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This is a list of anarchist literature for children, a subgenre of children's literature which encourages children to explore anarchist philosophy. Individual characters within non-anarchist aligned works may also be used to present anarchist philosophy within larger works of fiction. A list of such characters is also documented below.



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  1. ^ White, T.H. (1987). The Book of Merlyn. United Kingdom: Ace Books. p. 193. ISBN 0-441-00663-9.  Merlyn self-identifies as an anarchist with the line "I am an anarchist, like any other sensible person." The character further elaborates upon his philosophy, railing against collectivist ideologies such as communism and fascism. The character also rebukes the notion that a communist state can "wither away" to lead to a condition of anarchy, and takes a firm antimilitarist stance. The Book of Merlyn is the final part of The Once and Future King series.
  2. ^ The Spanish original is available at