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For other uses, see Bird people and birdman.
Huitzilopochtli, Aztec god of Tenochtitlan.

Avian humanoids (people with the characteristics of birds) are a common motif in mythology, folklore, and popular fiction.

In myth and legend[edit]


  • Lei Gong, a Chinese thunder god, often depicted as a Garuda-like bird man
  • Hermes and its counterpart Mercury in Greek and Roman mythology are usually depicted with sandals and a helm with wings on it, and sometimes also with bird-like wings


  • The Tengu of Japanese folklore, monstrous forest and mountain dwelling humanoids often possessing the wings, claws, and sometimes the beak of a bird.


In fiction[edit]

Examples of avian humanoids in science fiction and fantasy fiction include:


  • The winged people of Normnbdsgrsutt in Robert Paltock's utopian fantasy Peter Wilkins (1750), including Youwarkee, whom Peter marries.
  • D. R. Merrill's novel Lamikorda deals with humans from a devastated Earth being invited to settle in the solar system of the Alplai, a humanoid species sharing a common descendant with avians and distinguished by their beaks and plumage.


  • There had been some avian humanoids in DC Comics.
    • The incarnations of Hawkman and Hawkgirl are two winged human-like aliens (Thanagarian).
    • Northwind (another DC hero) comes from the hidden city of Feithera, a lost nation of avian humanoids.
    • Starhaven, colonized in the 23rd century DC Comics Universe and homeworld of Dawnstar in the 31st century.
    • Swift, A fictional superheroine in the Wildstorm universe, member of superhero team known as The Authority
  • Scrooge McDuck, uncle of Donald Duck, lives in Duckburg along with many anthropomorphized characters, mostly ducks and birds.

Film and television[edit]

  • Charn, the Evil One from the BBC series Through the Dragon's Eye, resembles a cloaked, skeletal bird-human who uses magic that can turn people into slime.
  • Duckman from the animated sitcom of the same name
  • Two mysterious bird-human hybrids from an episode of the TV series Aeon Flux (Season Three, Episode Two, "Isthmus Crypticus")
  • The Litts are a race of bird-like warriors from planet Litt who work for Frieza's Galactic Frieza Army in the Dragon Ball Z series.
  • The TV series Ugly Americans featured Man-Birds which are humanoid birds with wings instead of arms. Other avian humanoids in that show include the Chicken People (a race of humanoid chickens), the Flamingo People (a race of flamingo-headed humanoids), the Goose People (a race of humanoid geese), and the Penguin People (a race of humanoid penguins).

Duck universe[edit]

The Duck universe is a land of sentient humanoid ducks created by Carl Barks as part of the wider Mickey Mouse universe. Characters within it include:


  • The Kig-Yar in Halo
  • Aviantese are a race of humanoid avian creatures, fighting for their god Armadyl, who is also aviantese, in the "MMORPG" RuneScape
  • Avians, a playable race of humanoid bird men from the game Starbound

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