List of aviation shootdowns and accidents during the Saudi Arabian-led intervention in Yemen

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Beginning in 2015, Saudi Arabia led a coalition of forces to intervene in the civil war in Yemen. A number of aircraft, both helicopters and jets, as well as drones have been lost due to accident or enemy action in the course of the campaign.


  • Roundel of the airforce of Yemen 15 April 2015 – At least one Yemen air force fighter jet was destroyed by an airstrike in Yemen's capital Sanaa.[1]
  • Roundel of Saudi Arabia 26 March 2015 – during the opening strikes, a Saudi F-15S crashed into the Gulf of Aden after circling around over the sea; its two pilots ejected safely and were recovered from the sea by a USAF HH-60G rescue helicopter. Arab coalition reports stated enemy fire did not cause the crash,[2] while Houthi and Iranian sources stated they shot it down.[3][4]
  • Roundel of the Royal Moroccan Air Force 10 May 2015 – at 18:00 local time, one Royal Moroccan Air Force F-16C Block 52, serial number 08-8008, crashed in Saadah, while performing a mission as part of the Saudi-led intervention in Yemen. The pilot of a second F-16 said that he did not see any ejection. Originally missing for several hours,[5] on 11 May, the Shia rebels showed the crash site, located near Nushoor, Sa'ada.[6] They claimed they shot the jet down with anti-aircraft artillery fire,[5] while the pilot was killed in the crash.[7] According to Tom Cooper, the F-16 was shot down by Anti-Aircraft guns or MANPADS.[8][9]
  • Roundel of Saudi Arabia May 2015 – A Saudi AH-64 Helicopter was shot down by Houthis.
  • Roundel of Saudi Arabia (2) August 2015 – Two Saudi AH-64s crashed in Jizan.[10]
  • Roundel of Saudi Arabia September 2015 – One Saudi Apache helicopter was shot down.[11]
  • Roundel of Bahrain 30 December 2015 – a Bahraini F-16C crashed in Jizan Region, Saudi Arabia. A military source reported that the pilot ejected and survived the crash. The F-16 was already in flames before hitting the ground as recorded on video.[12] The loss was initially attributed to a technical malfunction, but according to Tom Cooper, the F-16 was instead shot down by Anti-Aircraft guns or MANPADS.[8][13][14]


  • Roundel of the United Arab Emirates 14 March 2016 – a UAEAF Dassault Mirage 2000-9D crashed in the southern Yemeni city of Aden during a combat operation in the early morning hours, killing its two pilots. Pilots who died in the crash are Major Zayed Ali Al Kaabi and 1st lieutenant Mohammed Obaid Al Hamoudi.[15] The coalition claimed the Mirage crashed due to a technical fault.[16] Other sources reported that the Mirage 2000-9D was shot down while flying low by Yemeni Al-Qaeda militants using a Strela-2 MANPADS.[17][18]
  • Roundel of the United Arab Emirates (2) June 2016 – 2 UAEAF helicopters crashed.[19] 2 pilots are reported to be killed in the crash.[20] One of the helicopters crashed is NSA 407MRH.[21] The other helicopter is believed to be an AH-64. Pilots who died in the crash are Ahmed Al Zeyoudi and Abdullah Al Yamahi.[22]
  • Roundel of Saudi Arabia July 2016 – One Saudi AH-64 crashed in Marib[23]


  • USAF Roundel 29 January 2017 - during US Raid on Yakla on Al-Qaeda militants a V-22 crash landed and was subsequently destroyed by US fire to avoid falling in enemy hands.[24]
  • Roundel of Jordan 24 February 2017 – a Jordanian F-16 crashed in Najran, Saudi Arabia, a military source reported that the pilot survived the crash.[25] Houthis claimed to have shot down the aircraft.[26][27]
  • Roundel of the USAF February 2017 – A US UAV MQ-9 shot down by Houthi anti aircraft missile over Marib province.[28]
  • Roundel of Saudi Arabia March 2017 – A Saudi AH-64 Apache shoot down by Houthi rebels leaving 2 dead[29]
  • Roundel of Saudi Arabia April 2017 – Saudi UH-60 downed in Marib (12 dead)[30]
  • Roundel of the United Arab Emirates August 2017 – A UAEAF helicopter crashed in Shabwa, killing 4 soldiers.[31] 3 other soldiers were injured, including Sheikh Zayed bin Hamdan member of the Abu Dhabi royal family.[32]
  • USAF Roundel 25 August 2017 – The Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter that crashed off the coast of Yemen belonged to an elite Special Operations air regiment.[33]
  • Roundel of the United Arab Emirates 11 September 2017 – A UAE IOMAX AT-802U crashed in Yemen; the pilot (2nd Lieutenant Pilot Sultan Mohammad Ali Al Naqbi) died in the crash.[34][35][36]
  • Roundel of Saudi Arabia 13 September 2017 – a Saudi Eurofighter Typhoon involved in close air support mission against Houthi fighters over Yemen crashed into a mountain in Al Wade’a district, reportedly due to a technical malfunction. The pilot, identified as Mahna al-Biz, died in the crash.[37]
  • Roundel of the USAF 2 October 2017 – U.S. Central Command stated that a MQ-9 had been shot down by Houthi air defense systems over Sanaa in western Yemen the previous day. The aircraft took off from Chabelley Airport in Djibouti, and was armed.[38][39][40][40][41]
  • Roundel of the United Arab Emirates 17 October 2017 – One UAE jet crashed due to technical failure in Yemen resulting in the death of 2 Emirati pilots. The type of aircraft is unknown, the dead in the crash are Major Pilot Ali Al Mesmari and 1st Lieutenant Pilot Badr Al Marasheda.[42]


  • Roundel of Saudi Arabia 7 January 2018 – Houthi rebels claimed to have shot down a Saudi warplane which was conducting air raids over northern Yemen.[43] According to Saudi reports, the downed aircraft was a Panavia Tornado of the Saudi Royal Air Force which was on a combat mission in the skies over Saada province in northern Yemen. Saudi reports also claimed that it was lost for 'technical reasons' and that both crew were rescued.[44][45]
  • Roundel of Saudi Arabia 8 January 2018 a RSAF aircraft was hit by a Houthi surface-to-air missile. A Houthi released video showed a video of an appearing F-15 increasing speed and releasing decoy flares before being struck by a projectile and apparently suffering major damage.[46][47] The Houthi media, showed the wreck site in Kifrat showing a countermeasures system that was made by Selex EST indicating that the aircraft was possibly a Tornado. Saudi Arabia confirmed a Panavia Tornado aircraft was lost on 8 January but by "technical reasons".[48][49]
  • Roundel of Saudi Arabia 21 March 2018 – DamagedHouthi rebels claimed to have hit or even shot down a Saudi F-15 in Saada province.[50][51] A video emerged showing a R-27 air to air missile adapted for surface to air use being launched hitting a target in the sky in an explosion. As in the video of a previous similar hit recorded in January, the target, while clearly hit, does not seem to be falling from the sky when the video stops. Saudi forces confirmed the hit, while saying the jet safely landed at a Saudi base.[52] Saudi official sources confirmed the incident reporting that it happened at 3:48 pm local time after a surface-to-air defense missile was launched at the fighter jet from inside Saada airport.[53][54]
  • 11 April 2018 – Saudi air defense system detected at 07:40 am an unidentified body flying towards Abha International Airport and destroyed it. According to Saudi air defense, fragments of object showed it to be a Houthi drone with Iranian specifications that was trying to target the airport.[55]
  • 18 April 2018 – A Houthi explosive laden Qasef-1 drone is shot down over Yemen by UAE army anti aircraft defense unit.[56]
  • 24 July 2018 – (2) Houthi Qasef-1 drones carrying explosives are shot down by UAE armed forces. One was headed to Al Mokha and the other was to Al Khokha in the Hodeidah province.[57]
  • Roundel of Saudi Arabia 14 September 2018 – A KSA Ground Army helicopter crashed following technical issues. Both pilots died.[58]
  • Roundel of Saudi Arabia 23 December – Houthi rebels shoot down a Saudi Arabian CH-4 drone[59] in the country Northwest of Yemen.[60][61]


  • 8 March 2019 – Saudi Arabia’s air defense systems shot down a Houthi drone over the kingdom.[62]
  • March 2019 – (4) Houthi drones shot down by pro-government forces, one in Nihm district.[63]
  • 3 April 2019 – (2) Houthi drones shot down by Royal Saudi Air Defense over Khamis Mushait, 5 civilians were injured.[64]
  • 4 April 2019 – A Houthi drone is shot down over Fazah area west of Tuhayta district in the province of Hudaydah by pro-government forces Giants Brigade.[65]
  • 8 April 2019 – Saudi led coalition intercept and shoot down a Houthi drone launched towards Asir region in southern Saudi Arabia.[66]
  • 11 April 2019 – Saudi led coalition shoot down a Houthi drone over Seiyun in southeast Yemen.[67]
  • Roundel of Saudi Arabia 19 April 2019 - The Houthis published a video of the downing and later the crash site of a Wing Loong UCAV acting for Saudi-led intervention over Saada district. Probably it was shot down with a R-73 or R-27T missile.[68][69][70]
  • 26 May 2019 – Saudi air defense intercept a Houthi drone targeting King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Airport in Jizan.[71]
  • 2 June 2019 – Houthis launch a drone targeting Aden, while Saudi air defenses state they shot down a drone west of Aden.[72]
  • USAF Roundel 6 June 2019 – Houthis shoot down a US MQ-9 Reaper drone over Yemen.[73] According to United States Central Command the drone was shot down by SA-6 surface-to-air missile that was enabled with Iranian assistance.[74]
  • 10 June 2019 – (2) Houthi drones targeting Khamis Mushait were intercepted by Saudi air defenses.[75]
  • 14 June 2019 – (5) Saudi air defense intercept and shoot down 5 Houthi drones targeting Abha International Airport and Khamis Mushait.[76]
  • 17 June 2019 – (2) Houthi drones were intercepted by Saudi air defenses, one drone was targeting Abha.[77]
  • 26 June 2019 - A Houthi drone launched toward Saudi Arabia is intercepted and was shot down.[78]
  • 30 June 2019 – (2) Houthi drones were intercepted by Saudi forces. The first drone was targeting Jizan and the second was aimed at a residential area in Asir Province.[79]
  • 5 July 2019 – Houthi drones targeting Jizan Regional Airport were intercepted by Saudi forces.[80]
  • 6 July 2019 – Houthi Qasef drones targeting Saudi Arabia were intercepted and shot down by Saudi forces.[81]
  • 8 July 2019 – Saudi-led coalition shoots down a Houthi drone launched towards Saudi Arabia.[82]
  • 15 July 2019 – (2) Houthi drones targeting Jizan and Abha airport in Saudi Arabia are intercepted by the coalition.[83]

By type[edit]

Aircraft losses
Type Destroyed
NSA 407MRH 1 (1 United Arab Emirates)
Boeing AH-64 Apache 7 (6 Saudi Arabia, 1 United Arab Emirates))
CAIG Wing Loong 1 (1 Saudi Arabia)
CH-A 1 (1 Saudi Arabia)
Mirage 2000 1 (1 United Arab Emirates)
IOMAX AT-802i BPA 1 United Arab Emirates
HH-60G Pave Hawk 1 (1 United States)
UH-60 Black Hawkk 1 (1 Saudi Arabia)
Eurofighter Typhoon 1 (1 Saudi Arabia)
F-15 1 (1 Saudi Arabia)
F-16 3 (1 Jordan,1 Bahrain,1 Morocco)
Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey 1 (1 United States)
MQ-9 Reaper Drone 3 (3 United States)
Panavia Tornado 2 (2 Saudi Arabia)
Unknown type of helicopter 2 (1 Saudi Arabia, 1 United Arab Emirates)
Unknown Jet 1 (1 United Arab Emirates)
Unknown/Various drones 25 (25 )

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