List of attacks on diplomatic missions

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The following is a list of attacks on diplomatic buildings (embassies, consulates) anywhere in the world. The list does not include attacks on individuals outside or inside an embassy, such as assassinations of ambassadors, or incidents such as letter bombs to individuals.


Year Date Diplomatic mission Location country Location city Deaths Injuries Details
1829 February 11  Russia  Persia Tehran 4+ Death of Aleksander Griboyedov
1900 June 20 – August 14 Legation Quarter (multinational)  China Beijing 68 Siege of the International Legations during the Boxer Rebellion
1918 August 31  UK  Russia Moscow 4+ Bolshevik raid on British embassy for sake of "Lockhart Plot" prevention leaves Francis Cromie and more dead.[1]
1924 July 18  United States  Persia Tehran 1 0 Muslim clerics and soldiers of the Iranian military beat Robert Whitney Imbrie, United States Consul in Tehran after it was incorrectly believed that he poisoned a well.[2]
1926 May 16  Argentina Buenos Aires 0 0[3] Bombing following the trial and executions of Sacco and Vanzetti.[4]
June 4  Uruguay Montevideo 0 0
1927 March 24  UK  China Nanking Nanking Incident
 United States
April 6  Soviet Union  China Peking On April 6, with support from Western diplomatic missions, Zhang Zuolin ordered policemen and gendarmeries stormed and invaded the Soviet embassy in Peking to arrest Li Dazhao and his family, as Li was accused of overthrowing government backed by Soviet Union. Li Dazhao was sentenced to death later, and his family members were released shortly after Li was executed.[5]
1937  UK  Spain Valencia Aerial bombings by Nationalist forces during the Spanish Civil War damaged the British Embassy and destroyed the Paraguayan consulate.[6]
1941  United Kingdom  Spain Madrid On June 24, in the days following Nazi Germany's declaration of war on the Soviet Union, members of the Falange stormed the British Embassy with a truck-load of stones at their disposal. Embassy staff as well as 16 escaped POWs prevented an attempted break in by the Falangists. The Spanish dictator Francisco Franco dismissed the incident as a "trivial matter concerning young hotheads" in response to a protest by the British Ambassador Sir Samuel Hoare.[7][8][9][10]
1946  Italy Rome Irgun campaign; British Embassy bombing
1947 September 27  Sweden Mandate for Palestine Jerusalem 0 0 A bomb exploded at the gate of the Swedish consulate in Jerusalem. The explosion caused some minor damage to the building. No people were injured. The police suspected that the bomb was placed by a Jewish or Arab individual who was angered by the proposal for the partition of Palestine developed under the chairmanship of the Swede Emil Sandström by the United Nations Special Committee on Palestine.[11]
1951 February 19  Soviet Union  Albania Tirana 0 Bombing led to the Massacre of 1951 in Albania
1952 November 8 and December 5  Czechoslovakia  Israel Tel Aviv 0 Perpetrated by the Tzrifin Underground in response to the persecution of Jews in Czechoslovakia.[12]
1953 February 9  Soviet Union  Israel Tel Aviv 0 3 Perpetrated by the Tzrifin Underground in response to the Doctors' plot and other incidents of persecution in the Eastern Bloc.[13]
1955 February 14–16  Romania   Switzerland Bern 0 1955 seizure of the Romanian embassy in Bern
1957 May 24  United States  Republic of China Taipei 3 38 May 24 incident
1958 July 27  China  Turkey Ankara 0 0 Bombs exploded at the Chinese Embassy compound and a Chinese school. The bombings caused minor damage to both places. [14]
1961 October 1  Peru  Venezuela Caracas Eight Venezuelans, five of whom escaped from a military hospital at gunpoint accompanied by three armed accomplices who joined them outside, sought asylum in the embassy, being forced out of the colonial building by the local police and army, ending in a shootout that continued inside the embassy. Amid the confusion, press attaché Guillermo O'Haggen was dragged out to the embassy's garden by various officers through a broken window, while Panamanian citizen Raúl Rodríguez was detained when leaving the embassy. Peruvian ambassador Pedro Ugarteche y Tizón protested the events the following day.[15]
1962 January 22  United States  Venezuela Caracas 0 0 Several bombs were detonated in Caracas, including one in the United States embassy.[16]
November 28  Yugoslavia  West Germany Bonn 1 1 Attack by Croatian Crusader Brotherhood.[17]
1963 September 16  United Kingdom  Indonesia Jakarta 0 0 Mob attack burnt the Embassy and smashed all its windows.[18]
1964 March 5 and 8  United States  Gabon Libreville 0 0 1964 United States Embassy in Libreville bombings
March 18  Morocco  Soviet Union Moscow 0 0 1964 Moscow protest
June 30  Philippines  South Vietnam Saigon Bombing[19]
1965 March 30  United States 22 188 30 March 1965 Saigon Embassy bombing
1966 September 22  Cuba  Canada Ottawa 0 0 (See: Embassy of Cuba, Ottawa)
September 24  Portugal  Democratic Republic of the Congo Kinshasa 0 3 Rioters sack the embassy and assault three staff members in a 20-minute rampage.[20]
 Yugoslavia  West Germany Stuttgart 1 0 Attack by Croatian Revolutionary Brotherhood.[17]
1967 January 28–29  United States Washington, D.C., New York City, Chicago, San Francisco Synchronized bombing.[21]
 Canada Ottawa
 Soviet Union  China Beijing See: Chinese Cultural Revolution[22]
August  United Kingdom
June  Libya Benghazi American and British embassies were attacked and burned by rioters after false rumors spread in the city that the United States had bombed Cairo. This incident occurred at the start of the Six-Day War.[23]
 United States
September 19  Republic of China  South Vietnam Saigon 0 12 Bombing[24]
October  China  Indonesia Jakarta 0 0 Aftermath of the Indonesian mass killings of 1965–1966. Diplomatic relations with People's Republic of China severed.[25]
November 29  Yugoslavia  Australia Melbourne 0 1 Bombing.[17]
1968 January 31  United States  South Vietnam Saigon 5 Tet offensive attack on US Embassy
February 21  Soviet Union  United States Washington D.C. 0 0 [26]
October  Singapore  Indonesia Jakarta Ransacked in reaction to Singapore's execution of two Indonesia marines responsible for the MacDonald House bombing.[27]
 Philippines  Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Due to the North Borneo dispute[28]
1969  Soviet Union  China Beijing Due to the Sino-Soviet border conflict
June  Yugoslavia  Australia Sydney Bombing.[29]
November Canberra Gelignite bombing.[29]
1970 October 21 Melbourne Bombing.[17][29]
1971  United States  Khmer Republic Phnom Penh [30]
February 10  Yugoslavia  Sweden Gothenburg 0 0 Two Croatian emigres seized the Yugoslav consulate in demanding the release of prisoners held in Yugoslav jails, only to surrender to authorities after their demands were refused.
April 7  Yugoslavia  Sweden Stockholm 1 0 The 1971 Yugoslav Embassy shooting. Ambassador Vladimir Rolović was killed in the attack by Croatian National Resistance.
1972 February 2  UK  Ireland Dublin 0 20 (See: Bloody Sunday (1972) and Burning of British Embassy, Dublin)[31]
February 17  Yugoslavia  Australia Perth Armed assault.[17][32]
April 4  Cuba  Canada Montreal 1 7 Bombing of Cuban trade offices in Montreal.
December 28  Czechoslovakia  Thailand Bangkok 0
 China  Philippines Manila 0 1 Attacked by suspected British soldiers.
1973 March 1  Saudi Arabia  Sudan Khartoum 3 Attack on the Saudi Embassy in Khartoum
December 14  Algeria  France Marseille 4 23 Algerian consulate bombing in Marseille
1974 February 7  Japan  Kuwait Kuwait City 0 1974 attack on the Japanese Embassy in Kuwait
August 19  United States  Cyprus Nicosia 2 0 TMT attack
September 13  France  Netherlands The Hague 0 1974 French Embassy attack in The Hague
1975 April 24  West Germany  Sweden Stockholm 4 West German Embassy siege
April 29  Israel  South Africa Johannesburg 4 82 1975 Fox Street siege: David Protter, a South African Jew, seized about 20–30 hostages at the Israeli Consulate General where he worked as a security officer. The consulate was on the 5th-floor of an office building in downtown Johannesburg. After killing two consulate employees Protter – armed with two Uzi submachine guns, eleven pistols, a .22 pellet gun and about 2 000 rounds of ammunition – opened fire on pedestrians and motorists in Fox and Von Brandis Streets, killing 2 and wounding 82. He surrendered to police early the next morning (30 April), 19 hours after taking over the consulate.
 Egypt  Spain Madrid Ambassador Mahmoud Abdul Ghaffer, as well as the consul and the press attaché of the embassy of Egypt in Madrid were held at gunpoint by unaffiliated Palestinian militants at the embassy. The group left via a plane headed to Algiers, alongside the ambassadors of Algeria (Jaled Jelladi) and Iraq (Hassan Al-Naklb), who requested to accompany Ghaffer. All hostages and perpetrators were released at Algiers–Dar El Beïda International Airport.[33]
August 4  United States  Malaysia Kuala Lumpur 1975 AIA building hostage crisis
September 27  Spain  Portugal Lisbon Attacked by far left activists in response to the execution of far left activists by the Spanish state.
December 4–19  Indonesia  Netherlands Amsterdam 1 1975 Indonesian consulate hostage crisis
1976 17 February  China  Venezuela Caracas 0 0
April 22  Cuba  Portugal Lisbon 2 Attack by far right terrorists.
1977 April 16  West Germany  Israel Tel Aviv 0 0 Two Israelis occupied part of the West German Embassy in Tel Aviv to protest the slowness of a trial of former Nazis in Dusseldorf.
August 18  Sweden  Tunisia Tunis 0 0 The Swedish embassy in Tunis was set on fire by a Tunisian man who had previously lived in Sweden and wanted to return there. When he was not allowed to do so, he decided to retaliate by setting the embassy on fire. A few days earlier, the man had vandalized a business and was then admitted to a mental hospital. He escaped from there. The man had a knife during the attack on the embassy. When the police apprehended him, he attempted to take his own life.[34]
November 18  Egypt  Greece Athens 1 A group of Arab students stormed the Egyptian embassy in Athens to protest Egyptian President Anwar Sadat's historic trip to Jerusalem. Embassy guards opened fire on the protesters.[35][36]
November 18  Lebanon Beirut 1 8 A rocket fired at the Egyptian Embassy killed one security guard and wounded two other guards and six soldiers from Saudi Arabia. This incident was in response to Egyptian President Anwar Sadat's historic trip to Jerusalem.[35][36]
1978 July 31  Iraq  France Paris 2 4 Two gunmen attacked the Iraqi Embassy in Paris, but one of them fled during the attack. The lone gunman was persuaded to release his eight hostages and surrender after eight hours. As he was being led away, Iraqi guards opened fire, wounding the gunman and killing one policeman. Police returned fire, killing one of the Iraqis and wounding three others.[37]
December 11  West Germany  Israel Tel Aviv 0 0 Three Israeli gunmen seized the West German Embassy and Culture Centre in Tel Aviv. They demanded the abolition of the West German statute of limitations whereby those accused of war crimes could not be tried after 1978.
1979 February 14  United States  Iran Tehran 0 1 Kenneth Kraus was the first of the Iran hostages[38]
May 4  Costa Rica  El Salvador San Salvador 0 0 Four armed members of the Popular Revolutionary Bloc (BPR) seized the Costa Rican embassy, taking five persons hostage. The hostages escaped on May 9, but the group continued to hold the embassy until they were granted safe passage to Costa Rica.[37]
May 4  France 0 1 Sixteen armed members of the Popular Revolutionary Bloc (BPR) seized the French embassy, taking six persons hostage. Granted political asylum in Mexico, the militants released the hostages on June 1.[37]
May 11  Venezuela  El Salvador San Salvador 0 0 Nine armed members of the Popular Revolutionary Bloc (BPR) seized the Venezuelan embassy, taking eight persons hostage. On May 20, the ambassador and four staff members escaped. The group continued to hold the embassy until June 1, when they were granted safe passage to Mexico.[37]
May 15  South Africa  El Salvador San Salvador 2 0 Eight members of the Farabundo Marti Popular Liberation Forces attempted to seize the South African embassy. The attackers were repulsed after a gun battle with police which left two policemen dead. All of the attackers escaped.[37]
May 18  Cuba  United States Washington D.C. Bomb detonated by Omega 7[39]
June 26  Mexico  Guatemala Guatemala City 0 0 Guatemalan workers seized the Mexican embassy, taking the ambassador and 15-20 others hostage.[37]
July 14  Egypt  Turkey Ankara 3 Four terrorists from the group Eagles of the Palestinian Revolution seized the Egyptian embassy in Ankara and held a number of diplomats, including the ambassador, hostage for two days.[40][41]
October 30  United States  El Salvador San Salvador 0 2 Approximately 300 armed leftists attempted to storm the American embassy. U.S Marine guards and local police forces drove back the attackers.[37]
October 31  Guatemala  El Salvador San Salvador 0 Unknown A group of unknown attackers attempted to seize the Guatemalan embassy, but were driven back by security forces after a ten-minute battle.[37]
November 4  United States  Iran Tehran 9 Iran Hostage Crisis
November 21  United States  Pakistan Islamabad 6 70+ 1979 U.S. embassy burning in Islamabad
December 2  United States  Libya Tripoli 0 0 1979 United States embassy burning in Libya
1980 January 11  Panama  El Salvador San Salvador 0 0 Approximately 50 leftist militants of the 28 February Popular League seized the Panamanian embassy, taking seven hostages, including the Panamanian and Costa Rican ambassadors.[37]
January 31  Spain  Guatemala Guatemala City 36 2 Burning of the Spanish Embassy in Guatemala
February 4  Spain  El Salvador San Salvador 0 0 About 30 members of the 28 February Popular League seized the Spanish embassy, taking eleven hostages, including the Spanish ambassador.[37]
February 13  Panama  El Salvador San Salvador 0 0 A group of leftist militants seized the Panamanian embassy for the second time in a month, taking three hostages, including the Panamanian ambassador.[37]
February 27 – April 27  Dominican Republic  Colombia Bogotá 1 1980 Dominican Republic Embassy siege in Bogotá
February 28  El Salvador  Panama Panama City 0 0 A group of 17 Panamanian student militants briefly took over the Salvadoran embassy to demand the release of imprisoned comrades.[37]
April 1  Peru  Cuba Havana 1 2 Peruvian Havana Embassy Crisis of 1980
April 30 – May 5  Iran  United Kingdom London 7 Iranian Embassy siege
May 20  Nicaragua  Peru Lima 0 1 A security guard was attacked and his submachine gun stolen, the first attack of its type in the country.[42]
1981 March 26  United States  El Salvador San Salvador 0 0 Gunmen attacked the United States embassy with rocket-propelled grenades and submachine guns, extensively damaging the building.
July 10  China  Peru Lima 0 0 A bomb exploded at the Chinese embassy's garden as part of a series of attacks that also targeted a local headquarters of the Acción Popular political party and the Caja Municipal de Crédito bank at the corner of Piérola and Grau avenues.[42]
August 31  United States 2[43] A bomb exploded in front of the U.S. embassy at Wilson Avenue and at the residence's main yard in Arequipa Avenue, located a few blocks away, as part of a series of attacks that also targeted factories of American companies, as well as a branch of the Bank of America.[42][44] The Argentine embassy was also attacked.[45]
September 4  Yugoslavia 0 0 An attempt was made to bomb the embassy.[45]
September 24–25  Turkey  France Paris 1 Turkish consulate attack in Paris
December 15  Iraq  Lebanon Beirut 61 100+ Iraqi embassy bombing in Beirut
1982 May 24  France Beirut 14 22 Car bombing of the French embassy in Beirut. The Front for the Liberation of Lebanon from Foreigners claimed responsibility.[46]
July 24  United States  Peru Lima The embassy was attacked with dynamite as part of a series of attacks that included company headquarters.[42][45][44]
July 26  United Kingdom The residence of the British ambassador was attacked with dynamite alongside the offices of newspaper La Prensa and Bayer, a mall, Hans Christian Andersen school and the Coliseo Amauta, which was then hosting Miss Universe 1982.[42]
September 6  Poland   Switzerland Bern 1982 seizure of the Polish embassy in Bern
October 28  India  Peru Lima 1 Four armed men shot and killed a guard at the embassy.[44]
October 29  United States 0 0 Reports of the midday attack vary between a gunfight between six gunmen (four men in a small car and two on motorcycles) and six members of the Civil Guard, and one attacker without the exchange of gunfire. Ambassador Frank Ortiz was not at the residence at the time.[44]
December 8  South Africa  Lesotho Maseru 3 Unknown ANC guerillas attack the South African embassy.
December 23  Israel  Australia Sydney Sydney Israeli Consulate and Hakoah Club bombings
 Soviet Union  Afghanistan Kabul
1983 February 23  Nicaragua  Peru Lima 1 0 Civil Guard Evert Medrano was shot to death by three suspects while guarding the embassy, who took his submachine gun and escaped in a cream Volkswagen vehicle.[42][45]
April 18  United States  Lebanon Beirut 64 1983 United States embassy bombing in Beirut
July 27  Turkey  Portugal Lisbon 7 1983 Turkish embassy attack in Lisbon
August 27  Philippines  United States Washington, D.C. 0 Three unidentified men hurled home made bombs into the lobby of the embassy.[47]
November 10  Honduras  Peru Lima 0 0 The Honduran and U.S. embassies were attacked with dynamite between 8:40 and 9:30 p.m. Honduran ambassador Leiva and his son Yuri were at the chancery's lobby in Dos de Mayo Avenue when the explosives were thrown. Other attacks took place on the same night.[48][45]
 United States
December 12  France  Kuwait Kuwait City 0 1983 Kuwait bombings
December 12  China 6
1984 May 5  United States  Peru Lima The residence of the U.S. ambassador was attacked alongside a water treatment plant and a power station.[42][45]
July 11  Libya  Lebanon Beirut 0 0 Done in protest of a visit by Libya's foreign minister.[49]
September 16  West Germany  Peru Lima 0 0 An assassination attempt was made on the Civil Guard that was guarding the embassy.[42][45]
September 20  United States  Lebanon Beirut 24 1984 United States embassy annex bombing in Beirut
September 28  Peru Lima Three MRTA members located at the Parque Neptuno, 120 metres from the embassy, shot at its façade at night with FN FAL rifles in response to comments made by then President Fernando Belaúnde during the United Nations General Assembly. Four arrests were made on the same day, with Belaúnde referring to the events as "criminal and cowardly."[42][45]
November 26  Colombia Bogotá 1 7 A bomb exploded on the street adjacent to the embassy, killing one Colombian woman. Drug traffickers were believed to be responsible.[50][51]
December 26  China  Peru Lima Explosives were thrown at the embassy and a restaurant.[45]
1985 January 17  Chile 0 0 An assassination attempt was made on the Civil Guard that was guarding the embassy.[42][45]
March 12  Turkey  Canada Ottawa 1 1985 attack on Turkish embassy in Ottawa
May 15  United States  Peru Lima 0 0 The terrorist group Shining Path bombed a number of targets in Lima, including the Soviet and Chinese embassies. Two sticks of dynamite were thrown over the wall of the U.S. ambassador's residence, causing no injuries.[51][52][42] Two police stations were also bombed.[45]
 Soviet Union
May 16  Colombia A bomb was detonated at the embassy.[45]
May 20 Molotov cocktails were thrown at the embassy.[45]
July 14  United States 0 0 The U.S. consulate in Miraflores was shot at with submachine guns.[42]
November 9 The embassy was shot at from two cars.[45]
November 13  Colombia 1 0 A Civil Guard that was guarding the embassy (also reported as the consulate) was fatally shot in the head by MRTA members. Afterwards, the offices the Banco de Desarrollo in Juan de Arona avenue and that of Avianca , both in San Isidro were attacked, with graffiti against Belisario Betancur being painted on the latter's walls, all in response to the killing of M-19 guerrilla members in Bogotá.[42][45]
1986 February 2  United States A number of embassies were attacked with dynamite, as well as a number of government and private offices, including that of Xinhua News Agency.[45]
 United Kingdom
 West Germany
April 3  Colombia The embassy was attacked with dynamite, alongside offices belonging to ICPNA, IBM, APRA and Citibank, two Sears bank agencies, the LaSalle School, and a store.[45]
April 9-?  Nigeria  Philippines Makati 0 100 Nigerian students seized and occupied the Nigerian embassy for days to protest alleged neglect of the diplomatic mission over their plight
April 11  United States  Peru Lima Explosive devices were thrown at the U.S. and Venezuelan embassies at 10:45 p.m. as part of a series of nine attacks.[42][45]
April 15  France  Libya Tripoli During 1986 United States bombing of Libya
April 21  United States  Peru Lima A car bomb placed by MRTA operatives and armed with 40 kg of dynamite destroyed the vehicle and parts of the back wall of the ambassador's residence, exploding five minutes after the end of curfew, in response to U.S. actions in Libya and in Nicaragua.[42][45]
June 22  Honduras MRTA bombing carried out in rejection of a "submissive government" and "complicit" with the Reagan administration.[45]
July 4  China The two embassies were attacked with dynamite, alongside the Soviet–Peruvian Cultural Centre and a monument to John F. Kennedy.[45]
July 7  Soviet Union 1 0 1986 Soviet embassy attack in Lima
September 18  Chile 0 0 At 5:45 a.m., three members of the MRTA aboard a red Toyota threw dynamite at the main gate of the embassy, destroying it, with debris impacting the Los Ficus building, located nearby. The date was chosen due to it being the country's national holiday, with the fugitives throwing papers denouncing Augusto Pinochet's "fascist dictatorship."[53] The ambassador's residence was also attacked.[45]
September 26  Bolivia The embassy was attacked by the People's Revolutionary Command (Spanish: Comando revolucionario del pueblo).[45]
October 2  Egypt  Spain Madrid 0 0 A shooting took place at embassy, then located at 60 Velázquez Street, between security personnel and militants who entered through a window, with no injuries.[54]
November  China  Indonesia Jakarta Japanese Red Army attack
November  Canada  Indonesia Jakarta Japanese Red Army attack
November  United States  Portugal Lisbon Forças Populares 25 de Abril attack
November 23  Turkey  Australia Melbourne 1 1986 Turkish consulate bombing in Melbourne
1987 January 26  India  Peru Lima 3 The embassy in Miraflores was attacked between 2 and 5 p.m. with grenades and submachine guns during an official visit of then president Alan García to the Asian country as part of a series of attacks in different parts of the city. Earlier on the same day, newspapers announced that the government had extended its state of emergency for another 30 days. Civil Guards Segundo Rufasto Alarcón, Luis Salas and alférez Francisco Flores were killed during the attack.[42][45]
May 4  United States A shootout took place near the U.S. ambassador's residence, at Petit Thouars Avenue. One of several shootings, some 15 explosions also took place, leaving nine departments in a blackout.[42][45]
April 30  North Korea 0 2 1987 North Korean embassy attack in Lima
June[55]  United States  Italy Rome (See: Japanese Red Army)
 United Kingdom
 Kuwait  Iran Tehran In response to the 1987 Mecca Massacre
 Saudi Arabia
September 11  South Korea  Peru Lima 0 0 The embassy was attacked alongside two police stations and two electrical centres.[45]
October 8  Bolivia High-potency explosives were used against diplomatic missions of the U.S. and Bolivia, the former being the consulate in Miraflores.[42][45]
 United States
October 10  Soviet Union 0 0 Two Civil Guards that were guarding the embassy were unsuccessfully targeted by terrorists.[42][45]
November 18  United States 5 The embassy was attacked alongside a hotel, civil guards posted near the Ministry of Health, and a Nissan manufacturing plant, where one worker and four terrorists were killed.[45]
June 9 0 0 The residence of then ambassador Alexander Watson was shot at twice with homemade mortars mounted on vehicles by alleged MRTA members, who slightly damaged the building.[42]
October 2 Two men were arrested while two others ran away.[45][56]
November 23  South Korea An unsuccessful attempt was made to attack the embassy.[45]
December 6  Peru  Bolivia La Paz 1 Assassination of Juan Carlos Vega Llona[42][45]
 Soviet Union  Iran Tehran Due to alleged Soviet support for Iraq during the Iran–Iraq war
1989  Afghanistan Kabul
September 17  China  Colombia Bogotá Suspected FARC attack
October 25  Peru Lima 0 0 A coordinated attack by the Shining Path was carried out with explosives at 8:15 p.m. in Miraflores and San Isidro districts, against the embassies of the PRC and the USSR and a building where U.S. marines resided, causing material damages.[57]
 Soviet Union 0 0
1990  China  Iran Tehran Failed 1990 Chinese Embassy attack in Tehran
February 14  United States  Peru Lima 0 0 A bomb exploded outside the General Services Officer's warehouse door.[58]
March 31  South Africa  United Kingdom London 0 0 During the Poll Tax Riots
November 4  United States  Peru Lima 0 0 An RPG-2 was fired towards the empty consulate at night.[59]
1991 January 25 1+ An hour after a car bomb exploded at Lima Airport, an RPG-7 was fired towards the embassy at 1:51 p.m. The six perpetrators travelled aboard a stolen four-door white Nissan pickup truck, firing the projectile and immediately continuing with small arms fire. MRTA literature and materials related to the Gulf War were found inside the vehicle. The attack indicated a departure from previous MRTA attacks, as it was possibly intended to cause harm rather than cause damage.[59]
December 20  Spain 0 0 The Spanish ambassador's residence was attacked with an explosive that only damaged the building's windows and surroundings, and did not manage to go over its two-metre-tall outer wall when thrown. Meanwhile, another device destroyed two cars parked behind the security fence at the French embassy. A woman who had appeared moments earlier claiming to have been raped nearby was detained.[60]
 Iraq  Finland Helsinki Iraqi Kurdish refugee protest on Kurdish massacre in Northern Iraq
1992 February 11  United States  Peru Lima 2[61] 2 A red car exploded in the posterior wall of the ambassador's residence, similar to the April 1986 attack, leaving a 20 foot-long section of the 10-foot-high wall and dealing considerable damage to the interior. Ambassador Anthony Quainton was not home at the time of the attack, which continued with the bombings of at least five banks and a movie theatre.[62]
March 17  Israel  Argentina Buenos Aires 29 1992 attack on Israeli embassy in Buenos Aires
April 5  Iran  Canada Ottawa (See: Embassy of Iran, Ottawa)[63][64]
April 6  Australia Canberra 0 1
April  Germany Bonn, Hamburg 0 4
April  Czechoslovakia Prague
April  Netherlands The Hague
April  Ireland Dublin 0 1
April  Poland Warsaw 0 3
April  United Kingdom London
April  United States New York
22 July  Bolivia  Peru Lima 0 5-16 1992 Bolivian embassy attack in Lima
August  Peru  Sweden Stockholm 0 0 1992 Peruvian embassy attack in Stockholm: A series of attacks against diplomatic missions of the country began with rebels painting red pro-Shining Path slogans on the building's façade and making an attempt on the life of the ambassador in Sweden that was thwarted by local police. The embassy in London was next, being shot at and also painted with slogans in early August. Similar attacks were made on a number of European embassies, while the mission in Mexico had dead dogs hung around it.[65]
 United Kingdom London
 Spain Madrid
 Belgium Brussels
 Italy Rome
 Germany Berlin
  Switzerland Bern
 France Paris
 Denmark Copenhagen
 Mexico Mexico City
December 26  China  Peru Lima 0 0 Simultaneous attacks: On December 26, the anniversary of Mao Zedong's birth, Shining Path members detonated a number of car bombs next to diplomatic missions in Lima. At 5:45 a.m., the one at the Chinese embassy partially detonated with no casualties or major damage. Around the same time, the Costa Rican embassy and the Austrian consulate in Miraflores followed, causing material damage, followed by another one at the German embassy. On the 28th, at approximately 9:40 a.m., the Japanese embassy and an adjacent house were bombed after being shot at, with the Chinese embassy following suit 20 minutes later with material damage.[66]
 Costa Rica 0 0
 Austria 0 0
 Germany 0 0
December 28  China 0 0
 Japan 0 8–20
1993 March 8  Nicaragua  Costa Rica San Jose Contra rebels seized the embassy along with eight hostages.
July 27  China  Peru Lima Shining Path attack.[61]
 United States 0 2
1994 26 July  Israel  United Kingdom London 0 1994 London Israeli Embassy bombing
1995  China  Nicaragua Managua 0
17 June  France  Australia Perth 0 1995 French consulate bombing in Perth
November 19  Egypt  Pakistan Islamabad 19 Attack on the Egyptian Embassy in Pakistan
6 September  Pakistan  Afghanistan Kabul 1 1995 attack on the Embassy of Pakistan in Kabul
September 13  United States  Russia Moscow Suspected Chechen attack
1996 June 22  Honduras  Peru Lima Dynamite was thrown at the embassy, damaging its front door, in a series of attacks that also targeted popular restaurant La Rosa Náutica, and a number of APRA offices, alongside other places.[42]
December 17 – April 22 (1997)  Japan 3 Japanese embassy hostage crisis
1998  Russia  Latvia Riga 0 1998 Riga bombing
 Iran  Afghanistan Mazari Sharif 11 1998 killing of Iranian diplomats in Afghanistan
June 21  United States  Lebanon Beirut Hezbollah attack
August 7  Kenya Nairobi 212 1998 United States embassy bombings
 Tanzania Dar es Salaam 11
1999 May 7  China  Serbia and Montenegro Belgrade 3 United States bombing of the Chinese embassy in Belgrade
May 15  United States  China Beijing 0 In response to the U.S. bombing of the Chinese embassy in Belgrade
 Serbia and Montenegro
 Myanmar  Thailand Bangkok 0 1999 attack on the Myanmar Embassy in Bangkok
2000 August 1  Philippines  Indonesia Jakarta 2 21 Philippine consulate bombing in Jakarta
2002 January 22  United States  India Kolkata 5 Attack by gunmen on the American Centre in Kolkata.[67]
March 20  Peru Lima 9 32 2002 Lima bombing
April 12  Cuba  Venezuela Caracas 0 Part of the 2002 Venezuelan coup d'état attempt
June 14  United States  Pakistan Karachi 12 2002 US consulate bombing in Karachi
October 12  Philippines  Indonesia Manado [68]
 United States Denpasar
2003 February 25  Colombia  Venezuela Caracas 0 0 [69]
 Spain 0 0 [69]
February 28  Czech Republic  Pakistan Islamabad 2 0 Suspected Al-Qaeda attack
 Jordan  Iraq Baghdad 17 2003 Jordanian embassy bombing in Baghdad
 Pakistan  Afghanistan Kabul 0 0 2003 attack on Pakistan Embassy in Kabul
 Turkey  Iraq Baghdad 1 Turkish embassy bombing in Baghdad[70]
 United Kingdom  Turkey Istanbul 71 2003 Istanbul bombings
2004 July 27  Chile  Costa Rica San José 4 Costa Rican police officer assigned to the Embassy took 9 employees hostages, killing 3 Chilean diplomats and himself after a 7 hour standoff [71]
 Israel  Uzbekistan Tashkent 2 Tashkent embassy bombings
 United States 2
 Australia  Indonesia Jakarta 9 2004 Australian Embassy bombing in Jakarta
 Greece  Saudi Arabia Riyadh
2006 February 7  Denmark  Iran Tehran Jyllands-Posten Muhammad cartoons controversy
March 2  China  Pakistan Karachi 4 Suspected Al-Qaeda attack
September 12  Syria Damascus 4
 Denmark  Lebanon Beirut Jyllands-Posten Muhammad cartoons controversy
 Syria Damascus
 Italy  Libya Benghazi
 Pakistan  Sri Lanka Colombo Attack on Pakistani ambassador to Sri Lanka
2007  United States  Greece Athens 0 (see: Embassy of the United States, Athens)
 Spain  Democratic Republic of the Congo Kinshasa
 Russia  Costa Rica San José Hostage situation.
 China  India New Delhi
2008  United States  Serbia Belgrade 1[72][73] 2008 Serbia protests
March 10  China  Canada Toronto 2008 Tibetan unrest
March 11  United States Washington D.C.
March 14  Canada Calgary
March 15  Australia Sydney 1
March 16  France Paris
March 20  Austria Vienna
 Hungary Budapest
 Netherlands The Hague
  Switzerland Zürich
 Japan  Mauritania Nouakchott
 Denmark  Pakistan Islamabad 2008 Danish embassy bombing in Islamabad
 India  Afghanistan Kabul 2008 Indian embassy bombing in Kabul
October  Turkey  Finland Helsinki part of Kurdish–Turkish conflict
 China  Turkey Istanbul 6
 Romania Bucharest 19 2008 attack on the Chinese Embassy in Romania
 Ethiopia  Somalia Hargeisa 30 2008 Hargeisa–Bosaso bombings
 Greece  Germany Berlin [citation needed]
2009  France  Mauritania Nouakchott 3 2009 Nouakchott suicide bombing
 Denmark  Sweden Stockholm Deportation of Iraqi refugees[citation needed]
February 4  Holy See  Venezuela Caracas [74]
February 18  Pakistan  Iran Tehran 2009 attack on Pakistan Embassy in Tehran
 Slovakia  Hungary Budapest 2009 attack on Slovak Embassy in Budapest
July 5  China  United States Los Angeles July 2009 Ürümqi riots[75]
July 6  Germany Munich
 Netherlands Amsterdam
July 7  Norway Oslo
July 13  Turkey Ankara
August 25  Greece  Serbia Belgrade Molotov cocktails attack by anarchists in support of Greek riots.[76]
October 8  India  Afghanistan Kabul 17 2009 Kabul Indian embassy attack
2010  Bulgaria  Greece Athens by Conspiracy of Fire Nuclei
 South Korea
 Hungary  Italy Rome The Informal Anarchist Federation claimed credit for these mail bombs.[77]
 Greece Alleged explosive device defused by Italian police[citation needed]
 France  Mali Bamako [78]
11 May  Pakistan  Iran Tehran 2010 attack on Pakistan ambassador to Iran
April 5  United States  Pakistan Peshawar 6 5 April 2010 North-West Frontier Province attacks
26 February  India  Afghanistan Kabul 18 (9 Indians) February 2010 Kabul attack
2011 26 May  Serbia  Russia Moscow Attacked by National Bolshevik Party activists as a response to arrest of Ratko Mladić.
 France  Syria Damascus part of the Syrian civil war[79]
 United States
9–10 September  Israel  Egypt Cairo 2011 attack on Israeli Embassy in Egypt
 United States  Afghanistan Kabul 2011 Kabul Attacks[80]
 Bosnia and Herzegovina Sarajevo [81]
 France  Syria Damascus part of the Syrian civil war[82]
 Saudi Arabia
29 November  United Kingdom  Iran Tehran 2011 attack on the British Embassy in Iran
2012 January 8  Japan  South Korea Seoul A Chinese man hurled four petrol bombs at the Japanese mission in protest of Japan's war crimes during the World War II.[83]
 Belarus  Kyrgyzstan Bishkek [84]
 China  Libya Tripoli [85]
 United States  Egypt Cairo 2012 attack on the American Embassy in Egypt[86]
July 9  Japan  South Korea Seoul [87]
September 11  United States  Libya Benghazi 4 4 (possibly as many as 30) U.S. Consulate attack in Benghazi. Official and unofficial accounts vary on the number of Americans injured, from 4 to as many as 30.[88][89][90][91]
 Yemen Sana'a 2012 attack on the American Embassy in Yemen[92]
 Tunisia Tunis
 Germany  Sudan Khartoum 2012 attack on the German Embassy in Sudan
 Japan  China Shenyang 0 2012 attack on the Japanese Consulate in Shenyang
2013 February 1  China  Turkey Ankara 2
April 23  France  Libya Tripoli 0 AQIM car-bombing attack[93]
July 25  United Arab Emirates 0 Rocket-propelled grenade attack.[94]
June 29  Pakistan 2013 attack on Pakistan Embassy in Tripoli
August 3  India  Afghanistan Jalalabad 9 21 [95]
August 7  Pakistan  India New Delhi 2013 attack on Pakistan Embassy in New Delhi
September 13  United States  Afghanistan Herat 2 20 2013 attack on U.S. consulate in Herat
October 3  Russia  Libya Tripoli 1 [96]
November 5  Sweden  Syria Damascus
November 8  Serbia  Croatia Rijeka [97]
November 11  Russia  Poland Warsaw [98]
November 19  Iran  Lebanon Beirut 20+ 50+ Iranian embassy bombings
December 19  Pakistan  Bangladesh Dhaka 2013 siege of the Pakistani embassy in Dhaka
2014 22 May  India  Afghanistan Herat 2014 attack on Indian consulate in Herat, Afghanistan[99]
June 14  Russia  Ukraine Kyiv 0 0 Attack following[100] the downing of a plane with 49 Ukrainian troops near Luhansk carried out by pro-Russian militants using weapon probably from Russia.[101][102]
November 13  Egypt  Libya Tripoli 0 0
 United Arab Emirates 0 0
2015 January 17  Algeria 0 3
February 22  Iran 0 0
April 12  South Korea 2 1
April 13  Morocco 0 0
April 21  Spain 0 0
June 12  Tunisia 0 0
June 24  United Arab Emirates  Somalia Mogadishu 3 7
July 8  Thailand  Turkey Istanbul 6th anniversary of the Ürümqi riots
July 9  China Ankara
July 11  Italy  Egypt Cairo 1 4 Suspected ISIS attack
July 24  China  Australia Sydney 0 1 7th anniversary of the 2008 Tibetan unrest
July 26  Somalia Mogadishu 12 0 Suspected Al-Shabaab attack
July 29  Niger  Egypt Cairo 1 2 Suspected Al Qaeda attack
August 10  Portugal  Turkey Istanbul 0 1 Suspected DHKP-C attack
September 20  Russia  Syria Damascus 0 0
November 25  Turkey  Russia Moscow 0 0 Attack following the downing a bomber aircraft by Turkey near the border between Syria and Turkey[103]
December 11  Spain  Afghanistan Kabul 2 9 Taliban attack
2016 January 3  Saudi Arabia  Iran Tehran and Mashhad 2016 attack on the Saudi diplomatic missions in Iran
May 11  Australia  Iraq Baghdad 1 Security contractor shot dead. investigation underway.
August 30  China  Kyrgyzstan Bishkek 1 3 [104]
November 10  Germany  Afghanistan Mazar-i-Sharif 6 120 German consulate in Mazar-i-Sharif attack: Taliban truck bombing
2017 March 29  Poland  Ukraine Lutsk 0 0 Polish consulate in Lutsk was attacked with grenade launcher[105][106]
2018 March 11  Iran  Austria Vienna 1 (perpetrator) 1 Soldier posted outside Iranian Embassy in Vienna was attacked by a knife-wielding Egyptian national with Islamist sympathies. Attacker was shot and killed.[107]
September 7  Iraq Basra Protesters torched the Iranian consulate.[108]
November 23  China  Pakistan Karachi 4 1 Karachi Chinese consulate attack by the Balochistan Liberation Army
2019 February 22  North Korea  Spain Madrid North Korean Embassy in Madrid incident: 10 men forcibly entered the North Korean embassy in Madrid and beat and tied up eight diplomats within, before stealing computers and files.[109]
September 5  South Africa  Democratic Republic of the Congo Lubumbashi 0 0 Protestors attack the South African consulate to protest against xenophobic attacks in South Africa.
November 3  Iran  Iraq Karbala 3 0 During the 2019 Iraqi protests[110]
November 10  Venezuela  Bolivia La Paz During the 2019 Bolivian protests, a group attacked and took control of the Venezuelan embassy building.[111]
November 27  Iran  Iraq Najaf Amid antigovernment protests in Iraq focusing on government dysfunction, corruption, and Iranian influence over the Iraqi government, a crowd of Iraqi demonstrators (almost all Shia Muslim) burned down the Iranian consulate in Najaf in southern Iraq. Najaf police said that 35 protesters and 32 members of Iraqi security forces were injuries. No Iranian personnel were in the consulate during the attack,[112] as consulate staff fled just beforehand.[113]
December 1  Iraq Najaf The Iranian consulate in Najaf was torched by an angry crowd of Iraqis a second time.[113]
December 31  China  Iraq Baghdad Anti-Chinese and anti-communist protesters torched the Chinese embassy after a rumor that China killed four Kata'ib Hezbollah members who were hiding in Xinjiang.
2020 February 10  Iran  Nigeria Abuja During a protest against the Shiite Islamic Movement of Nigeria and the anniversary of the Iranian Revolution, angry crowds of Nigerians stormed the embassy.[114]
2021 July 7  Taiwan  Haiti Pétion-Ville During the Assassination of Jovenel Moïse[115]
July 13  Cuba  Peru Lima 0 0 The embassy was vandalised by unknown attackers who escaped in a car.[116]
July 27  France Paris The embassy was firebombed by molotovs to protest against the Communist Party of Cuba
2022 March 1  Slovenia  Ukraine Kharkiv 0 0 The consulate was destroyed during the air strikes against the city with no injuries reported by the country's foreign ministry.[117]
April 20  Peru  United States Washington, D.C. 1 0 A man broke into the ambassador's residence in Forest Hills at around 8 a.m. and started breaking doors and windows while the building was occupied by the diplomat and his family, causing the arrival of local Secret Service and Police units, who fatally shot the intruder when he attempted to charge at them.[118][119]
September 5  Russia  Afghanistan Kabul 8 15 Bombing of the Russian embassy in Kabul
October 6  Germany  Ukraine Kyiv A Russian missile struck a building in the German embassy complex during the offensive against the city.[120]
December 20  Finland  Russia Moscow Attack possibly by the Wagner Group
2023 January 27  Azerbaijan  Iran Tehran 1 2 Attack on the Azerbaijani Embassy in Tehran
May 20  Qatar  Sudan Khartoum Battle of Khartoum
July 19  Sweden  Iraq Baghdad Demonstrators stormed and torched the embassy in protest over the burning of the Koran in Stockholm on 28 June
July 20  China  Ukraine Odesa 0 0 The Chinese consulate-general was damaged by air strikes against the city, with at least one window broken. No casualties were reported at the site, although three people were killed on the same night.[121]
July 30  France  Niger Niamey Pro-coup and pro-Russian protestors surrounded and attempted to set fire to the embassy, prompting partial evacuations of both the French and US embassies.[122]
 China  Russia Saint Petersburg 0 0 A rocket was fired at the Chinese consulate in Saint Petersburg. There was superficial damage to the building but no one was injured.[citation needed]
August 9  United States  Canada Toronto 0 0 A smoke bomb was thrown at the US consulate in Toronto, at 8:15am the suspect remains at large.[123]
September 24  Cuba  United States Washington, D.C. 0 0 Two Molotov cocktails were thrown at the Cuban embassy.
December 8  United States  Iraq Baghdad 0 0 Rockets were fired toward the embassy causing material damage.[124]
2024 April 1  Iran  Syria Damascus 16 2024 Iranian consulate airstrike in Damascus
April 5  Mexico  Ecuador Quito 0 1+ 2024 attack on the Mexican embassy in Ecuador: Officers of the Ecuadorian police stormed and invaded the Mexican embassy in Quito to capture former Ecuadorian Vice President Jorge Glas, who is accused of corruption. The operation prompted Mexico to sever diplomatic relations with Ecuador.[125][126]
April 30  Germany  Palestine West Bank 0 1 German ambassador attacked by Palestinian Mob during a visit to West Bank


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