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A pet-raising simulation (sometimes called artificial pets[1]) is a video game that focuses on the care, raising, breeding or exhibition of simulated animals. These games are software implementations of digital pets. Such games are described as a sub-class of life simulation game. The concept originated from role-playing video games, with the Megami Tensei series and Dragon Quest V being the earliest examples.[2]

Console or handheld[edit]

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Smart phone mobile devices[edit]

PC or computer games[edit]

Browser-based games[edit]

Sortable table
Title Website Gameplay Founder/developer Release date Revenue Model
Adoptme [1] Virtual World 2001
Alacrity Sim [2] Breeding simulation Alyssa Robyn Davis 2010
Anatheria [3] Virtual World 2004
Animal Acres [4] Animal breeding and showing simulation Chaiim 2006
Aramii [5] Breeding simulation Mariko Carandang 2008
A Virtual Horse [6] Virtual World 2006
Aywas [7] Virtual world 2009
BeastKeeper [8] Breeding, Genetics, Tactics, Virtual world 2012 (Beta version) Advertising, Microtransactions
Big Animal on Campus [9] College simulation, all animals 2009
Black Star Kennels [10] Breeding simulation, dogs, LLC 12 December 2005 Subscription, Digital Content
Canis Novus [11] Dog breeding simulation. Conformation showing, event trials September 2007
Celestial Equine [12] Fantasy Horse world with breeding simulation Celestial Equine 2016 Celestial Equine
Chicken Smoothie [13] Adopting and collecting various virtual pets that grow by themselves July 2008 Advertising, currency microtransactions
Clanheart strategy-based, virtual animal SIM 2015 (Pre-Alpha)
Creature Breeder [14] Breeding, Evolution simulator 2007 Advertising, Merchandise
Completely Horse Nuts [15]
Dappervolk [16] Virtual World Snail Games 2018 (Beta version)
Daylightpets [17] Virtual World 2010
Dog Dayzz [18] Dog Breeding Simulation 2009
Draconis Theory [19] Breeding and Exploration simulation, dragons Go Go Gatsby Designs, LLC 2011
Dragon Cave [20] Breeding simulation T. J. Lipscomb 2006 Advertising, Merchandise
EatenByAnts [21] Ant keeping simulation - German Language 2009
Ecotopians [22] Eco-friendly Virtual World Avokatow Web Development / Sierra Katow 2008
Egg Cave [23] Virtual world Ian McQueen / Bumpwire LLC July 20, 2009 Digital content
Eliyo [24] Turn based RPG, fantasy world Chaiim 2015
Equine Ranch [25] Realistic horse simulation, breeding, training SnowWolfe Games LLC 2004 Microtransactions, Digital content
Equine Ranch: Vintage [26] Realistic horse simulation, breeding, training SnowWolfe Games LLC 2013 Microtransactions, Digital content, Subscriptions (optional)
Equiverse [27] 2008
Exhibited [28] Breeding simulation, dinosaurs, virtual world 2008
FelisFire [29] Breeding simulation, virtual world "Sister site" to Aywas 2010 (Beta Version)
Fezkitt [30] Realistic ferret simulation, breeding, training SnowWolfe Games LLC 2014 Microtransactions, Digital content, Subscriptions (Optional)
Fishferous [31] Breeding simulation, virtual aquarium 2010 (Beta Version)
Flight Rising [21] Dragon breeding/battling simulation Stormlight Workshop, LLC. June 2013 Microtransactions
FooPets [32] Realistic pet simulation, breeding simulation FooMojo[14] 2008 Free, but also has a subscription plan. digital content[14]
Furry-Paws [33] Virtual dog simulation, LLC 2009
Gone Mushing [34] Sled dog simulation 2012 Subscription Required
Global Pokedex Plus [35]
Gryffs [36] Breeding simulation, gryphon battling 2009
Grophland [37] Breeding simulation, virtual world David Donachie 2004
Horse Eden Eventing [38] Breeding simulation 2009
Horse Isle [39] Horse-based Breeding simulation, horse riding, questing and flash-based virtual world. Horse Isle 2010
Horseland [40] Breeding simulation Christina (Gerskovich) Johnson 1995
Horse Phenomena [41] Classic horse and dog game, community-based horse sim Samantha Harbison 2009
Horse Reality [42] Realistic Horse Simulation, Colour Genetics Deloryan Hommers February 2017 (beta)
Horses Forever [43] Traditional cyber horse game, forum-based sim Chelsea Wesson 1997 Free to members
Horse World Online [44] Realistic Horse Simulation, Advanced Genetics Larissa Rintjema November 2004 Microtransactions, digital content, subscriptions (optional), advertising
Houndism [45] Breeding simulation Colin Stuckenschneider 2005
Hunt And Jump Inc [15] Breeding simulation 2006
Icepets [46] Virtual World 2010
Ichumon [47] Virtual World 2008
Indomita [48] Horse Sim Lucy 2014
Kinder Pets [49] Virtual world & pet game Spottedmare LLC 2017 (Beta) Subscription, advertising, merchandise
K-9 the Game [50] Realistic dog breeding simulation 2008 Digital content
Kingdom Of Knuffel [51] Virtual World Starkad / Firn 2007 Digital Content
Khimeros [52] Breeding simulation, virtual world 2010 Digital content
Kingdom Sky [53] Grow Pet Guardians and Drakons, Quests, Arcade Games, Contests, Battle System and an amazing online Community! Serenity 2012 Digital content
KawaiiPetsu [54] Grow pets into stages, virtual community, games, and breeding in the future. 2013 Digital content
Leayph [55] Breeding and battling simulation 2012
Leporidae [56] Rabbit breeding and showing simulation 2015
Lioden [57] Generational lion sim 2012
Lucky Lapine [58] Realistic rabbit and guinea pig breeding and showing simulation 2011
Magistream [59] Virtual world 11 May 2009 Digital content
Marapets [60] Virtual world Marapets Ltd 15 August 2004 Advertising, digital content[16]
Misticpets [61] 2007
Moshi Monsters [62] Mind Candy 2007
Mutt-z [63]
Mweor [64] Cat breeding and collecting game Mythic Multimedia 2008/2017
Mycena Cave [65] Virtual world glitch, Myla, DFA, daemon 2013
Mystic Grove [66] Virtual world February 2009 Digital content, merchandise
Neopets [67] Virtual world Neopets Inc. (Owned by JumpStart) 15 November 1999[17] Subscription, advertising, merchandise
Novilar [68] Virtual world NightOwl Workshop LLC 2016
OviPets [69] Breeding and genetics simulation, lots of different species and mutations 2013
Pine Ridge Herding [70] Breeding simulation, dogs, virtual world, herding, shows, trials Pine Ridge Herding 2012
PonyIsland [71] Pony breeding simulation, lots of different species and mutations, real life genetics 2004
PowerPets [72] Virtual World 2002
PsyPets [73] Psychology pet simulation 2004 Digital content
Pure Felinity [74] Cat breeding simulation, real life genetics 2004
Rescreatu [75] Virtual Pet
Rigganmore [76] Pet breeding, MMORPG Rigganmore LLC 2008 Digital Content
Sim Dog [77] Breeding simulation, genetics, dogs, LLC 21 August 2005 Subscription
Stray Days [78] Dog rescue simulation. October 2010
Subeta [79] Virtual World Agoge Incorporated / Keith Kurson 2006 Microtransactions, Merchandise
TerrePets [80] Psychology pet simulation Amanda Kroft 2014 Digital Content
The Dragon Empire [81] Breeding simulation, genetics, dragons The Dragon Empire, LLC 2008 Subscription, Digital Content
Turf Horse [82] Breeding simulation, LLC 2004
Tygras [83] Breeding simulation "Tygras Inc.", LLC. and 'Distracted' 2009
Verpets [84] Virtual World
Wajas [85] Breeding simulation, virtual world Wajas, Inc 2006
Webkinz [86] Virtual world Ganz 29 April 2005 Merchandise, digital content
White Oak Stables [87] Breeding and racing simulation, horses, LLC 25 September 2001 Subscription, Merchandise
Whoa-Horsie [88] Massively Multiplayer Online Game, LLC TBD Subscription, Digital Content, Merchandise, Advertise
Wolf Play [89] Roleplay, Breeding, and Exploration Simulation, wolves Go Go Gatsby Designs, LLC 24 February 2014
Woolly Hooves [90] Breeding simulation, rpg, standard browser game, LLC 11 November 2008
Xanje [91] Roleplaying, adopting and collecting a variety of pets Nicholas and Wynnyelle 7 September 2013 Advertising, Merchandise

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