List of artists and art institutions in Portland, Oregon

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The following is a partial list of institutions and individuals who are notable and active in the art scene of Portland, Oregon.


Colleges and universities with art programs and or major exhibition programs[edit]

Nonprofit or alternative spaces and other institutions[edit]


  • The Bear Deluxe — art, literature, and environmental magazine
  • The Oregonian — daily newspaper of record containing some arts coverage
  • Oregon ArtWatch — a non-profit arts and culture journalism project that explores the arts and their intersection with the wider culture in Oregon and the Northwest.
  • PLAZM — art and design magazine
  • PORT — dedicated visual art blog with daily art news, interviews and reviews
  • The Portland Mercury — weekly newspaper containing some arts coverage
  • Portland Tribune — twice-weekly newspaper containing some arts coverage
  • Willamette Week — weekly newspaper containing some arts coverage
  • Art & About PDX — a platform documenting contemporary art in Portland, Oregon

Curators and critics[edit]



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