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Here is a list of assets owned by The Walt Disney Company. The following are wholly owned and operated by Disney, unless otherwise indicated.[1]


  • Marketing
  • Disney Archives
  • Disney Enterprises, Inc., copyright and trademark holder of Disney-branded properties
  • Disney Worldwide Services, Inc., shared services
  • The Disney Children's Center, Inc., child care center
  • Earth Star, Inc., corporate airline[2]
  • Synergy Group [2]

The Walt Disney Studios[edit]



Lucasfilm Ltd.[edit]

Marvel Studios[edit]

  • Marvel Music
  • Marvel Film Productions LLC (Delaware)
  • MVL Development LLC (Delaware)
  • MVL Productions LLC: an indirect wholly owned film development subsidiary
  • MVL Film Finance LLC: holder of Marvel's Movie debt and theatrical film rights to the twelve characters and supporting characters as collateral.
  • MVL Rights, LLC: subsidiary holding movie rights of all Marvel Characters with some on contract with MVL Film Finance
  • Iron Works Productions LLC: subsidiary holding debt to finance the Iron Man films.
  • Incredible Production (Delaware)
  • Asgard Productions LLC (Delaware)


Disney Music Group[edit]

Disney Theatrical Group[edit]

Disney Studio Services[edit]


Disney Consumer Products and Interactive Media[edit]

Disney Consumer Products[edit]

  • Disney Licensing: directly a part of DCP
    • Disney Baby
  • Disney Store
  • Disney Shopping, Inc. (formerly Disney Direct Marketing Services, Inc.) catalog and direct marketing channels[12]
    • The Walt Disney Catalog
  • Disney Direct Response Publishing, Inc.

Disney Interactive[edit]

Disney Online[edit]

    • Disney Online Kerpoof Studios
    • DigiSynd, social media marketing
  • Disney Family Network websites:[15] also called Mom and Family Portfolio
  • Disney Family (
  • formerly GO Network

Disney Interactive Studios[edit]

  • Gamestar
  • Rocket Pack

Disney Publishing Worldwide[edit]

  • Core Publishing[17]
    • Disney Magazine Publishing, Inc.
    • Disney Book Group (Disney Book Publishing, Inc.[2])
      • Disney·Hyperion
      • Disney·Jump at the Sun
      • Disney Press
      • Disney Editions
      • Disney Libri
      • Disney Libros (Spain)
      • Marvel Press
      • ABC Daytime Press
      • ESPN Books
      • Kingswell imprint
      • Freeform imprint
  • Digital Publishing - Disney Book Apps
  • Disney Learning
  • CrossGen: restarted & discontinued as an imprint by Marvel Comics

Walt Disney Parks and Resorts[edit]

Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Worldwide, Inc. owns and operates two resorts in the United States and another three internationally through various joint ventures and licensing agreements.

Disneyland Resort[edit]

Disneyland, Inc.

Walt Disney World Resort[edit]

Walt Disney World Company,[2] Lake Buena Vista, Florida, United States

Disneyland Paris[edit]

Opened on 12 April 1992 as the Euro Disney Resort. Located in Marne-la-Vallée, France (Disney 51%, public shareholders 49%) Euro Disney Investments, Inc.

  • Euro Disney S.A.S.: 100% Disney owned—manages Euro Disney S.C.A., Euro Disney Associés and EDL Hotels SCA
  • Euro Disney Investment SAS: owning 9% and general partner of Euro Disney Associés
  • Centre de Congrès Newport S.A.S
    • Newport Bay Club Convention Centre: leased to EDL Hôtels S.C.A.
  • EDL Holding Co.: 99.9% owned by Disney — holds 82% ownership of Euro Disney S.C.A.
    • EDL Participations S.A.S.: sole general partner of Euro Disney S.C.A.
      • Euro Disney S.C.A.: 2% owned by public shareholders, directly owns 82% of Euro Disney Associés
        • Euro Disney Commandité S.A.S.: a general partner of Euro Disney Associés
          • Euro Disney Associés S.C.A.: operating company of Disney Paris
            • EDL Hôtels S.C.A.: owns the Phase IB land and operates the hotels
            • EDL Services SAS: manages Phase IB Financing Companies, owners of the various hotels and Disney Village

Euro Disneyland Participations S.A.S.: 100% Disney owned and owns 17% of

Hong Kong International Theme Parks[edit]

Disney 48%, Hong Kong Government 52%

Shanghai Disney Resort[edit]

  • Shanghai International Theme Park Company Limited: 43% owned by Disney, 57% owned by Shanghai Shendi Group: owner company for theme parks within the resort
  • Shanghai International Theme Park Associated Facilities Company Limited: 43% owned by Disney, 57% owned by Shanghai Shendi Group—owner company for associated facilities within the resort
  • Shanghai International Theme Park and Resort Management Company Limited: 70% owned by Disney, 30% owned by Shanghai Shendi Group—manages the resort as a whole as well as the project to develop it

New Vacation Operations[edit]

Fully: New Vacation Operations and Disney Cruise Line


Disney Vacation Development, Inc.
Disney Vacation Club Management Corp.

Disney Media Networks[edit]

Disney–ABC Television Group[edit]

ABC, Inc. d.b.a. Disney–ABC Television Group[21]

A&E Networks[edit]

joint venture with Hearst Corporation; 50% equity holding

ABC Entertainment Group[edit]

ABC Family Worldwide[edit]

ABC Owned Television Stations[edit]

Disney Channels Worldwide[edit]


ESPN Inc.[edit]

(Disney (80%) [26]

Marvel Entertainment[edit]

  • Cover Concepts, Inc.
  • Marvel Characters, Inc.
  • Marvel Television division
    • Marvel Animation
      • Marvel Animation Studios (2012–present)
        • SH DTV Partners (2012–present)
    • Squad Productions LLC (Delaware)
    • Green Guy Toons LLC (Delaware)
  • MVL Iron Works Productions Canada, Inc. (Province of Ontario)
  • MVL Incredible Productions Canada, Inc. (Province of Ontario)
  • Marvel Entertainment International Limited (United Kingdom)
  • Marvel Internet Productions LLC (Delaware)
  • Marvel Property, Inc. (Delaware)
  • Marvel Toys Limited (Hong Kong)
  • MVL Development LLC (Delaware)
  • Marvel International Character Holdings LLC (Delaware)
  • MRV, Inc. (Delaware)
  • MVL International C.V. (The Netherlands)
  • Marvel Characters B.V. (The Netherlands)
  • Marvel Worldwide, Inc.
  • Marvel Toys
    • Marvel Toys Limited (Hong Kong)


Disney International


  • Disney Television (Germany), Inc.[2]
  • RTL Disney TV Limited Partnership (RTL DISNEY Fernsehen GmbH & Co. KG) a 50% joint venture of TWDC with RTL Group
    • Kidvidoo - kids SVOD service
    • Scoyo learning platform
    • Super RTL network, Germany
    • Toggolino Club
    • Toggo Plus network (June 4, 2016)
  • Tele-Munich Television Media Participation Limited Partnership (Tele-Müchen Fernseh-GMBH & Co. Medienbeteiligung KG)[30] joint venture
    • ATV Private Limited Partnership (ATV PrivatFernseh-GMBH)
      • ATV2 channel, Austria
    • RTL 2 Limited Partnership (RTL 2 FERNSEHEN GMBH & CO. KG)
      • RTL II channel, Germany
      • RTL II HD channel, Germany
    • RTL 2 Austria
    • TM-TV GMBH
      • Tele 5 (Germany)
      • Tele 5 HD (Germany)
      • Tele 5 (Austria)

Walt Disney Co., Ltd. Japan[edit]

  • Studio Entertainment
    • Walt Disney Studios Japan
    • Disney Music Group
    • Disney Character Voice International
    • Disney Theatrical Group
  • Media Networks
    • Walt Disney Television International Japan
      • Disney Channel
      • Media Distribution
  • Disney Interactive Group Japan
    • Disney Online
    • Disney Mobile
    • Disney Interactive Studios
  • Parks and Resort
    • Disney Destination International
    • Disney Vacation Club Japan
  • Disney Consumer Products
    • Disney Publishing Worldwide Japan
    • Disney Store Japan [31]
  • Broadcast Satellite Disney Co.

Disney India Inc.[edit]

  • UTV Software Communications (100% stake since 2/2012)
    • UTV Communications (USA) LLC
    • IG Interactive Entertainment Ltd.
    • UTV Global Broadcasting Ltd.
    • UTV TV Content Ltd.
    • UTV Games Ltd.
    • First Future Agri & Developers Ltd.
    • UTV Motion Pictures PLC
      • UTV Toons
    • UTV New Media Ltd
    • Indiagames Ltd
    • group's stepdown subsidiaries
      • UTV Ignition Entertainment Ltd.
      • True Games Interactive
      • Genx Entertainment Ltd.
      • UTV Entertainment Television Ltd.
      • UTV Tele-Talkies Ltd.
      • RB Entertainment Ltd.
      • Vikatan UTV Content Ltd.
    • Screenshot Television Ltd.[33]

The Walt Disney Company Iberia S.L.[edit]

Sociedad Gestora de Television NET TV SA, joint venture with Vocento SA, Intereconomía Corporation SA[34]


Property holding companies[edit]

  • Carousel Holdings EAT LLC, Carousel Inn & Suites, Anaheim, California[37]
  • Axman Realty Corp.
  • Boss Realty, Inc.
  • Commercial Apartment Properties, Inc.
  • The Celebration Co.
  • Disney Keystone Properties, Inc.
  • Disney Realty, Inc.
  • Dutchman Realty, Inc.
  • The Dolphin Hotel, Inc.
  • Homestead Homes, Inc.
  • The Little Lake Bryan Co.
  • Maple Leaf Commercial Properties, Inc.
  • The Swan Hotel, Inc.
  • Walt Disney Properties Corp.[2]
  • Buena Vista Street, Burbank CA
    • Pine Woods Properties, Inc.
    • Holmes Houses, Inc.
    • Key Bridge Properties, Inc.
  • Florida properties
    • Lake Bryan, Inc.
    • Madeira Land Co., Inc.
    • Magnolia Creek Development Co.[2]


  • Arvida Disney Financial Services Inc.
    • Arvida Real Estate Capital Inc., a commercial real estate investment banking subsidiary to arrange financing for commercial, industrial and retail projects[38]

Venture capital[edit]

Steamboat Ventures: ownership positions not revealed

  • Baynote
  • EdgeCast
  • Elemental Technologies
  • EMN8
  • Fanzter, Inc.
  • Fastclick
  • FreeWheel
  • GameSalad
  • GoPro
  • Greystripe
  • Kapow Software
  • MediaBank
  • MerchantCircle
  • Passenger
  • Photobucket
  • RazorGator
  • Vobile
  • VoodooVox
  • Zettics[39]

Chinese holdings[edit]

  • 51Fanli
  • Bokecc
  • Cocoa China
  • Gridsum Technology
  • Netmovie
  • Shangpin
  • Troodon
  • UUSee
  • Yoyi Media
  • YY[40]


  • 2139 Empire Avenue Corp.
  • Alameda Payroll, Inc.
  • Andes Productions, Inc.
  • Animation Collectors, Inc.
  • BVHV Services
  • Before & After Productions, Inc.
  • Berl Holding Co.
  • Billy B. Productions, Inc.
  • Bird-In-Hand Woodworks, Inc.
  • Blue Note Management Corp.
  • Buena Vista Catalog Co.
  • Buena Vista Laboratories, Inc.
  • Buena Vista Trading Co.
  • C.A. Productions, Inc.
  • DCSR, Inc.
  • Devonson Corp.
  • Disney Art Editions, Inc.
  • Disney Computer Magazine Group, Inc.
  • Disney Interfinance Corp.
  • Disney International Employment Services, Inc.
  • Disney Media Ventures, Inc.
  • Disney Special Programs, Inc.
  • Disney, Inc.
  • DreamWorks II Distribution Co. LLC[41][42]
  • ERS Investment Ltd.
  • Entertainment Development, Inc.
  • Film Brothers Property Corp.
  • From Time to Time Inc.
  • Hardware Distribution, Inc.
  • Heavy Weight, Inc.
  • Hodi Investments, Inc.
  • Hughes Flying Boat Corp.
  • IJR, Inc.(inactive)
  • Indian Warrior Productions, Inc.
  • J.B. Productions, Inc.
  • Kelly Management, Inc.
  • LBV Services, Inc.
  • Merriweather Productions, Inc. (inactive)
  • Montrose Corp.
  • One For All Productions, Inc.
  • PNLH Payroll Inc.
  • Palm Hospitality Co.
  • Plymouth Productions
  • RCE Services, Inc.
  • Stakeout Two Productions, Inc.
  • Supercomm International, Inc.
  • Swing Kids Productions, Inc.
  • The Inn Corp.
  • The Quiz Show Co.[2]
  • Theme Park Productions, Inc.
  • Toon Town, Inc.
  • Voice Quality Coordination, Inc.
  • WCO Leisure, Inc.
  • WCO Parent Corp.
  • WCO Port Management Corp.
  • WCO Port Properties, Ltd.
  • WCO Vacationland, Inc.
  • WDT Services, Inc.
  • WDW Services, Inc.
  • Wanderlust Productions, Inc.

Former assets[edit]


Venture capital holdings sold[edit]

  • Iridigm Display Corporation: acquired by Qualcomm, Inc., September, 2004
  • Kyte: acquired by KIT Digital, January 2011
  • Move Networks: December 2010 acquisition of EchoStar
  • PopularMedia: acquired by StrongMail, June 2009
  • Pure Digital Technologies : Cisco acquisition in May 2009
  • Quigo: acquired by AOL December 2007
  • Rosum: sold to TruePosition in December 2010
  • Scrapblog: sold to Mixbook December 2010
  • Sometrics: acquired by American Express, September 2011[39]
  • sold to Renren in September, 2011
  • Youxigu: Steamboat sold its stake to Tencent Holdings Ltd. in March 2010 [40]

Dormant or shuttered Disney businesses[edit]

The following companies are subsidiaries of Disney that either are no longer active or have been absorbed into another part of the company.

  • ABC Films: A division of ABC, Inc. that distributed first-run and off-network TV programming to television stations and networks worldwide. Majority of the backlog is currently controlled by CBS Television Studios through Spelling Entertainment Group.
  • Americast: telephone digital TV joint venture
  • Anaheim Sports, Inc., formerly Disney Sports Enterprises, Inc.
  • Arena Football League: ESPN bought a minority share of the league in December 2006; the league ceased operations in July 2009. The AFL was revived in 2010, but is a separate legal entity from the original, with no Disney ownership.
  • Bonnie View Productions, Ltd.:[2] production company for "Crusaders", a syndicated news magazine show
  • Buena Vista Visual Effects
  • Cal Publishing: Cal Publishing was a subsidiary created by Disney to acquire the assets of CrossGen. After the acquisition, both companies were folded into Disney Publishing Worldwide. Disney subsidiary Marvel Comics has since announced that it will revive CrossGen as an imprint.
  • Canasa Trading Corp.[2]
  • Club Disney: A creation of Disney Regional Entertainment, Club Disney had 5 locations built in the U.S. All 5 locations were closed in November 1999.
  • Walt Disney Feature Animation Florida, Inc.[2]
  • Disney Auctions
  • Disney Development Company, construct arm[47]
  • Disney Magazine: A magazine publication that gave Disney fans an inside look at the company. This title was in publication from December 1965 until April 2005. A similar online magazine called the Disney Insider was said to take its place.
  • Disney Regional Entertainment: Ran Disney Quest and the ESPN Zone Restaurant/entertainment chains. The division was closed in June 2010. Two ESPN Zones remain operating, but now as local franchises.
  • Disney TeleVentures, Inc.: Americast telco venture programming and technical support[2]
  • Disney Television and Telecommunications, division group (not to be confused with Walt Disney Television production division) eliminated after Disney-CC/ABC merger[48]
  • Dream Quest Images: merged with Disney Features Animation computer group to form The Secret Lab
  • DreamWorks Television (1994-2002) a joint venture of CC/ABC with DreamWorks which was dissolved at the end of the seven-year agreement[49]
  • Faded Denim Productions Ltd., defunct production company
  • Fidelity Television, Inc.: owned KCAL-TV
    • KHJ-TV, Inc.[2]
  • Harvest Groves, Inc., merged
  • Hollywood Basic: A sub-label of Hollywood Records that released rap music (including music by DJ Shadow and Organized Konfusion). The label was discontinued in the mid 1990s.
  • Hollywood Pictures Music: label of Disney Music Publishing that distributed songs from Hollywood Pictures' titles.
  • ImageMovers Digital: Closed in 2011 after the abysmal opening of Mars Needs Moms.
  • Infoseek Corporation: Acquired by Disney in 1998 and merged into Disney's GO Network. The Infoseek name is no longer in use.
  • Jetix Play, 3 channels for younger kids
  • GXT: Italy channel for older tens sold in management buy out of Jetix Italy, now Switchover Media
  • Jetix Consumer Products
  • JCP Home Entertainment
  • Jetix España S.L.: joint venture with Sogecable S.A. to operate Jetix Spain
  • Jetix Poland Limited: with minority owner, a subsidiary of United Pan-Europe Communications N.V.
  • TV10 B.V.: joint venture with SBS Broadcasting B.V. to services the Dutch channel
  • Jetix Animation Concepts: Folded into Walt Disney Television Animation in 2009.
  • Kingdom Comics:[50] The Kingdom Comics unit's creatives/executives moved its deal to an independent Monsterfoot Production.[51]
  • Lake Buena Vista Communities, Inc.
  • MLG Productions 1 – MLG Productions 8 (Marvel's joint venture with Lionsgate) operationally defunct as the agreed upon number of DTV movies were finished
  • Marvel Anime Partners (July 2010 – 2012).
  • Ranch and Grove Holding Corp., merged
  • The Secret Lab: formed from Dream Quest Images & Walt Disney Features Animation computer group, closed in 2002
  • Pirates of the Caribbean Online: Servers were closed on September 19, 2013.
  • Pixie Hollow: Servers were closed on September 19, 2013.
  • Skellington Productions, Inc.: production company formed between Walt Disney Feature Animation and filmmakers Tim Burton and Henry Selick
  • Starwave: Starwave was merged with Infoseek and acquired by Disney in 1998 to form GO Network. Starwave no longer operates as a stand-alone business. The label was recently resurrected to form Disney's Starwave Mobile which licenses content from third party companies for cell phone content.
  • Star Wars: Attack Squadrons: Freemium massive multiplayer space combat game that was canceled in May 2014 before its official release.
  • Talk: A failed magazine publication venture between Miramax Films and Tina Brown launched in 1999 and shuttered in 2001.
  • Toontown Online: Servers were closed on September 19, 2013.
  • Touchwood Pacific Partner 1, Inc. (not the limited partnership itself) [2]
  • controlling interest[52]
  • Wizzer Productions, Inc., production company for the 101 Dalmatians 1996 live action movie.[2]

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