Britain to Sweden
Coat of Arms of Great Britain (1714-1801).svg
Arms of Great Britain
Style His Excellency
Residence Stockholm
Appointer The monarch
Inaugural holder Robert Jackson
First ambassador of Great Britain to Sweden (Commissary in Charge)
Final holder Daniel Hailes
Last ambassador of Great Britain to Sweden

The Ambassador of Great Britain to Sweden was the foremost diplomatic representative in Sweden of the Kingdom of Great Britain, created by the Treaty of Union in 1707, in charge of the British diplomatic mission in Stockholm. The title was more often Envoy extraordinary than ambassador.

For Ambassadors to Sweden after 1800, see List of Ambassadors of the United Kingdom to Sweden. For envoys before 1707, see List of ambassadors of the Kingdom of England to Sweden.

List of heads of mission[edit]

Ambassadors to Sweden[edit]


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