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Hong Kong maintains a three-tier system of deposit-taking institutions, i.e. licensed banks, restricted licence banks and deposit-taking companies. They are collectively known as “authorized institutions” supervised by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA).[1]

As one of the top five financial centres worldwide, Hong Kong has one of the highest concentrations of banking institutions in the world, with 70 of the largest 100 banks in the world having an operation in Hong Kong. As of 2019, there were 164 licensed banks, 17 restricted licence banks and 13 deposit-taking companies in business, constituting a total of 194 authorized institutions. In addition, there are 42 local representative offices of foreign banks in Hong Kong.[2]

Licensed banks[edit]

Only licensed banks may operate current and savings accounts, accept deposits of any size and maturity from the public, and pay or collect cheques drawn, or paid in, by customers.

Incorporated in Hong Kong[edit]

Clearing Code Bank Name Chinese Name Established SWIFT-BIC
012 Bank of China (Hong Kong) 中國銀行(香港) 1917 BKCHHKHH
027 Bank of Communications (Hong Kong) 交通銀行(香港) 1934 COMMHKHH
015 Bank of East Asia 東亞銀行 1918 BEASHKHH
018 China CITIC Bank International 中信銀行國際 1922 KWHKHKHH
009 China Construction Bank (Asia) 中國建設銀行(亞洲)股份 1912 PCBCHKHH
039 Chiyu Banking Corporation 集友銀行 1947 CIYUHKHH
041 Chong Hing Bank 創興銀行 1948 LCHBHKHH
250 Citibank (Hong Kong) 花旗銀行(香港) 1902 CITIHKAX
040 Dah Sing Bank 大新銀行 1947 DSBAHKHH
016 DBS Bank (Hong Kong) 星展銀行(香港) 1921 DBSSHKHH
128 Fubon Bank (Hong Kong) 富邦銀行(香港) 1971 IBALHKHH
024 Hang Seng Bank 恒生銀行 1933 HASEHKHH
004 Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation 香港上海滙豐銀行 1865 HSBCHKHH
072 Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Asia) 中國工商銀行(亞洲) 1964 ICBKHKHH
043 Nanyang Commercial Bank 南洋商業銀行 1949 NYCBHKHH
035 OCBC Bank (Hong Kong) 華僑銀行(香港) 1932 WIHBHKHH
028 Public Bank (Hong Kong) 大眾銀行(香港) 1934 CBHKHKHH
025 Shanghai Commercial Bank 上海商業銀行 1950 SCBKHKHH
003 Standard Chartered Hong Kong 渣打銀行(香港) 1859 SCBLHKHH
061 Tai Sang Bank 大生銀行 1937 TSBLHKHH
038 Tai Yau Bank [zh] 大有銀行 1947 TYBLHKKW
020 CMB Wing Lung Bank 招商永隆銀行 1933 WUBAHKHH

Virtual banks incorporated in Hong Kong[edit]

Clearing Code Bank Name Chinese Name Established Began Operating Publicly Owners
395 Airstar Bank Limited 天星銀行 13 July 2018 11 June 2020 Xiaomi (90%), AMTD Group (10%)
393 Ant Bank (Hong Kong) Limited 螞蟻銀行(香港) 16 August 2018 28 September 2020 Ant Financial (100%)
391 Fusion Bank Limited 富融銀行 31 July 2018 21 December 2020 Tencent, ICBC Asia, HKEx, Hillhouse Capital
388 Livi Bank Limited 理慧銀行 18 March 2019 12 August 2020 Bank of China (Hong Kong) (44%), JD Digits (36%), Jardine Matheson (20%)
389 Mox Bank [zh] / 15 April 2019 22 September 2020 Standard Chartered Hong Kong (65.1%), Hong Kong Telecom (15%), PCCW (10%), Group (9.9%)
392 Ping An OneConnect Bank (Hong Kong) Limited 平安壹賬通銀行(香港) 7 December 2018 29 September 2020 OneConnect Financial Technology Company Limited (100%)
390 WeLab Bank Limited 匯立銀行 21 August 2018 30 July 2020 WeLab (100%)
387 ZA Bank Limited 眾安銀行 8 February 2019 24 March 2020 ZhongAn Online (51%), Sinolink Worldwide (49%)

Incorporated outside Hong Kong[edit]

Clearing Code Bank Name Chinese Name Established Country of Origin
307 ABN AMRO 荷蘭銀行 Netherlands Netherlands
222 Agricultural Bank of China 中國農業銀行 1979 China China
256 Allahabad Bank India India
152 Australia & New Zealand Banking Group 澳洲紐西蘭銀行集團 Australia Australia
261 Axis Bank India India
350 Banca della Svizzera Italiana (BSI) Switzerland Switzerland
234 Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena 意大利西雅那銀行香港分行 Italy Italy
147 Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria 西班牙對外銀行 Spain Spain
267 Banco Santander 桑坦德銀行 Spain Spain
049 Bangkok Bank 盤谷銀行 Thailand Thailand
278 J. Safra Sarasin 瑞士嘉盛銀行 Switzerland Switzerland
055 Bank of America 美國銀行 United States United States
259 Bank of Baroda 巴魯達銀行 India India
012 Bank of China 中國銀行 1917 China China
027 Bank of Communications Hong Kong Branch 交通銀行有限公司 1934 China China
058 Bank of India 印度銀行 India India
066 Bank Negara Indonesia 印尼國家銀行 Indonesia Indonesia
139 BNY Mellon 紐約梅隆銀行有限公司 United States United States
076 Bank of Nova Scotia 加拿大豐業銀行 Canada Canada
Bank of the Philippine Islands Philippines Philippines
201 Bank of Taiwan 臺灣銀行 1897 Taiwan Taiwan
047 MUFG Bank 三菱UFJ銀行 Japan Japan
272 Bank of Singapore 新加坡銀行有限公司 Singapore Singapore
241 Bank SinoPac 永豐金融控股公司 1992 Taiwan Taiwan
074 Barclays 巴克萊銀行 1690 United Kingdom United Kingdom
067 BDO Unibank Philippines Philippines
056 BNP Paribas 法國巴黎銀行香港 France France
275 BNP Paribas Securities Services France France
BNP Paribas Wealth Management 法國巴黎財富管理銀行 France France
092 Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce 加拿大帝國商業銀行 Canada Canada
262 Canara Bank India India
263 Cathay Bank 國泰銀行 United States United States
Cathay United Bank 國泰世華銀行 1975 Taiwan Taiwan
206 Chang Hwa Commercial Bank 彰化銀行 1905 Taiwan Taiwan
170 Chiba Bank 千葉銀行 Japan Japan
009 China Construction Bank 中國建設銀行(亞洲)股份有限公司 1912 China China
276 China Development Bank 國家開發銀行 1994 China China
368 China Everbright Bank 中國光大控股有限公司 1992 China China
238 China Merchants Bank 招商銀行股份有限公司 1987 China China
353 China Minsheng Banking Corporation 中國民生銀行 1996 China China
202 Chugoku Bank Japan Japan
374 CIMB Bank Malaysia Malaysia
006 Citibank 花旗銀行 1902 United States United States
097 Commerzbank 德國商業銀行 Germany Germany
153 Commonwealth Bank 澳洲聯邦銀行 Australia Australia
205 Coutts & Co 顧資銀行 England England
Crédit Agricole France France
005 Crédit Agricole Corporate and Investment Bank 1894 France France
Crédit Industriel et Commercial France France
233 Credit Suisse Switzerland Switzerland
229 CTBC Bank 中國信託商業銀行 1966 Taiwan Taiwan
185 DBS Bank 星展銀行(香港)有限公司 Singapore Singapore
054 Deutsche Bank 德意志銀行 Germany Germany
113 DZ Bank 德國中央合作銀行 Germany Germany
243 E.SUN Commercial Bank 玉山商業銀行 1992 Taiwan Taiwan
258 East West Bank 華美銀行 United States United States
346 Edmond de Rothschild (Suisse) Switzerland Switzerland
237 EFG Bank 瑞士盈豐銀行股份有限公司 Switzerland Switzerland
227 Erste Group Bank Austria Austria
Falcon Private Bank Switzerland Switzerland
260 Far Eastern International Bank 遠東國際商業銀行 1992 Taiwan Taiwan
203 First Commercial Bank 第一商業銀行 1899 Taiwan Taiwan
188 Hachijuni Bank 八十二銀行 Japan Japan
112 Hana Bank 韓亞銀行 South Korea South Korea
308 HDFC Bank India India
248 Hong Leong Bank 豐隆銀行有限公司 Malaysia Malaysia
347 HSBC Bank (Europe) United Kingdom United Kingdom
HSBC Bank International (Jersey) United Kingdom United Kingdom
HSBC Bank USA United States United States
198 Hua Nan Commercial Bank 華南商業銀行 1919 Taiwan Taiwan
164 UniCredit Bank Germany Germany
251 ICICI Bank India India
050 Indian Overseas Bank 印度海外銀行 India India
072 Industrial and Commercial Bank of China 中國工商銀行(亞洲)有限公司 1964 China China
271 Industrial Bank of Korea South Korea South Korea
274 O-Bank (Industrial Bank of Taiwan) O-Bank Co Ltd (原台灣工業銀行) 1999 Taiwan Taiwan
377 Industrial Bank 興業銀行 1988 China China
145 ING Bank Netherlands Netherlands
161 Intesa Sanpaolo 意大利聯合聖保羅銀行 Italy Italy
224 Iyo Bank 伊予銀行 Japan Japan
007 JPMorgan Chase Bank 摩根大通銀行 United States United States
320 Bank Julius Baer & Co 瑞士寶盛私人銀行 Switzerland Switzerland
178 KBC Bank 比利時聯合銀行 Belgium Belgium
046 Korea Exchange Bank 韓國外換銀行 South Korea South Korea
264 Land Bank of Taiwan 臺灣土地銀行 1946 Taiwan Taiwan
342 LGT Bank (Liechtenstein) Liechtenstein Liechtenstein
Lloyds Bank United Kingdom United Kingdom
344 Macquarie Group 麥格理銀行 Australia Australia
242 Mega International Commercial Bank 兆豐國際商業銀行 2006 Taiwan Taiwan
352 Mashreq Bank United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates
063 Maybank 馬來亞銀行 Malaysia Malaysia
254 Melli Bank United Kingdom United Kingdom
Mirae Asset South Korea South Korea
138 Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Corporation 三菱UFJ信託銀行 Japan Japan
109 Mizuho Bank 瑞穗實業銀行 Japan Japan
150 National Australia Bank 澳洲銀行 Australia Australia
277 National Bank of Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates
060 National Bank of Pakistan 巴基斯坦國民銀行 Pakistan Pakistan
210 Natixis 法國外貿銀行 France France
Newedge Group France France
Nomura Holdings 野村控股 Japan Japan
022 Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation 華僑銀行 Singapore Singapore
357 Pictet & Cie Switzerland Switzerland
119 Philippine National Bank Philippines Philippines
266 Punjab National Bank India India
Coöperatieve Centrale Raiffeisen-Boerenleenbank 荷蘭合作銀行 Netherlands Netherlands
354 Raiffeisen Bank International Austria Austria
080 Royal Bank of Canada 加拿大皇家銀行 Canada Canada
008 Royal Bank of Scotland 蘇格蘭皇家銀行有限公司 United Kingdom United Kingdom
360 Royal Bank of Scotland Scotland Scotland
Samsung Securities South Korea South Korea
269 Shanghai Commercial and Savings Bank 上海商業儲蓄銀行 1954 Taiwan Taiwan
345 Shanghai Pudong Development Bank 上海浦東發展銀行 1993 China China
199 Shiga Bank 滋賀銀行 Japan Japan
186 Shizuoka Bank 靜岡銀行 Japan Japan
316 Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken Sweden Sweden
081 Société Générale 法國興業銀行 France France
Societe Generale Bank & Trust France France
Standard Bank 標準銀行亞洲有限公司 South Africa South Africa
249 Standard Chartered 渣打銀行 United Kingdom United Kingdom
082 State Bank of India 印度國家銀行 India India
220 State Street Bank & Trust Company 美國道富銀行 United States United States
065 Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation 三井住友銀行 Japan Japan
371 Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank Japan Japan
165 Svenska Handelsbanken (Sweden) 瑞典商業銀行 Sweden Sweden
378 Ta Chong Bank 大眾商業銀行 1992 Taiwan Taiwan
239 Taipei Fubon Commercial Bank 台北富邦商業銀行 2005 Taiwan Taiwan
245 Taishin International Bank 台新國際商業銀行 1992 Taiwan Taiwan
230 Taiwan Business Bank 臺灣中小企業銀行 1915 Taiwan Taiwan
265 Taiwan Cooperative Bank 合作金庫商業銀行 1944 Taiwan Taiwan
085 Toronto-Dominion Bank 加拿大多倫多道明銀行 Canada Canada
337 Taiwan Shin Kong Commercial Bank 臺灣新光商業銀行 1918 Taiwan Taiwan
273 Shinhan Bank South Korea South Korea
103 UBS 瑞士銀行 Switzerland Switzerland
045 UCO Bank India India
268 Union Bank of India India India
071 United Overseas Bank 大華銀行有限公司 Singapore Singapore
180 Wells Fargo Bank 富國銀行香港分行 United States United States
218 Portigon 德國西德銀行 Germany Germany
151 Westpac 西太平洋銀行 Australia Australia
118 Woori Bank South Korea South Korea

Restricted licence banks[edit]

Incorporated in Hong Kong[edit]

Bank Name Chinese Name Established Country of Origin
Allied Banking Corporation (Hong Kong) Limited 新聯銀行 (香港) 有限公司 Philippines Philippines
Bank of America Securities Asia Limited United States United States
Bank of China International Limited 中銀國際 China People's Republic of China
Bank of Shanghai (Hong Kong) Limited China People's Republic of China
Citicorp International Limited United States United States
Habib Bank Zurich (Hong Kong) Limited Switzerland Switzerland
J. P. Morgan Securities (Asia Pacific) United States United States
KDB Asia 韓國産業銀行 South Korea South Korea
Kookmin Bank Hong Kong KB國民銀行 South Korea South Korea
Morgan Stanley Asia International Limited 摩根士丹利亞洲國際有限公司 United States United States
Orix Asia Limited Japan Japan
RBC Capital Markets (Hong Kong) Canada Canada
Scotiabank (Hong Kong) Canada Canada
Société Générale Asia France France
UBAF (Hong Kong) France France

Incorporated outside Hong Kong[edit]

Bank Name Country of Origin
Bank Mandiri Indonesia Indonesia
Bank of Ayudhya Thailand Thailand
Kasikornbank Thailand Thailand
Siam Commercial Bank Thailand Thailand
Euroclear Bank Belgium Belgium
RBC Investor Services Bank Luxembourg Luxembourg
Morgan Stanley (Switzerland) AG Switzerland Switzerland

Deposit-taking companies[edit]

Deposit-taking companies are mostly owned by, or associated with, banks. These companies engage in specialized activities, such as consumer finance and securities business. They may take deposits of HK$100,000 or above with an original term of maturity of at least three months. As of 30 September 2023, all deposit-taking companies are incorporated in Hong Kong:[3]

Sortable table
Bank Name Chinese Name Established Country of Origin
BCOM Finance (Hong Kong) 交通財務有限公司 1979[4] China People's Republic of China
BPI International Finance 1974[5] Philippines Philippines
Chau's Brothers Finance Company 周氏兄弟財務有限公司 1980 Hong Kong Hong Kong
Chong Hing Finance 創興財務有限公司 1973 Hong Kong Hong Kong
Commonwealth Finance Corporation 1982 Hong Kong Hong Kong
Corporate Finance (D.T.C.) Hong Kong Hong Kong
Fubon Credit (Hong Kong) 富邦財務(香港)有限公司 1977 Taiwan Taiwan
KEB Asia Finance South Korea South Korea
Kexim Asia 1976 South Korea South Korea
Public Finance 大眾財務有限公司 1977 Hong Kong Hong Kong
Vietnam Finance Company 2009 Vietnam Vietnam
Woori Global Markets Asia 1899 South Korea South Korea

Local representative offices (all incorporated outside Hong Kong)[edit]

Overseas banks may establish local representative offices in Hong Kong, but they are not allowed to engage in any banking business and their role is confined mainly to liaison work between the bank and its customers in Hong Kong.

Sortable table
Bank Name Chinese Name Established Country of Origin
Antwerp Diamond Bank 1934 Belgium Belgium
Ashikaga Bank Japan Japan
BPER Banca 1867 Italy Italy
Banca Popolare di Sondrio 1871 Italy Italy
Banco BPM 2017 Italy Italy
Banco Security Chile Chile
Bank Central Asia 1957 Indonesia Indonesia
Bank of Beijing 北京銀行 1996 China People's Republic of China
Bank of Dongguan 東莞銀行股份有限公司 1999 China People's Republic of China
Bank of Fukuoka 2007 Japan Japan
Bank Hapoalim (Switzerland) 1921 Switzerland Switzerland
Bank of Kyoto 京都銀行 Japan Japan
Bank Rakyat Indonesia 1895 Indonesia Indonesia
Bank of Yokohama, The 株式會社橫浜銀行 1920 Japan Japan
Banque cantonale de Genève 1953 Switzerland Switzerland
Banque Degroof Luxembourg Luxembourg Luxembourg
Banque Transatlantique 1881 Luxembourg Luxembourg
Central Bank of India 1911 India India
China Guangfa Bank 廣發銀行 1988 China People's Republic of China
Clearstream Banking 2000 Luxembourg Luxembourg
Credit Industriel et Commercial 1859 France France
Corporation Bank 1906 India India
Doha Bank 1979 Qatar Qatar
Dukascopy Bank 2004 Switzerland Switzerland
Expobank 1991 Latvia Latvia
Fiduciary Trust Company International 1931 United States United States of America
First Gulf Bank 1979 United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates
Habib Bank AG Zurich 1967 Switzerland Switzerland
HSH Nordbank 2003 Germany Germany
Investec Bank 1974 South Africa South Africa
Japan Post Bank 2006 Japan Japan
Jih Sun International Bank 日盛銀行 1990 Taiwan Taiwan
Juroku Bank, The 十六銀行 Japan Japan
Korea Development Bank 韓國産業銀行 1954 South Korea South Korea
Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company 1962 Philippines Philippines
Nanto Bank 株式會社南都銀行 1934 Japan Japan
National Bank of Canada 加拿大國民銀行 1859 Canada Canada
Nishi-Nippon City Bank 1944 Japan Japan
Norinchukin Bank 農林中央金庫 1923 Japan Japan
Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank 大垣共立銀行 1986 Japan Japan
Oita Bank 大分銀行 1893 Japan Japan
Ping An Bank 平安銀行 1995 China People's Republic of China
Resona Bank 里索那銀行 1918 Japan Japan
Rothschild Bank 1811 United Kingdom United Kingdom
Schroder & Co Bank 1804 United Kingdom United Kingdom
Shinkin Central Bank 信金中央金庫 1950 Japan Japan
Silicon Valley Bank 1982 United States United States of America
Swissquote Bank 1996 Switzerland Switzerland
Trasta komercbanka Latvia Latvia
Union Bank of Taiwan 聯邦銀行 1989 Taiwan Taiwan
UBI Banca (Unione di Banche Italiane S.p.A.) 2003 Italy Italy
VP Bank (Liechtenstein) Liechtenstein Liechtenstein
Yamaguchi Bank 山口銀行 1878 Japan Japan
Yamanashi Chuo Bank 山梨中央銀行 1941 Japan Japan
Yuanta Commercial Bank 元大銀行 1992 Taiwan Taiwan

Approved money brokers[edit]

  • BGC Capital Markets (Hong Kong) Limited
  • Bloomberg Tradebook Hong Kong Limited
  • Currenex, Inc.
  • EBS Service Company Limited
  • FX Alliance, Llc
  • Fxmarketspace Limited
  • GFI (HK) Brokers Limited
  • ICAP (Hong Kong) Limited
  • iMarkets Limited
  • Korea Money Brokerage Corporation
  • Lotus Forex Limited
  • Nittan Capital Asia Limited
  • Reuters Transaction Services Limited
  • SMBC Capital Markets Limited
  • Sendra Holdings Limited
  • Tradition (Asia) Limited
  • Tullett Prebon (Hong Kong) Limited

Defunct, renamed or acquired banks[edit]

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