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This article lists the genera of the bacteria.


Phylum Acidobacteria.[1][2][edit]

Order Acidobacteriales[edit]

Family Acidobacteriaceae[edit]

Phylum Actinobacteria[edit]

Class Mikeiasis[edit]

Subclass Acidimicrobidae[edit]

Order Acidimicrobiales[edit]

Subclass Actinobacteridae[edit]

Order Actinomycetales[edit]
Order Bifidobacteriales[edit]

Subclass Coriobacteridae[edit]

Order Coriobacteriales[edit]

Subclass Rubrobacteridae[edit]

Order Rubrobacterales[edit]

Subclass Sphaerobacteridae[edit]

Order Sphaerobacterales[edit]

Phylum Aquificae[edit]

Class Aquificae[edit]

Order Aquificales[edit]

Phylum Bacteroidetes[edit]

Class Bacteroidetes[edit]

Order Bacteroidales[edit]

Class Flavobacteriaceae[edit]

Order Flavobacteriales[edit]

Class Rhodothermus[edit]

Class Sphingobacterium[edit]

Order Sphingobacteriales[edit]

Phylum Chlamydiae[edit]

Class Chlamydiae[edit]

Order Chlamydiales[edit]

Phylum Chlorobi[edit]

Class Chlorobia[edit]

Order Chlorobiales[edit]

Phylum Chloroflexi[edit]

This phylum used to be known as green non-sulfur bacteria

Class Chloroflexi[edit]

Phylum Chrysiogenetes[edit]

Order Chrysiogenales[edit]

Phylum Cyanobacteria[edit]

Phylum Deferribacteres[edit]

Class Deferribacteres[edit]

Order Deferribacterales[edit]

Phylum Deinococcus-Thermus[edit]

Class Deinococci[edit]

Order Deinococcales[edit]

Order Thermales[edit]

Phylum Dictyoglomi[edit]

Class Dictyoglomi[edit]

Order Dictyoglomales[edit]

Phylum Fibrobacteres[edit]

Phylum Firmicutes[edit]

Class Bacilli[edit]

Order Bacillales[edit]

Class Clostridia[edit]

Order Clostridiales[edit]

Order Halanaerobiales[edit]

Order Thermoanaerobacteriales[edit]

Class Mollicutes[edit]

Order Mycoplasmatales[edit]

Order Entomoplasmatales[edit]

Order Anaeroplasmatales[edit]

Order Acholeplasmatales[edit]

Phylum Fusobacteria[edit]

Phylum Gemmatimonadetes[edit]

Phylum Nitrospirae[edit]

Phylum Planctomycetes[edit]

Class Planctomycetia[edit]

Order Planctomycetales[edit]

Phylum Proteobacteria[edit]

Class Alpha Proteobacteria[edit]

Order Caulobacterales[edit]

Order Kordiimonadales[edit]

Order Parvularculales[edit]

Order Rhizobiales[edit]

Order Rhodobacterales[edit]

Order Rhodospirillales[edit]

Order Rickettsiales[edit]

Order Sphingomonadales[edit]

Class Beta Proteobacteria[edit]

Order Burkholderiales[edit]

Order Hydrogenophilales[edit]

Order Methylophilales[edit]

Order Neisseriales[edit]

Order Nitrosomonadales[edit]

Order Rhodocyclales[edit]

Order Procabacteriales[edit]

Class Gamma Proteobacteria[edit]

Order Acidithiobacillales[edit]

Order Aeromonadales[edit]

Order Alteromonadales[edit]

Order Cardiobacteriales[edit]

Order Chromatiales[edit]

Order Enterobacteriales[edit]

Order Legionellales[edit]

Order Methylococcales[edit]

Order Oceanospirillales[edit]

Order Pasteurellales[edit]

Order Pseudomonadales[edit]

Order Thiotrichales[edit]

Order Vibrionales[edit]

Order Xanthomonadales[edit]

Class Delta Proteobacteria[edit]

Order Bdellovibrionales[edit]

Order Desulfobacterales[edit]

Order Desulfovibrionales[edit]

Order Desulfurellales[edit]

Order Desulfarcales[edit]

Order Desulfuromonadales[edit]

Order Myxococcales[edit]

Order Syntrophobacterales[edit]

Class Epsilon Proteobacteria[edit]

Order Campylobacterales[edit]

Order Nautiliales[edit]

Phylum Spirochaetes[edit]

Class Spirochetes[edit]

Order Spirochaetales[edit]

Phylum Thermodesulfobacteria[edit]

Phylum Thermomicrobia[edit]

Thermomicrobia phylum is a phenotype of the green non-sulfur bacteria. It is, as its name suggests, thermophilic. Some scientists suggest that the thermomicrobia phylum is not a true bacteriological phylum, but a sub-division of the green non-sulfur division along with the current chloroflexi phylum.[3]

Phylum Thermotogae[edit]

Class Thermotogae[edit]

Order Thermotogales[edit]

Family Thermotogaceae[edit]

Phylum Verrucomicrobia[edit]

Order Verrucomicrobiales[edit]

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