List of ambassadors of Lebanon to China

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Ambassador of Lebanon to China
Milia Jabbour

since December 5, 2017
Inaugural holderMahmoud Banna
FormationJuly 31, 1958

The Lebanese ambassador in Beijing is the official representative of the Government in Beirut to the Government of the People's Republic of China. '

List of representatives[edit]

Diplomatic agrément/Diplomatic accreditation ambassador Observations List of Prime Ministers of Lebanon Premier of the People's Republic of China Term end
July 31, 1958 Mahmoud Banna In May 1958 the Lebanese Government appointed Mr. Mahmoud Banna as its first Minister to China. He arrived in Taiwan on July 31[1] Sami as-Solh Chen Cheng
November 9, 1971 The governments in Beirut and Beijing established diplomatic relations. Saeb Salam Zhou Enlai
May 5, 1972 Élie Joseph Boustany Elie Bustani had been appointed the first Lebanese Ambassador to China and that the Chinese Ambassador to Lebanon would be Cheng Yu. Lebanon recognised China. Saeb Salam Zhou Enlai 1982
July 28, 1983 Selim Tadmoury Shafik Wazzan Zhao Ziyang 1985
1984 Abdallah Comaty Chargé d'affaires[2] Rashid Karami Zhao Ziyang 1984
1985 Farid Samaha [de] Rashid Karami Zhao Ziyang 1998
July 12, 1999 Zeidan al-Saghir [3] Selim Hoss Zhu Rongji 2003
November 25, 2003 Sleiman Chafic El-Rassi (* Sept. 15, 1946 in Ibl al-Saqi).
  • Son of Chafic Rassi and Mrs. Ramzieh Kassiss.
  • Married on May 5, 1 985 in Beirut to Mrs. Daisy Rahhal, 2 daughters, Rima and Lina.
  • Education: Ibl al-Saqi Primary School, Marjeyoun; Complementary School, Ecole Normale, Byr Hassan, Beirut. Lebanese University, Sanayeh, Beirut.
  • Dipl.: Licence in Law (Law Degree) Lebanese University.
  • Career:
  • 8.2.1965: Teacher, Ministry of National Education.
  • 6.2.1978: Attache, Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • 1979-1983: Secretary, Embassy of Lebanon, Caracas, Venezuela.
  • 1983-1985: Secretary, Embassy of Lebanon, London, U.K..
  • 1985-1986: Head of the Section of Europe-Ministry of Foreign Affairs ().
  • 1986-1990: Secretary and Deputy Chief of Mission, Embassy of Lebanon, Washington, D.C., United States.[4]
Rafic Hariri Wen Jiabao June 3, 2010
November 14, 2012 Mohammed Skayni Chargé d'affaires Najib Mikati Wen Jiabao
April 23, 2013 Farid Abboud [5] Najib Mikati Li Keqiang
December 5, 2017 Milia Jabbour Saad Hariri Li Keqiang

Coordinates: 39°56′46″N 116°27′25″E / 39.946170°N 116.457070°E / 39.946170; 116.457070 [6]


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