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This is an index to the amphibians found in India. The amphibians of India show a high level of endemism.[1] This list is based largely on Frost (2006)[2] and includes common names from older books and journals.[3][4][5]

Some Indian frogs

Order Anura[edit]

Family Bufonidae[edit]

Family Ceratobatrachidae[edit]

  • Ingerana charlesdarwini (Das, 1998) =Rana charlesdarwini

Family Dicroglossidae[edit]



Family Hylidae[edit]

Family Megophryidae[edit]

Family Micrixalidae[edit]

Family Microhylidae[edit]

Family Nyctibatrachidae[edit]

Family Petropedetidae[edit]

Family Ranidae[edit]

Family Rhacophoridae[edit]

Family Sooglossidae[edit]

Order Gymnophiona[edit]

The list of Indian caecilians is based on Giri & Gaikwad (2013) (duly amended):[12]

Family Caeciliidae[edit]

Gegeneophis spp.

Indotyphlus spp.

Family Chikilidae[edit]

Family Ichthyophiidae[edit]

Ichthyophis sp. from the Western Ghats
Ichthyophis spp.[17]

Uraeotyphlus spp.

Order Urodela[edit]

Tylototriton verrucosus

Family Salamandridae[edit]


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