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The Ligures (singular Ligus or Ligur; English: Ligurians; Greek: Λίγυες) were an ancient Indo-European people who appear to have originated in, and gave their name to, Liguria, a region of north-western Italy.[1] Elements of the Ligures appear to have migrated to other areas of western Europe, including the Iberian peninsula. They had a tribal organization with numerous tribes that are listed below:

List of tribes[edit]

Peoples of Cisalpine Gaul, 391–192 BC.
The Roman Regio IX Liguria.
Iron Age groups within the Italian peninsula. Liguria is located in the upper left corner of the map.



In the island of Corsica and far northeast Sardinia dwelt a group of tribes called Corsi, although they are classified as nuragic tribes (that may have been related to the Iberians, the Aquitanians or to the Etruscans) they also may have been a group of ligurian tribes, like the Ilvates in the neighboring Ilva (Elba) island (nuragic tribes, in Corsica and Sardinia, were not necessarily from the same ethnic origin or spoke the same language):

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  • [1] - Source texts of ancient Greek and Roman authors
  • [2] - Strabo's work The Geography (Geographica). Book 4, Chapter 6, is about Liguria (that the author includes in Cisalpine Gaul).