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List of application servers

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This list compares the features and functionality of application servers, grouped by the hosting environment that is offered by that particular application server.


  • Enduro/X – A middleware platform for distributed transaction processing, based on XATMI and XA standards, open source, C API


  • Tuxedo – Based on the ATMI standard, is one of the original application servers.
  • Wt – A web toolkit similar to Qt permitting GUI-application-like web development with built-in Ajax abilities.
  • POCO C++ Libraries – A set of open source class libraries including Poco.Net.HTTPServer.html
  • CppCMS
  • Enduro/X – A middleware platform for distributed transaction processing, based on XATMI and XA standards, open source


  • Enduro/X ASG – Application server for Go. This provides XATMI and XA facilities for Golang. Go application can be built by normal Go executable files which in turn provides stateless services, which can be load balanced, clustered and reloaded on the fly without service interruption by means of administrative work only. Framework provides distributed transaction processing facility for Go.


Product Vendor Edition Last release Jakarta EE
compatibility [1]
Servlet JSP HTTP/2 License
ColdFusion Adobe Systems 2016.0.1 2016-05-01 7 partial platform 3.1 2.3 No Proprietary, commercial
Enterprise Server Borland 6.7 2007-01 1.4 2.4 2.0 No Proprietary, commercial
Geronimo ASF 3.0.1 2013-05-28 6 full platform 3.0 2.2 No Free, Apache
GlassFish Eclipse Foundation 7.0.6[2] 2023-06-29 10 full platform 6.0 3.1 Yes Free, EPL, GPL + classpath exception
JBoss Enterprise Application Platform Red Hat 8.0[3] 2024-02-05 10 full platform 6.0 3.1 Yes Free, LGPL
Jetty Eclipse Foundation 12.0.8 2024-04-03 10 full platform[4] 6.0 3.1 Yes Free, Apache 2.0, EPL
JEUS TmaxSoft 8 2013-08 7 full platform 3.0 2.2 No Proprietary, commercial

(formerly ObjectWeb)

5.3 2013-10-04 6 Web Profile 3.0 2.2 No Free, LGPL
JRun Adobe Systems 4 updater 7 2007-11-06 1.3 3.1 2.3 No Proprietary, commercial
Lucee (Formerly Railo) Lucee Association Switzerland 2019-05-27 7 partial platform 3.1 2.3 No Free, CDDL, GPL + classpath exception
NetWeaver Application Server SAP AG 7.4 2013-01-11 5 2.5 2.1 No Proprietary, commercial
Oracle Containers for J2EE Oracle Corporation 2009-08 1.4 2.4 2.0 No Proprietary, commercial
Orion Application Server IronFlare 2.0.7 2006-03-09 1.3 2.3 1.2 No Proprietary, commercial
Payara Payara 5.2021.10 2021-12-15 8 full platform 4.0 2.3 Yes Free, CDDL, GPL + classpath exception
Resin Servlet Container (open source) Caucho Technology 4.0.62 2019-05-23 6 Web Profile[5] 3.0 2.2 No Free, GPL
Resin Professional Application Server 6 Web Profile 3.0 2.2 No Proprietary, commercial
Tomcat ASF 10.1.10 2023-06-23 9 partial platform 6.0 3.1 Yes Free, Apache v2
TomEE ASF 8.0.15 2023-05-08 8 Web Profile 4.0 2.3 Yes Free, Apache v2
WebLogic Server Oracle Corporation

(formerly BEA Systems) 2020-03-30 [6] 8 full platform 4.0 2.3 Yes Proprietary, commercial
IBM WebSphere Application Server IBM 2024-05-21[7] 10 full platform,[8] 6.0[9] 3.1[10] Yes[11] Proprietary, commercial
WebSphere AS Community Edition IBM 2013-06-21 6 full platform 3.0 2.2 No Proprietary, commercial

(formerly JBoss AS)

Red Hat

(formerly JBoss)

32.0.0.Final[12] 2024-04-25 10 full platform 6.0 3.1 Yes Free, Apache v2
  • Apache MINA – an abstract event-driven asynchronous API over various transports such as TCP/IP and UDP/IP via Java NIO
  • Netty – a non-blocking I/O client-server framework for the development of Java network applications similar in spirit to Node.js


  • Broadvision – Server-side JavaScript AS. One of the early entrants in the market during the eCommerce dot-com bubble, they have vertical solution packages catering to the eCommerce industry.
  • Wakanda Server – Server-side JavaScript application server integrating a NoSQL database engine (WakandaDB[13]), a dedicated HTTP server, user, and group management and an optional client-side JavaScript framework.
  • Node.js – implements Google's V8 engine as a standalone (outside the browser) asynchronous Javascript interpreter. A vigorous open-source developer community on GitHub has implemented many supporting products, notably npm for package management and Connect and Express app server layers.
  • Deno – community developed Rust project, spearheaded by Ryan Dahl who also created Node.js, it directly targets TypeScript but also supports JavaScript and WebAssembly via V8; employs asynchronous, event-based I/O model via promise-based APIs and Tokio scheduler, uses an API security model via FlatBuffers and implements package management via ES2015 modules.
  • Phusion Passenger
  • Jsish a JavaScript engine with type-checking modelled after Tcl.





Microsoft positions their middle-tier applications and services infrastructure in the Windows Server operating system and the .NET Framework technologies in the role of an application server:



  • GNUstepWeb - WebObjects 4.5 compatible, licensed under LGPL


  • Appserver.io, an open-source PHP application server.
  • RoadRunner, built by Spiral Scout is high-performance PHP application server, load-balancer and process manager written in Golang.




  • Seaside – A continuations based web application server


  • AOLserver – Forked from NaviServer after developer was bought by AOL in 1995
  • NaviServer – Resumed independent development after AOL dropped AOLserver support.

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