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Hurts awards and nominations
Awards and nominations
Award Wins Nominations
MTV Europe Music Awards
0 1
MTV Germany Movie Awards
1 0
Echo Awards
1 1
(Shockwaves) NME Awards
2 4
UK Music Video Awards
0 1
Musikexpress Style Award
1 1
Bamby Awards
1 0
The Bizarre Awards
1 0
Xfm New Music Awards
0 1
Fonogram Awards
1 0
Swiss Music Awards
0 1
Ultra-Music Awards
1 0
0 1
Q Awards
0 1
Awards won 9
Nominations 12

Hurts has received one MTV Europe Music Awards nominations. Hurts has received Germany Musikexpress Style Award (October 18, 2010) in the Best Performer International category – it was the first award.

MTV Awards[edit]

The awards are presented by the cable channel MTV in different countries; the main award is MTV Video Music Awards.

MTV Europe Music Awards[edit]

The MTV Europe Music Awards (EMA) were established in 1994 by MTV Networks Europe to celebrate the most popular music videos in Europe.

In 2010 EMA was finished with Hurts' song Better Than Love as soundtrack.

Year Nominee/work Award Result
07.11.2010 Hurts Best Push Act[1] Nominated

MTV Germany Movie Awards[edit]

Year Nominee/work Award Result
07.06.2011 Stay (film Kokowääh) Best Soundtrack for German Film[2] Won

ECHO Awards[edit]

ECHO Awards is an annual Europe music award, which is organasied by European department of MTV.

Year Nominee/work Award Result
24.03.2011 Hurts Best International Newcomer[3] Won
Best International Band Nominated

European awards[edit]

(Shockwaves) NME Awards[edit]

NME Awards is an annual music awards show in the United Kingdom, founded by the music magazine, NME (New Musical Express).

Year Nominee/work Award Result
2011 Hurts Best New Band[4] Won
Theo Hutchcraft Best Band Blog or Twitter[5] Nominated
2012 Sunday Best Video[citation needed] Won
Sunday Best Track[citation needed] Nominated
@theohurts Best Band Blog or Twitter[citation needed] Nominated
Hurts Most Dedicated Fans[citation needed] Nominated
2014 Themselves Best Band Blog or Twitter Nominated
Themselves Most Dedicated Fans Nominated

UK Music Video Awards[edit]

The UK Music Video Awards are organised by two of the key members of the team behind bug, the bfi southbank’s highly successful music video strand.

Year Nominee/work Award Result
2010 Better Than Love Best Pop Video[6][7] Nominated
2013 Exile Best Music AD Nominated
2016 Lights Best Pop Video - UK Nominated
2016 Lights Best Styling in a Video Nominated
2016 Lights Best Cinematography Nominated
2016 Lights Best Editing Nominated

Musikexpress Style Award[edit]

Musikexpress Style Award is held by German music magazine Musikexpress.

Year Nominee/work Award Result
18.10.2010 Hurts Best Performer International[8] Won

Bambi Awards[edit]

Bambi Awards is German international media and television award.

Year Nominee/work Award Result
11.11.2010 Hurts Shooting-Star[9] Won

The Bizarre Awards[edit]

The Scottish Sun is a daily British tabloid newspaper.

Year Nominee/work Award Result
24.12.2010 Confide in Me Best Biz Session[10] Won

Xfm New Music Awards[edit]

Xfm New Music Award is held by commercial radio station XFM London in the United Kingdom.

Year Nominee/work Award Result
09.02.2011 Happiness Best British Debut Album of 2010[11] Nominated

Fonogram Awards[edit]

Hungarian Music Awards is an annual Hungarian music award (formerly known as the Golden Giraffe Awards). Today it's called Fonogram - Hungarian Music Awards officially.

Year Nominee/work Award Result
02.03.2011 Hurts Best International Album[12] Won

Swiss Music Awards[edit]

Year Nominee/work Award Result
04.03.2011 Hurts Best Breaking Act International[13] Nominated

Ultra-Music Awards[edit]

Ultra-Music AwardsBelorussian music award.

Year Nominee/work Award Result
21.03.2011 Wonderful Life Best International Song of the Year[14] Won

BT Digital Music Awards[edit]

BT Digital Music Awards (DMA) is an annual UK award from 2001.

Year Nominee/work Award Result
29.09.2011 Don’t Let Go: An Interactive Novel on Spotify Best Artist Promotion[15] Nominated

Q Awards[edit]

The Q Awards are the UK's annual music awards run by the music magazine Q. Since they began in 1990, the Q Awards have become one of Britain's biggest and best publicised music awards.

Year Nominee/work Award Result
24.10.2011 Wonderful Life Best Video[16] Nominated

Virgin Media[edit]

The Virgin Media Music Awards are the UK's annual music awards.

Year Nominee/work Award Result
. .2011 Hurts Best Group[17] Won

Miscellaneous awards and honours[edit]

Year Award/honor Nominator
2009 Sound of 2010 poll (#4)[18] BBC
2010 50 best new bands of 2010 (#18)[19] A-ONE
Performer of the year (#2)[20] Moskva.FM
Band of the year (#3)[21] Love Radio Awards
18 NME's new music tips for 2010 (#7)[22] NME
50 best new bands of 2010 (#14)[23] NME
Debut of the year (#1)[24] Look at Me
Best new act to properly get going in 2010 (readers' choice) #1)[25] Popjustice
2011 Best performance of Glastonbury Festival 2011 (#1)[26] NME
Best performance at T in the Park 2011 (#1)[27] NME
Top albums of the last year (readers' Top 20) (#1)[28] NME
Bands of summer 2011 (readers' Top 20) (#1)[29] NME
Best Albums Of The Past 15 Years (readers' choice) (#)[30] NME


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