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This list of banks in Finland below was assembled using publicly available information from the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority [1] and the Finnish Bankers' Association. [2] In 2014, according to the calculations of the National Bank, Finland had 5641 branches of cooperative banks.

Government banks[edit]

Commercial banks[edit]

Foreign banks[edit]

Savings banks[edit]

The Finnish Savings Banks Group consists of 40 savings banks, each of which operates in its own region and is an independent legal entity. They share a common inheritance and common operating practices. The primary strategy for the banks in the group is to serve clients on a regional basis and thus not compete. The market share of the Finnish Savings Banks is about 8,5% as measured by deposits. [3]

Co-operative banks[edit]

OP-Pohjola Group[edit]

The OP-Pohjola Group is a central corporation of co-operative banks. The member cooperative banks of the OP-Pohjola Group are independent, local deposit banks that are engaged in retail banking. There are 229 member cooperative banks, each operating in a local region. [4]

Local Cooperative Bank Group[edit]

The Finnish Local Cooperative Bank Group consists of 42 independent co-operative banks, each operating in its own region. The group was established in 1997 to enable the member banks to continue operating independently as the other co-operative bank group in Finland was seen as too centrally administered. [5]

Defunct banks[edit]



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