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This is a list of assets owned by the Filipino media conglomerate ABS-CBN as well as its affiliates companies and its non-stock, non-profit socio-civic organizations. The following are wholly owned and operated by ABS-CBN, unless otherwise indicated.


  • ABS-CBN Australia Pty., Ltd.[1]
  • ABS-CBN Canada ULC[1]
  • ABS-CBN Canada Remittance, Inc.(d/b/a MyRemit)[2]
  • ABS-CBN Center for Communication Arts, Inc. (d/b/a ABS-CBN Distance Learning Center, ABS-CBN University, Star Magic)
  • ABS-CBN Convergence, Inc. (69.3% formerly Multimedia Telephony, Inc. d/b/a ABS-CBN Mobile)[1]
  • ABS-CBN Europe Ltd.[1] (d/b/a The Filipino Channel, TFC)
  • ABS-CBN Europe Remittance, Inc.[2] (d/b/a MyRemit)
  • ABS-CBN Film Productions, Inc. (d/b/a Star Cinema, Star Creatives, Skylight Films, Star Music, Star Home Video)
  • ABS-CBN Global Cargo Corporation (d/b/a Star Kargo; liquidated/dissolved)
  • ABS-CBN Global Ltd. (d/b/a The Filipino Channel, TFC)
  • ABS-CBN Global Hungary Kft[1]
  • ABS-CBN Global Netherlands BV[1]
  • ABS-CBN Global Remittance, Inc.[1] (d/b/a MyRemit)
  • ABS-CBN Integrated and Strategic Property Holdings, Inc.[1]
  • ABS-CBN Interactive, Inc. (merged to parent)
  • ABS-CBN International, Inc. (d/b/a San Francisco International Gateway,[3] TFC, The Filipino Channel, TFC Direct, TFC IPTV, Myx TV)
  • ABS-CBN Multimedia, Inc. (merged to parent)
  • ABS-CBN Japan, Inc.[1]
  • ABS-CBN Middle East Free Zone LLC[1]
  • ABS-CBN Middle East LLC[1]
  • ABS-CBN Publishing, Inc.
  • ABS-CBN Shared Service Center Pte. Ltd.[1]
  • ABS-CBN Studios, Inc. (production and studio facilities, incorporated in 2015)
  • ABS-CBN Telecom North America, Inc.[1] (d/b/a Sarimanok One; discontinued)
  • ABS-CBN Theme Parks & Resorts Holdings, Inc. (d/b/a ABS-CBN Theme Parks & Resorts)[2]
  • Bisaya Cable Television Network, Inc. (59.4%)[4]
  • Bright Moon Cable Networks, Inc. (59.4%)[4]
  • Cavity Cable Corporation (59.4%)[1]
  • Cebu Cable Television, Inc. (57.4%)[4]
  • Cepsil Consultancy and Management Corporation (59.4%)[1]
  • Columbus Technologies, Inc. (70%)[5]
  • Creative Programs, Inc. (d/b/a ABS-CBN Cable Channels)
  • Culinary Publications, Inc.[1] (merged to ABS-CBN Publishing, Inc.)
  • Davao Cable Network, Inc. (59.4%)[4]
  • Discovery Mactan Cable, Inc. (41.6%)[4]
  • E-Money Plus, Inc.[1]
  • First Ilocandia CATV, Inc. (54.9%)[4]
  • HM Cable Networks, Inc. (59.4%)[4]
  • HM CATV, Inc. (59.4%)[1]
  • Home-Lipa Cable, Inc. (35.6%)[4]
  • Hotel Interactive Systems, Inc. (59.4%)[4]
  • Iconnect Convergence, Inc[1] (d/b/a iCONN)
  • Isla Cable TV, Inc. (59.4%)[4]
  • JMY Advantage Corporation (56.4%)[4]
  • Mactan CATV Network, Inc. (56.6%)[4]
  • Medianow Strategies, Inc. (79.7%)
  • Moonsat Cable Television, Inc. (59.4%)[1]
  • Pacific CATV, Inc. (58%)[4]
  • Pilipino Cable Corporation (59.4%)[4]
  • Play Innovations, Inc. (73%)[2] (d/b/a KidZania Manila)[6]
  • Play Innovations Hungary Kft. (73%)[2]
  • Professional Services for Television & Radio, Inc.[1]
  • Roadrunner Network, Inc. (merged to ABS-CBN Film Productions, Inc.)
  • Rosetta Holdings Corporation[1] - currently developing the Horizon IT Park in Bulacan, a PEZA approved economic zone that will be home to the future ABS-CBN Horizon Studios.[7]
  • Sarimanok News Network, Inc. (merged to parent)
  • Sapientis Holdings Corporation (merged to parent)
  • Satellite Cable TV, Inc. (59.4%)[4]
  • Suburban Cable Network, Inc. (54.9%)[4]
  • Sunvision Cable, Inc. (59.4%)[4]
  • Sun Cable Holdings, Inc. (59.4%)[4]
  • Sun Cable Systems Davao, Inc. (59.4%)[4]
  • Sky Cable Corporation (59.4%)[4] (d/b/a Sky, Sky Cable, Sky Broadband, Sky Biz, Sky Zone, Destiny Cable, Sky On Demand)
  • Sky Vision Corporation (75%)[1]
  • Star Recording, Inc.[1] (merged to ABS-CBN Film Productions, Inc.)
  • Star Songs, Inc.[1] (merged to ABS-CBN Film Productions, Inc.)
  • Studio 23, Inc. (merged to parent)
  • Tarlac Television Network, Inc. (59.4%)[4]
  • Telemondial Holdings, Inc. (59.4%)[4]
  • The Big Dipper Digital Content & Design, Inc.[1] (d/b/a Big Dipper)
  • TV Food Chefs, Inc.[1] (d/b/a Restaurant 9501)


Here is a list of companies that are affiliated with ABS-CBN. Note that the company (ABS-CBN) only holds economic interest to the following.

Corporate social responsibility[edit]

  • ABS-CBN Lingkod Kapamilya Foundation, Inc. (formerly ABS-CBN Foundation)- the umbrella organization of Bantay Bata (Child Watch), Bantay Kalikasan (Environment/Nature Watch), BayaniJuan (Country of Juan/Hero Juan), ETV/E-Media (Educational Television), Kapit Bisig Para sa Ilog Pasig (Holding together for Pasig River), Programa Genio (education), Save La Mesa Watershed Project, and Sagip Kapamilya (Saving Members of the Family).
  • ABS-CBN Bayan Foundation, Inc.
  • 71 Dreams Foundation, Inc.

Defunct subsidiaries[edit]

  • ABS-CBN Consumer Products, Inc. (consumer products)[9]
  • ABS-CBN Europe Societa Per Azioni (financial services)[9]
  • ABS-CBN Hong Kong, Ltd. (services)[9]
  • Cinemagica, Inc. (theatrical and amusement services)[9]
  • Creative Creatures, Inc. (services)[9]
  • Hong Kong Club, Ltd. [9]
  • Pinoy Auctions[9]
  • Shopping Network, Inc. (consumer products)[9]
  • Sky Films, Inc. (foreign film distribution)[9]

Business segments[edit]

ABS-CBN reports its business into several categories or business segments. Listed below are the active products and services operating under these segments:

TV and studio[edit]



Films and music[edit]

Niche market[edit]

Pay television[edit]

New business[edit]


Real state properties[edit]


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