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The following is a list of ancient doctors who were known to have practised before 1000AD:

Name Time period Ethnicity Known for
Adamantius Judaeus 4th century Greek
Aegimus 5th century BC Greek first person who wrote a treatise on the pulse
Aëtius of Amida 5th–6th century Byzantine Greek
Agathinus 1st century AD Greek founder of the Eclectic school of medicine
Alexander of Tralles 6th century AD Byzantine Greek chief work titled Twelve Books on Medicine
Amenhotep 13th century BC Egyptian chief physician of the early 19th Dynasty
Andromachus 1st century AD Greek
Antipater 1st century BC Greek author of a work titled On the Soul
Antipater 2nd century AD Greek gave an account of the morbid symptoms that precede death
Antiphanes of Delos c. 2nd century AD Greek "the sole cause of diseases in man was the too great variety of his food"
Antonius Castor 1st century AD Roman herbal remedies
Apollonius Glaucus 3rd century BC Greek On Internal Diseases
Apollonios of Kition 1st century BC Greek Cypriot most important work is On Joints
Archigenes 1st–2nd century AD Greek very high reputation for his professional skill
Aretaeus 1st century AD Greek general treatise on diseases
Aristotle 4th century BC Greek
Asclepiades Pharmacion 1st-2nd century AD Greek skill and knowledge of pharmacy
Asclepiades of Bithynia 2nd-1st century BC Greek built a new theory of disease
Athenaeus of Attalia 1st century BC Greek founder of the Pneumatic school of medicine
Bian Que 4th century BC Chinese earliest known Chinese physician
Bolus of Mendes 3rd century BC Greek
Caelius Aurelianus 5th century Roman medical translator
Cassius Felix 3rd century Roman African medical writer
Cato the Elder 2nd century BC Roman
Aulus Cornelius Celsus 1st century AD Roman De Medicina
Charaka 6th-2nd century BC Indian one of the principal contributors to Ayurveda
Criton of Heraclea 1st-2nd century AD Greek
Ctesias 5th century BC Greek
Damocrates 1st century AD Greek wrote pharmaceutical works in Greek iambic verse
Demetrius of Apamea 2nd century BC Greek studied sexual organs
Dexippus of Cos 4th century BC Greek pupil of Hippocrates
Dieuches 4th century BC Greek Dogmatic school of medicine
Diocles of Carystus 4th century BC Greek practical medicine, especially diet and nutrition
Dong Feng 3rd century Chinese
Erasistratus 3rd century BC Greek founded a school of anatomy in Alexandria
Erotianus 1st century AD Greek Collection of Hippocratic Words
Galen 2nd century AD Greek developer of anatomy, physiology, pathology, pharmacology, and neurology
Heliodorus 1st century AD Greek wrote on medical technique
Heraclides of Tarentum 2nd century BC Greek physician of the Empiric school
Herophilus 3rd century BC Greek deemed to be the first anatomist
Hicesius 1st century BC Greek head of a medical school established at Smyrna
Hippocrates 5th century BC Greek "Father of Medicine", wrote the Hippocratic Corpus
Hua Tuo 2nd century Chinese abilities in acupuncture, moxibustion, herbal medicine and medical Daoyin exercises
Huangfu Mi 3rd century Chinese compiled the Canon of Acupuncture and Moxibustion
Ji Ben 3rd century Chinese physician who started a failed rebellion
Irynachet 22nd century BC Egyptian senior physician of the great house
Jivaka Komarabhacca 5th century BC Indian personal physician of King Bimbisara and Gautama Buddha
Leonidas (physician) 2nd–3rd century AD Greek surgical writer, provided the first detailed description of a mastectomy
Madhava-kara 8th century BC Indian listed diseases along with their causes, symptoms, and complications
Marcellus of Side 2nd century AD Greek wrote a long medical poem
Quintus Gargilius Martialis 3rd century Roman writer on horticulture, botany and medicine
Meges of Sidon 1st century AD Greek/Roman surgeon
Menemachus 2nd century AD Greek Methodic school of medicine
Merit-Ptah 27th century BC Egyptian early female physician
Mnesitheus 4th century BC Greek classification of diseases
Sextius Niger 1st century BC Roman pharmacology
Oribasius 4th century Greek medical writer and person physician of Julian the Apostate
Palladius (physician) 6th century Greek professor of medicine at Alexandria
Paul of Aegina 7th century Byzantine Greek Medical Compendium in Seven Books
Pedanius Dioscorides 1st century AD Greek De Materia Medica
Penthu 16th century BC Egyptian Chief Physician to Akhenaten
Peseshet 25th century BC Egyptian one of the earliest known female physicians
Philagrius of Epirus 3rd century Greek medical writers
Philinus of Cos 3rd century BC Greek reputed founder of the Empiric school
Philistion of Locri 4th century BC Greek physician and writer of medicine
Philoxenus (physician) 3rd century BC Greco-Egyptian wrote several volumes on surgery
Philumenus 3rd century AD Greek
Plistonicus 4th-3rd century BC Greek wrote a work on anatomy
Posidonius 3rd-4th century Greek polymath
Praxagoras of Cos 4th century BC Greek theory of circulation
Qar 23rd century BC Egyptian Chief Physician during the Sixth dynasty
Raban Gamliel VI 5th century AD Hebrew demonstrated a special remedy of the spleen
Rabâ-ša-Marduk 13th century BC Kassite
Rufus of Ephesus 1st century AD Greek wrote treatises on dietetics, pathology, anatomy, and patient care
Serenus Sammonicus 3rd century Roman author of a didactic medical poem Liber Medicinalis
Scribonius Largus 1st century AD Roman court physician to the Roman emperor Claudius
Serapion of Alexandria 3rd century BC Greek member of the Empiric school of medicine
Sextus Empiricus 2nd century AD Roman
Shepseskaf-ankh 25th century BC Egyptian Chief Physician during the Fifth dynasty
Soranus of Ephesus 2nd century AD Greek author of treatise on gynecology and On Acute and Chronic Diseases
Sushruta 7th century BC Indian author of the treatise The Compendium of Suśruta
Themison of Laodicea 1st century BC Greek founder of the Methodic school of medicine
Theophilus Protospatharius 7th century Greek
Theophrastus 4th-3rd century BC Greek
Thessalus of Tralles 1st century AD Roman Methodic school of medicine, court physician of Emperor Nero
Xenocrates of Aphrodisias 1st century AD Greek pharmaceutical writer, including On Useful Things from Living Beings
Zhang Zhongjing 150—219 Chinese made great contributions to the development of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Zopyrus (physician) 1st century AD Greek antidote inventor