List of archaeological sites beyond national boundaries

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This list of archaeological sites beyond national boundaries presents archaeological sites that are not in any country. This includes sites in international waters[1] and international territories such as Antarctica[2][3] and extraterrestrial sites.[4]

Site Location Nature Status
Hektor Station[5] Deception Island, Antarctica Whaling station
The Titanic Wreck off Newfoundland Twentieth-century shipwreck The ship is broken in two, with some remains scattered. Some looting has taken place.
SS Republic[6][7] about 100 miles (160 km) off the state of Georgia Nineteenth-century shipwreck A salvage effort in 2003 recovered about one-third of the rare 19th century gold and silver coins carried aboard, worth an estimated $75 million. Most of the hull of the ship is now gone, but the rudder, parts of the paddle wheel and the steam engine are still present.
Tranquility Base (Statio Tranquillitatis) Mare Tranquillitatis, on the moon Site of first humans on the moon Virtually undisturbed. Ineligible for World Heritage status. The U.S. states of California and New Mexico have listed it on their heritage registers.[8][9]


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