List of auxiliaries of the United States Navy

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This is a list of auxiliaries of the United States Navy. It covers the various types of ships that support the frontline combat vessels of the United States Navy.

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Crane Ships (AB)[edit]

Colliers (AC)[edit]

Auxiliary Crane Ships (T-ACS)[edit]

Destroyer Tenders (AD)[edit]

Degaussing Ships (YDG, ADG)[edit]

Ammunition Ships (AE)[edit]

Auxiliary floating drydock[edit]

Large Auxiliary Floating Dry Docks (AFDB)[edit]

Medium Auxiliary Floating Dry Docks (AFDM)[edit]

Small Auxiliary Floating Dry Docks (AFDL)[edit]

Yard Floating Drydocks (YFD)[edit]

Auxiliary Repair Docks (ARD)[edit]

Medium Auxiliary Repair Docks (ARDM)[edit]

Large Auxiliary Repair Docks (ABSD)[edit]

Provisions Store Ships (AF, T-AF)[edit]

Combat Stores Ships (AFS, T-AFS)[edit]

Miscellaneous Ships (AG, T-AG)[edit]

Icebreakers (AGB)[edit]

Amphibious Force Command Ships (AGC)[edit]

Deep Submergence Support Ship (T-AGDS)[edit]

Hydrofoil Research Ship (AGEH)[edit]

Environmental Research Ships (AGER)[edit]

Command Ships (AGF)[edit]

Missile Range Instrumentation Ships (T-AGM)[edit]

Major Communications Relay Ships (AGMR)[edit]

Oceanographic Research Ships (T-AGOR)[edit]

Ocean Surveillance Ships (T-AGOS)[edit]

Radar Picket Ships (AGR)[edit]

Motor Torpedo Boat Tenders (AGP)[edit]

Surveying Ships (AGS)[edit]

Coastal Survey Ships (AGSC)[edit]

Technical Research Ships (AGTR)[edit]

Hospital Ships (AH)[edit]

Dry Cargo Ships (AK, T-AK)[edit]

Cargo Ship Dock (T-AKD)[edit]

Advanced Auxiliary Dry Cargo Ships (T-AKE)[edit]

Small Cargo Ships (AKL)[edit]

Net Cargo Ships (AKN)[edit]

Vehicle Cargo Ships (T-AKR)[edit]

General Stores Issue Ships (AKS)[edit]

Aircraft Transports (AKV, T-AKV)[edit]

Net Laying Ships (AN)[edit]

Fleet Oilers, Fleet Replenishment Oilers (AO, T-AO)[edit]

Fast Combat Support Ships (AOE, T-AOE)[edit]

Gasoline Tankers (AOG, T-AOG)[edit]

Replenishment Oilers (AOR)[edit]

Oil Transporters (T-AOT)[edit]

Transports (AP, T-AP)[edit]

Self-Propelled Barracks Ships (APB)[edit]

Coastal Transports (APC)[edit]

Small Coastal Transports (APc)[edit]

High-speed Transports (APD)[edit]

Evacuation Transports (APH)[edit]

Barracks Craft (APL)[edit]

Mechanized Artillery Transports (APM)[edit]

Transport and Aircraft Ferries (APV)[edit]

Repair Ships (AR)[edit]

Battle Damage Repair Ships (ARB)[edit]

Cable Repair Ships (ARC)[edit]

Internal Combustion Engine Repair Ships (ARG)[edit]

Heavy-hull Repair Ship (ARH)[edit]

Landing Craft Repair Ships (ARL)[edit]

Rescue and Salvage Ships (ARS)[1][2][edit]

Salvage Lifting Vessels (ARSD)[edit]

Salvage Craft Tenders (ARST)[edit]

Aircraft Repair Ships (ARV, ARV(E), ARV(A))[edit]

Helicopter Aircraft Repair Ships (ARVH)[edit]

Submarine Tenders (AS)[edit]

Submarine Rescue Vessels (ASR)[edit]

Fleet Tugs (AT)[edit]

Auxiliary Ocean Tugs (ATA, T-ATA)[edit]

Fleet Ocean Tugs (ATF, T-ATF)[edit]

Fleet Tugs, Old (ATO)[edit]

Rescue Tugs (ATR)[edit]

Salvage and Rescue Ships (ATS)[edit]

Seaplane Tenders (AV)[edit]

Advance Aviation Base Ships (AVB, T-AVB)[edit]

Destroyer Seaplane Tenders (AVD)[edit]

Guided Missile Ships (AVM)[edit]

Small Seaplane Tenders (AVP)[edit]

Aviation Stores Issue Ships (AVS)[edit]

Aircraft Transports (AVT)[edit]

Distilling Ships (AW)[edit]

Lighter-than-Air Aircraft Tender (AZ)[edit]

Miscellaneous Classifications (IX)[edit]

IX-236 through IX-299 unused

IX-328 through IX-500 unused

Screw Tugs[edit]

Yard Ferry Boats or Launches (YFB)[edit]

Yard Motor Tugs (YMT)[edit]

Yard Net Tenders (YN)[edit]

Net Tender Tugs (YNT)[edit]

Yard Tugs (YT)[edit]

Large Harbor Tugs (YTB)[edit]

Small Harbor Tugs (YTL)[edit]

Medium Harbor Tugs (YTM)[edit]


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