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Certain words in the English language represent animal sounds: the noises and vocalizations of particular animals, especially noises used by animals for communication. The words can be used as verbs or interjections in addition to nouns, and many of them are also specifically onomatopoeic.

List of animal sounds[edit]

Picture Animal Description Sound
Alligator bellow, hiss
Alligator bellow
Alpaca alarm call, cluck/click, hum, orgle, scream[1]
Antelope snort[2]
Badger growl[3]
Bat screech,[4] squeak
Bear roar, growl
Bear cub growl
Bee buzz
Hummel bee
Xylocopa pubescens (carpenter bee) offsprings
Big cat (Tiger, Lion, Jaguar, Leopard) roar,[5] growl,[6] snarl[7]
Tiger growl
Jaguar making a content "sawing" sound.
Image of a capybara eating hay Capybara squeak,[8] chatter, bark
Cat mew, meow, purr, hiss, trill, caterwaul, growl
Cat meow
Domestic cat purring
Cattle moo, low
Chicken cluck, buck, crow[9]
cha-caw, bah-gawk (female)[10]
cock-a-doodle-doo (male)
Chinchilla squeak[11]
Cicada chirp[12]
Crab chirp, click, creak[13]
Crane clang
Cricket chirp
Crow caw, cah[14]
Black Crow
Curlew pipe[15]
Deer bellow (buck), bleat (doe, fawn)
Red deer
Dog bark, howl, growl, bay
Dog bark
Dolphin click[16]
Donkey hee-haw,[17] bray
Domestic donkey brays
Duck quack
Mallard Duck
Eagle screech[18]
Bald Eagle
Elephant trumpet
Elephant trumpet
Elk bugle (male),[19] bleat (calves)[20]
Elk bellow
Ferret dook[21]
Fly buzz[citation needed]
Fox bark, scream, howl, snore, gecker[22]
Frog croak, ribbit
Common Toad
Gaur low, moo
Giraffe bleat,[23] hum[24]
Giraffe hum
Goat bleat, maa
Herd of goats bleating
Goose honk, hiss
Geese Honking
Grasshopper chirp[25]
Grasshoppers chirping
Guinea pig wheek[26]
Hamster squeak[27]
Hawk screech
Hawk screeching
Hermit crab chirp[28]
Hippopotamus growl[29]
Hornet buzz
Hummel bee
Horse neigh, whinny, nicker, hoofbeats (clip-clop)
Hyena laugh
Spotted Hyena
Jackal gecker[6]
Koala bellow, shriek
Kangaroo jump
Lemur chatter, whoop
Leopard roar, growl, snarl
Linnet chuckle[30]
Lion roar, growl, snarl
Lion roar
Locust chirp[25]
Magpie chatter[31]
Monkey scream, chatter, gecker,[6] howl
Mantled Howler Monkey (Alouatta palliata)
Moose bellow[32]
Mosquito buzz, whine
Mouse squeak
Okapi cough, bellow[33]
Owl hoot, hiss, caterwaul for barred owls
Great horned owl
Ox low, moo
Parrot squawk, talk
White-capped Parrot
Rose-ringed Parakeet imitating human speech
Peacock scream,[34] squawk, honk
Pig oink,[29][35] snort,[36] squeal, grunt
Pigeon coo
Wood pigeon
Prairie dog bark[37]
Quail call
Call of a male common quail
Rabbit squeak
Raccoon trill[38]
Baby Raccoon Chatter
Rat squeak
Raven caw
Common Raven
River otter blow, chatter, chirp, creek, grunt, hiccup, hiss, scream, squeak, swish, whine, whistle, chatterchirp,[39] purr[40]
Rook caw
Seal bark[41]
Sheep bleat, baa
Snake hiss, rattle
Songbird chirrup, chirp, tweet, sing,
warble (larks / warblers / wrens),[42][43] twitter (sparrows)[44]
Squirrel squeak
Swan cry, trumpet, bugle
Trumpeter swan
Tapir squeak[45]
Tokay gecko croak[46]
Tokay gecko mating call
Turkey gobble
Wild Turkey
Whale sing
Humpback whale
Wild boar growl, grumble
Wild boar
Wildebeest low, moo
Wolf howl, growl, bay
Wolf howls
Zebra bray, bark, whistle, yip, nicker

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