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Ivi Adamou awards and nominations
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Awards won 4
Nominations 19

Ivi Adamou is a Greek Cypriot singer. Until 2013, she was signed to the Sony Music record label after her participation in the second season of The X Factor. In June 2010, Adamou released her debut album, an extended play named Kalokairi Stin Kardia that included her first single "A*G*A*P*I". The album was certified gold for selling over 60,000 copies.[1][2] Her second extended play, Christmas with Ivi Adamou, was certified double platinum in Portugal for selling over 50,000 copies.[3] Her first studio album San Ena Oniro was released in July 2011 and peaked at the 17th place in the Greek album charts.[4] Her single "La La Love" became a success after competing in the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 and was charted in the European countries including Sweden, Spain and the United Kingdom.

Adamou had several nominations at the MAD Video Music Awards since 2011. She won two awards, for the best video clip urban and the best Cypriot artist.[5][6] She was also nominated three years in a row at the Madame Figaro Awards for the best Cypriot woman singer and won two of them, in 2010 and 2012.[7][8] In 2013, "Time to Love" won an web award for the best song of the year.[9] In 2015, she was nominated in the Golden Edition of the Big Apple Music Awards.[10]

Big Apple Music Awards[edit]

The Big Apple Music Awards is an annual event held in New York City and honors international music from Central Asia, Caucasus and Middle East. The main purpose of the awards is to recognize excellence and create a greater public awareness of the cultural diversity of Central Asian, Caucasian and Middle Eastern. Adamou has received one nomination in the ceremony.

Year Nominated Award Result Ref.
2015 Herself N/A Pending [10]

Eurodanceweb Award[edit]

The Eurodanceweb Award is an online competition dedicated to dance music, created in 2001 by an idea of a group of Italian and Maltese disc jockeys. Main purpose of this project is the promotion of dance songs from all over Europe and the Mediterranean Basin, with strong links to their National language and culture. Adamou did not receive any award out of the one nomination.

Year Nominated Award Result Ref.
2013 "Time to Love" Best Dance Song Nominated [11]

Eurovision Radio Awards[edit]

The Eurovision Radio Awards is a web award held by the Eurovision radio. It honors songs and artists of the respective Eurovision year contest. Adamou has not received any awards out of the two nominations.

Year Nominated Award Result Ref.
2012 Ivi Adamou Best Female Artist Nominated [12]
"La La Love" Best Song

Eurovision Song Contest[edit]

The Eurovision Song Contest is an annual competition held among active member countries of the EBU. The contest, which has been broadcast every year since its debut in 1956, is one of the longest-running television programs and most watched in the world. Adamou represented Cyprus in the 2012 contest.

Year Nominated Award Result Ref.
2012 "La La Love" Best Song 16th place [13]

MAD Video Music Awards[edit]

The MAD Video Music Awards is an annual awards show that air on MAD TV. The awards honor the year's biggest achievements in music, voted by the viewers of Mad television. Adamou has received two awards out of ten nominations.

Year Nominated Award Result Ref.
2011 Ivi Adamou Best Newcomer Artist Nominated [14]
Best Female Artist
"San Erthi I Mera" Best Video Clip Hip Hop/Urban Won [6]
Best Duet/Collaboration Nominated [14]
Best Video Clip
2012 Ivi Adamou Best Female Artist [15]
Cyprus Artist of the Year Won
"Krata Ta Matia Sou Kleista" Best Duet/Collaboration Nominated
2013 "Madness" Best Duet/Collaboration [16]
"Den Iparheis" Song of the Year
"La La Love"
2016 "Tipota De Mas Stamata" Best Urban Video [17]

Madame Figaro Awards[edit]

The Madame Figaro Awards is an annual Cypriot awards show and honors women of Cyprus in different categories such as music and politics. Adamou has received two awards out of three nominations.

Year Nominated Award Result Ref.
2011 Ivi Adamou Best Female Artist of 2010 Won [7]
2012 Best Female Artist of 2011 Nominated [18]
2013 Best Female Artist of 2012 Won [8]


The OneWoman is a web award held in the Greek website, OneMan. The awards honor the hottest woman voted by the visitors of the website. Adamou has not received any award out of the two nominations.

Year Nominated Award Result Ref.
2012 Ivi Adamou Hottest Woman Nominated [19]
2013 [20]
2014 [21]


Year Title Rank
2011 FX-News's Hottest Female Singers[22] 10th
2012 OneMan's Hottest Eurovision Women[23] 13th
OneMan's Hottest Woman[19] 8th
Sportlife's Hottest Female Singers[24] 8th
2013 OneMan's Hottest Woman[20] 58th
2014 OneMan's Hottest Woman[21] 68th


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