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This is a list of published books about the different kinds of bagpipes.

Uilleann pipes[edit]

  • An Introduction to Uilleann Piping - A Tutorial for Learning to Play the Uilleann pipes ISBN 978-0957539204
  • My Method, Timothy Britton, illustrated guide to reed making for uilleann pipes
  • A Manual for the Irish Uilleann Pipes, Patrick Sky, LOC 79-67073, ISBN 0-934302-00-6, Silver Spear Pub, 1980
  • Reedmaking Made Easy, Dave Hegarty, Na Píobairí Uilleann, Futuresprint, Dublin, 1983
  • The Pipers Despair, David Quinn
  • The Insane Art of Reed Making, Patrick Sky
  • Learn to Play the Uilleann pipes with the Armagh Pipers Club, Erthne & J.B. Vallely, illustrated, Ronan Press Ltd, reprinted 4th edition 1981
  • The New Approach to Uilleann Piping, H. J. Clarke, St Martin's Publications, 1988, Galway
  • The Davy Spillane Uilleann Pipe Tutor, Book I Basic, Davy Spillane and Tommy Walsh, Waltons Manufacturing Ltd, 1996, ISBN 0-7866-3400-6
  • Leo Rowsome's Tutor for the Uilleann pipes, Rowsome, Leo, Walton's Musical Instrument Galleries
  • The Union Pipes - A Workbook, Brooks, Denis
  • How to Play the Irish Uilleann pipes, Crowley, Tadhg
  • The Master's Touch a Tutor for the Uilleann pipes, Ennis, Seamus
  • Irish Bagpipes: Their Construction and Maintenance, Garvin, Wilbert
  • A Collection of Pipe-Friendly Tunes, Walsh, John
  • The Dance Music of Willie Clancy, Mitchell, Pat
  • Ceol an Phiobaire, Moylan, Terry
  • The Piper's Dream, McNulty, Pat
  • The Dance Music of Seamus Ennis, Mitchell, Pat

Northumbrian smallpipes[edit]

  • Reed Making, George Wallace, Northumbrian Piper's Society
  • Reed Maintenance, Colin Ross, Northumbrian Piper's Society
  • Basic Tutor for the Northumbrian Small Pipes, Richard Butler, printed by Crescent Printing company, Ashington, Northumberland
  • Handbook for the Northumbrian Small Pipes, Richard Butler, printed by Butler Publishing, Cliffside, Northumberland, 1987, ISBN 0-946928-07-X
  • Drone Reeds with Brass Body & Cane Tongues, David Bailey, Northumbrian Piper's Society
  • The Northumbrian Smallpipes Tutor, John Liestman

Highland bagpipes[edit]

  • The Complete Pipers Handbook, Brett Tidswell, 2008 ISBN 978-0-646-50047-8, School of Piping
  • The Reed Book, Brett Tidswell, 2010, School of Piping
  • The Bagpipe Instruction Manual, Brett Tidswell, 2011, School of Piping
  • Scots Guards: Standard Settings of Pipe Music Volume 1
  • Scots Guards: Standard Settings of Pipe Music Volume 2
  • Scots Guards: Standard Settings of Pipe Music Volume 3, Compiled by Brigadier Harry Nickerson, Novello Publishing, Ltd, London
  • The College of Piping Highland Bagpipe Tutor 1, Seumas MacNeill & Thomas Pearston, 1955, Revised and Edited by Robert Wallace, 2012, ISBN 978-0-9549380-2-4, The College of Piping, Glasgow
  • The Highland Bagpipe, Captain John A. Maclellan, MBE
  • The Piper's Handbook, PM John A. MacLellan, MBE, Paterson's Publications, London
  • The Highland Bagpipe and its Music, Roderick D. Cannon FSA(Scot),2002, ISBN 0-85976-549-0, John Donald Publishers LTD, Edinburgh
  • The Highland Pipe and Scottish Society 1750-1950 William Donaldson, 2000, ISBN 978-1-86232-075-8 Tuckwell Press, Edinburgh
  • Piobaireachd, Classical Music of the Highland Bagpipe, by Seamus MacNeill, 1969, 1976, SBN 563 07487 6, published by BBC
  • The Notation & Tuning of the Highland Bagpipe, Captain John A. Maclellan, MBE
  • The Highland Bagpipe, W.L. Manson, 1901,A.Gadrner, Paisley and London, reprint 1977, ISBN 0-7158-1213-0, EP Publishing, Wakefield
  • Bagpipe Music for Dancing, John MacLellan, Paterson's Publications
  • The Art of Piobaireachd, by Dr. Ian L. McKay, revised 1996, published bt Comunn na Piobaireachd (NA) Inc
  • Piping and Drumming, An Integrated Approach, Volume I, S.H.Bailie, Published by the Northern Ireland Piping and Drumming School of the N.I. branch, The Royal Scottish Pipe Band Association, Belfast 1988.
  • Structured Learning, The RSPBA Complete Guide to Piping & Drumming Certificiation, Books I-III, Published by The Royal Scottish Pipe Band Association.
  • Highland Bagpipe Makers, Jeannie Campbell, 2001, ISBN 1-899780-02-5, Magnus Orr Publishing
  • Bagpipe Reeds: The Full Story, Bruce D. Liberati, Pipe Band Technology, Pittsburgh, PA, 1986
  • Piping Times, vol. 51, no. 5, February 1999, Making Bagpipes, illustrated
  • Walton's Tutor and selection of Irish Aires for the Bagpipes, Orpen-Palmer, no date
  • Angus MacDonald's Collection (two books) - Lismor
  • A Compleat Theory of the Scots' Highland Bagpipe, Joseph MacDonald,1760.
  • From Icon to Identity: Scottish Piping & Drumming in Scandinavia, Mats d Hermansson, PhD, 2003, diss. University of Gothenburg, ISBN 91-85974-71-4, ISSN 1650-9285

Border pipes[edit]

  • The Master Piper (the Dixon MS)
  • The Border Bagpipe Book, Matt Seattle, Dragonfly (out of print?)
  • Journal NA Association of Lowland & Border Pipes, Number 5, March 1993, edited by Brian McCandless
  • A Tutor for the Cauld Wind Bagpipes, Gordon Mooney, (Applicable to the Lowland Pipes, Border Pipes, Northumbrian Half-long Pipes and Scottish Small Pipes), Published by Lowland & Border Pipers Society, 1995

Spanish gaita[edit]

  • None known as yet

Swedish bagpipes[edit]

  • Säckpipan i Norden, Per-Ulf Allmo and John E. Berg. 1990, AllWin (Stockholm). ISBN 9179708463. (available in translation)
  • Säckpipan i Sverige, Mats Rehnberg. Nordiska museets handlingar 18, Stockholm 1943.

Breton music[edit]

  • Tonioú Breiz Izel - two volumes
  • Methode Bretonne De Cornemuse, Gilles Goyat, Centre Breton d'Art Populaire, 1981
  • Nouvelle Methode de Cornemuse Ecossaise, Jean-Luc Le Moign, 23 November 1995, ISBN 2-910981-09-6
  • Ecole de Bomborde, Jean L'Helgouach
  • Methode de Bombarde, Padrig Sicard, ISBN 2-9508677-2-3

Brien Boru warpipes[edit]

  • The Complete Tutor for the Brien Boru Warpipes, Roleston, Newcastle, County Down, no date

General Books[edit]

  • Bagpipes, Anthony Baines, ISBN 0-902793-10-1, Pitt Rivers Museum, Univ. of Oxford, 3rd edition, 1995 147 pages with plates
  • "Bagpipes and Tunings", Theodor Podnos, ISBN 0911772529, Detroit, Mich. : Information Coordinators, 1974 125 p. : ill. ; 23 cm
  • Woodwind Instruments & Their History, Anthony Baines, ISBN 0-486-26885-3, Nov. 1991, Dover Pub., with Bagpipe plates
  • Highland Bagpipe Makers, Jeannie Campbell, Magnus Orr Publishing, 2001, ISBN 1-899780-02-5
  • Die Stimme des Windes: Sprachliches zur Geschichte der Sackpfeife/The Voice of the Wind: A Linguistic History of the Bagpipe, Michael Peter Verano. 2015. Hamburg: Baar-Verlag. ISBN 978-3-935536-76-9