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This is a list of banks in China, including Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau.

The central bank of the People's Republic of China is the People's Bank of China, a component of the State Council, the Central Government of China. The People's Bank of China is mainly responsible for issuing the Renminbi and administering its circulation, formulating and implementing monetary policy in accordance with law and etc..[1] And its counterparts in Hong Kong SAR, Macau SAR are Hong Kong Monetary Authority (currency board and de facto central bank), Monetary Authority of Macao (currency board and de facto central bank) respectively.

Banks in Mainland China[edit]

All banks, except the People's Bank of China, are under the supervision of China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, an agency of the People's Republic of China (PRC) authorised by the State Council.

Policy banks[edit]

It is commonly known that there are three policy banks in China as the chart below. Among them, China Development Bank was incorporated as China Development Bank Corporation in December 2008, and officially defined by the State Council as a development finance institution in March 2015.[2]

Name Chinese Headquarters
Agricultural Development Bank of China 中国农业发展银行 Beijing
China Development Bank 国家开发银行 Beijing
Exim Bank of China 中国进出口银行 Beijing

Commercial Banks (State-owned)[edit]

There are six state-owned commercial banks in China as the chart below. These banks are listed by their Tier 1 capital amount in 2018.

The banks below with asterisks (*) are the four major state-owned banks or BIG FOUR BANKS in China. These four banks are the four biggest banks around world in 2018, as the statistic result made by The Banker.

Bank of Communications was established in 1908 and restructured and re-commenced operations on 1 April 1987, which is one of the banks with the longest history in China. Moreover, it is the first state-owned incorporated bank in the PRC. So it is always regarded as the fifth major state-owned bank in China.

Postal Savings Bank of China is a leading large retail bank in China with most outlets, up to about 40,000, covering rural areas to a large extent.[3] Over 80% of all its outlets are set along with post office of China Post.

Name Abbreviation Chinese Abbr. in Chinese Headquarters
Industrial and Commercial Bank of China * ICBC 中国工商银行 工行 Beijing
China Construction Bank * CCB 中国建设银行 建行 Beijing
Bank of China * BOC 中国银行 中行 Beijing
Agricultural Bank of China * ABC 中国农业银行 农行 Beijing
Bank of Communications BoCom 交通银行 交行 Shanghai
Postal Savings Bank of China PSBC 中国邮政储蓄银行 邮储银行 Beijing

Commercial Banks (12 Nationwide Incorporated)[edit]

There are 12 nationwide incorporated commercial banks in China as the chart below. These banks are listed by their Tier 1 capital amount in 2018.

Name Chinese Headquarters
China Merchants Bank 招商银行 Shenzhen
Shanghai Pudong Development Bank 上海浦东发展银行 Shanghai
Industrial Bank 兴业银行 Fuzhou
China CITIC Bank 中信银行 Beijing
China Minsheng Bank 中国民生银行 Beijing
China Everbright Bank 中国光大银行 Beijing
Ping An Bank 平安银行 Shenzhen
Huaxia Bank 华夏银行 Beijing
China Guangfa Bank 广发银行 Guangzhou
China Zheshang Bank 浙商银行 Hangzhou
China Bohai Bank 渤海银行 Tianjin
Hengfeng Bank / Evergrowing Bank 恒丰银行 Yantai

Commercial Banks (City and regional)[edit]

City commercial banks and regional commercial banks were transferred from urban credit cooperatives established in 1980s and 1990s. They have been important components of banks in China. This is an incomplete list of city banks and regional banks.

Commercial Banks (Rural)[edit]

Rural commercial banks were transferred from rural credit cooperatives established in early years. They play irreplaceable role in rural financial service.

There are 30 rural commercial banks complete The Banker TOP1000 bank around the world like Beijing Rural Commercial Bank, Shanghai Rural Commercial Bank, Chongqing Rural Commercial Bank and etc..

Internet Banks and other private banks[edit]

[This is an incomplete list.]

Other banks[edit]

[elaboration needed.]

Branches and subsidiaries of foreign banks[edit]

The China Banking Regulatory Commission (CBRC) announced its approval for nine foreign-funded banks to start their preparatory work for setting up local corporations in China on 24 December 2006.[8][9][10][11][12] Currently, even more banks have been able to incorporate locally in China.

The list below is incomplete.

* - Does not service individuals

Banks in the Special Administrative Regions[edit]

Hong Kong[edit]

The currency board and de facto central bank of Hong Kong is Hong Kong Monetary Authority.

Hong Kong Dollar, the official currency of HKSAR, is issued by Hong Kong Monetary Authority, Bank of China (Hong Kong), HSBC and Standard Chartered.

Part of commercial banks in Hong Kong are listed below.


The currency board and de facto central bank of Macau is Monetary Authority of Macao.

Macanese pataca, the official currency of Macau SAR, is issued by Monetary Authority of Macao, Bank of China and Banco Nacional Ultramarino.

Part of commercial banks in Macau are listed below.

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