List of Norwegian artists

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This is a list of Norwegian artists listed by medium.





  • Kaare Bratung (1906–1985), comic strip creator
  • Mads Eriksen (born 1977), cartoonist for the comic strips M and Gnom
  • Karine Haaland (born 1966), comic strip creator, animator and illustrator, of the comic strip Piray
  • Jason (born 1965), cartoonist of anthropomorphic animal characters
  • Lise Myhre (born 1975), cartoonist of Nemi
  • Christopher Nielsen (born 1963), comics artist especially of subcultural depictions
  • Knut Nærum (born 1961), comedian, author, comics writer and TV-entertainer
  • Frode Øverli (born 1968), comic strip cartoonist


  • Jon Jerde (born 1940), American architect from Norwegian descent