List of banking families

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Philippine Welser, a member of the patrician Welser banking family, and the wife of Ferdinand II, Archduke of Austria
Jakob Fugger, of the Fugger family
Johann Hinrich Gossler (1738–90), of the Berenberg-Gossler family

Banking families are families which have been involved in banking for multiple generations, in the modern era generally as owners or co-owners of banks, often named for their families. Banking families have been important in the history of banking, especially before the 20th century.



Family Companies Place of origin Principal
countries of residence
Bardi Compagnia dei Bardi Italy Italy
Baring Barings Bank Bremen Germany Germany United Kingdom UK
Berenberg-Gossler-Seyler Berenberg Bank Antwerp Belgium Belgium, Germany Germany
Cerchi Florence Italy Italy
Clifford Clifford, Herefordshire United Kingdom UK, Netherlands The Netherlands
Coutts banking family Coutts & Co London United Kingdom UK
Fugger Augsburg Germany Germany
Goldman–Sachs family Goldman Sachs New York United States USA
Gondi Florence Italy Italy
C. Hoare & Co London United Kingdom UK
Hope Hope & Co. Amsterdam Netherlands Netherlands
Hottinger Banque Hottinger & Cie SA Zurich Switzerland Switzerland
Hochstetter Höchstädt Germany Germany
Oppenheim family Sal. Oppenheim Cologne Germany Germany
Rockefeller Rockefeller Financial Services (Rockefeller & Co), J.P. Morgan Chase Cleveland, OH, New York, NY United States USA
Rothschild N M Rothschild & Sons, RIT Capital Partners, Paris Orléans, Compagnie Financière Edmond de Rothschild, Banque privée Edmond de Rothschild Frankfurt Germany Germany
Medici Florence Italy Italy
Mellon Bank of New York Mellon Pittsburgh, PA United States USA
Metzler Metzler Bank Frankfurt Germany Germany
Morgan Morgan Stanley, J.P. Morgan Chase New York, NY United States USA
Nanda Atlanta, GA India India
Peruzzi Florence Italy Italy
Salviati (bankers) Florentine Italy Italy
Schröder family Schroders Hamburg Germany Germany
Solaro Asti Italy Italy
Wallenberg SEB, Investor Linköping Sweden Sweden
Warburg M. M. Warburg & Co., Warburg Pincus, UBS Hamburg Germany Germany
Welser Augsburg Germany Germany