List of atheists in film, radio, television and theater

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This is an incomplete, non-exhaustive list of notable people in film, television and theater who are identified as atheist.

Film, radio, television and theater[edit]

Douglas Adams
Woody Allen
Robert Altman
Michelangelo Antonioni
Kevin Bacon
Bernardo Bertolucci
Mel Brooks
Luis Buñuel
Richard Burton
James Cameron
Guillermo del Toro
Stanley Donen
Clint Eastwood
Sergei Eisenstein
Ricky Gervais
Richard E. Grant
John Huston
Katharine Hepburn
Werner Herzog
Jamie Hyneman
Eddie Izzard
Penn Jillette
Keira Knightley
Stanley Kubrick
Burt Lancaster
Hugh Laurie
Seth MacFarlane
John Malkovich
Ian McKellen
Helen Mirren
Marilyn Monroe
Pier Paolo Pasolini
Roman Polanski
Daniel Radcliffe
Satyajit Ray
Alain Resnais
Roberto Rossellini
Quentin Tarantino
Béla Tarr
François Truffaut
Orson Welles

Notes and references[edit]

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