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The following is a list of notable augmented reality software including programs for application development, content management, gaming and integrated AR solutions.

Open source[edit]

Software name Year of release License Description
A-Frame (virtual reality framework) 2015[1] MIT[1] A framework that adds HTML tags for most of the functionality in three.js and other JavaScript features as a superset of this lower level underlying 3-D framework.
ApertusVR 2016 MIT An embeddable, open-source, framework-independent, platform-independent, network-topology-independent, distributed AR /VR/MR engine. Written in C++; with JavaScript and HTTP Rest API (in Node.js). It creates a new abstraction layer over the hardware vendors in order to integrate the virtual and augmented reality technologies into any developments and products.
ARToolKit LGPLv3 An open source C-library to create augmented reality applications; was ported to many different languages and platforms like Android, Flash or Silverlight; very widely used in augmented reality related projects.
OpenIllusionist Provides software libraries for generating images, interpreting user input, modelling the behaviour of virtual objects (or 'agents'), and threading all of the above to provide the illusion of reality.
AR.js MIT A library to allow development of marker-based, Natural Feature Tracking and location-based AR applications on the web. It can be used in conjunction with A-Frame (virtual reality framework) or three.js
MindAR 2021[2] MIT A library to allow development of image-tracking and face-tracking types of AR applications on the web. It can be used in conjunction with A-Frame or three.js.


Software name Year of release Category Description
8th Wall End-to-end Web AR solutions
ARCore AR development toolkits A Google SDK, currently designed exclusively for Android 8.0+ app creation.
ARKit AR development toolkits An Apple SDK, currently designed exclusively for iOS 11+ app creation. Formerly Metaio, purchased by Apple in 2015.
Arti AR Broadcast Media Cloud-based AR platform for the broadcast media industry from Isreali-based company Arti. [3][4]
Augment AR content management systems A web based platform for managing 3D models and creating augmented reality experiences.
Aurasma End-to-end branded app solutions
Blippbuilder AR content management systems A web-based system for creating AR experiences with image recognition by Blippar
Effect House 2022[5] AR development toolkits TikTok's AR filter creation tool released from Beta in April 2022.[5]
Genee End-to-end Web AR solutions
Hololink [1] 2021 End-to-end Web AR solutions Web-based editor with Academy and editable templates. Web-based AR viewer based on proprietary image recognition and OpenCV.
Layar SDK AR development toolkits An augmented reality SDK for iOS and Android apps.[6][7]
Lens Studio 2017[8] AR development toolkits Snap Inc.'s AR filter creation tool.[8]
Nokia City Lens End-to-end branded app solutions
Spark AR Studio 2019[9] AR development toolkits AR development tool developed by Meta and used to make Instagram filters.
Vuforia Augmented Reality SDK AR development toolkits Formerly Qualcomm's QCAR, is a Software Development Kit for creating augmented reality applications for mobile devices.[10][11]
Web-AR.Studio [2] AR content management systems a free web-based system for creating WebAR experiences with image and QR recognition with single and multitracking
Webcam Social Shopper AR content management systems Web based software for integrating apparel visualization on e-commerce sites.
Wikitude SDK AR development toolkits Augmented reality SDK for mobile platforms originated from the works on the Wikitude World Browser app by Wikitude GmbH.[12]
Zappar End-to-end Web AR solutions
zSpace for Education Education interaction with 3D objects in lesson plans that align with Common Core[13]


Certain gaming devices, such as the EyeToy, PlayStation Eye, Kinect, Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation Portable, PlayStation Vita, Nintendo Switch, and some mobile devices, use cameras to augment computer graphics onto live footage. The majority of AR software uses special cards which are read by the device to pinpoint where the graphics will form.



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