List of automobile manufacturers of China

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This is a list of current and defunct automobile manufacturers and brand names of China.

Current manufacturers[edit]

Former manufacturers[edit]

Joint ventures[edit]

A foreign car manufacturer is allowed at most 2 joint ventures in China.[1]

Foreign Auto Manufacturer Joint Ventures (with)
BMW Brilliance Auto (BMW-Brilliance)
Fiat GAC
Ford Changan
General Motors (GM) SAIC, FAW,
Honda GAC (Guangqi Honda), Dongfeng Motor Group (Dongfeng Honda)
Hyundai BAIC,Great Wall (Great Wall-Hyundai Motors Co.Ltd)
Jaguar Land Rover Chery (Chery Jaguar Land Rover)
Kia Dongfeng Motor Corporation (Dongfeng Yueda Kia)

Luxgen Dongfeng Motor
Mazda FAW, Changan
Mercedes-Benz BAIC (Beijing-Benz), BYD (Denza)
Mitsubishi Soueast, GAC (GAC-Mitsubishi)
Nissan Dongfeng Motor Group (Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd.)
Peugeot Dongfeng Motor Group
Renault Dongfeng Motor Group
Suzuki Changan
Toyota GAC (GAC-Toyota), FAW
Volkswagen SAIC, FAW

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