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This is a list of corporations engaged in the business of banking within the territory of India.

Public-sector banks[edit]

There are currently 27 public sector banks in India out of which 19 are nationalised banks and 6 are SBI and its associate banks, and rest two are IDBI Bank and Bharatiya Mahila Bank, which are categorised as other public sector banks. There are total 93 commercial banks in India.[1]

Private-sector banks[edit]

Foreign banks[edit]

Foreign banks with branches in India[edit]

List of banks which are incorporated outside India and are operating branches in India (as of 31 January 2015):[6]

Foreign banks with representative offices in India[edit]

List of foreign banks with representative offices in India (as of 31 January 2015):[6]

Regional Rural Banks (RRBs)[edit]

Main article: Regional Rural Bank

List of Regional Rural Banks in India:[7]

Andhra Pradesh

  1. Andhra Pradesh Grameena Vikas Bank
  2. Andhra Pragathi Grameena Bank
  3. Chaitanya Godavari Grameena Bank
  4. Deccan Grameena Bank
  5. Saptagiri Grameena Bank


  1. Assam Gramin Vikash Bank
  2. Langpi Dehangi Rural Bank

Arunachal Pradesh

  1. Arunachal Pradesh Rural Bank


  1. Uttar Bihar Gramin Bank
  2. Madhya Bihar Gramin Bank
  3. Bihar Gramin Bank


  1. Chhattisgarh Rajya Gramin Bank


  1. Dena Gujarat Gramin Bank
  2. Baroda Gujarat Gramin Bank
  3. Saurashtra Gramin Bank


  1. Sarva Haryana Gramin Bank

Himachal Pradesh

  1. Himachal Pradesh Gramin Bank


  1. Jharkhand Gramin Bank
  2. Vananchal Gramin Bank

Jammu & Kashmir

  1. Jammu And Kashmir Grameen Bank


  1. Kaveri Grameena Bank
  2. Karnataka Vikas Grameena Bank
  3. Pragathi Krishna Gramin Bank


  1. Kerala Gramin Bank

Madhya Pradesh

  1. Narmada Jhabua Gramin Bank
  2. Central Madhya Pradesh Gramin Bank
  3. Madhyanchal Gramin Bank


  1. Maharashtra Gramin Bank
  2. Vidarbha Kokan Gramin Bank


  1. Manipur Rural Bank


  1. Meghalaya Rural Bank


  1. Mizoram Rural Bank


  1. Nagaland Rural Bank


  1. Odisha Gramya Bank
  2. Odisha State Co-Operative Bank Ltd.
  3. Utkal Grameen Bank
  4. Rushikulya Gramya Bank


  1. Punjab Gramin Bank
  2. Malwa Gramin Bank
  3. Sutlej Gramin Bank


  1. Puduvai Bharathiar Grama Bank


  1. Baroda Rajasthan Kshetriya Gramin Bank
  2. Marudhara Rajasthan Gramin Bank

Tamil Nadu

  1. Pandyan Grama Bank
  2. Pallavan Grama Bank


  1. Tripura Gramin Bank

Uttar Pradesh

  1. Sarva UP Gramin Bank
  2. Prathama Bank
  3. Allahabad UP Gramin Bank
  4. Baroda UP Gramin Bank
  5. Gramin Bank Of Aryavrat
  6. Kashi Gomti Samyukt Gramin Bank


  1. Uttarakhand Gramin Bank

West Bengal

  1. Bangiya Gramin Vikash Bank
  2. Paschim Banga Gramin Bank
  3. Uttarbanga Kshetriya Gramin Bank

Cooperative banks[edit]

State Cooperative Banks (SCBs)[edit]

List of State Cooperative Banks:[8]

  1. Andaman and Nicobar State Co-operative Bank
  2. Andhra Pradesh State Co-operative Bank
  3. Arunachal Pradesh State Co-operative Apex Bank
  4. Assam Co-operative Apex Bank
  5. Bihar State Co-operative Bank
  6. Bharat Co-operative Bank
  7. Chandigarh State Co-operative Bank
  8. Chhattisgarh Rajya Sahakari Bank Maryadit
  9. Delhi State Co-operative Bank
  10. Goa State Co-operative Bank
  11. Gujarat State Co-operative Bank
  12. Gujarat State Co-operative Agriculture & Rural Development Bank
  13. Haryana State Co-opertive Apex Bank
  14. Himachal Pradesh State Co-operative Bank
  15. Jammu and Kashmir State Co-operative Bank
  16. Jharkhand State Co-operative Bank
  17. Karnataka State Co-operative Apex Bank
  18. Kerala State Co-operative Bank
  19. Madhya Pradesh Rajya Sahakari Bank Maryadit
  20. Mogaveera Co-operative Bank
  21. Maharashtra State Co-operative Bank
  22. Manipur State Co-operative Bank
  23. Meghalaya Co-operative Apex Bank
  24. Mizoram Co-operative Apex Bank
  25. Nagaland State Co-operative Bank
  26. Orissa State Co-operative Bank
  27. Pondichery State Co-operative Bank
  28. Punjab State Co-operative Bank
  29. Rajasthan State Co-operative Bank
  30. Sikkim State Co-operative Bank
  31. The Tamil Nadu State Apex Co-operative Bank
  32. Telangana State Co-Operative Apex Bank Limited
  33. Tripura State Co-operative Bank
  34. Uttar Pradesh Co-operative Bank
  35. Uttarakhand State Co-operative Bank
  36. West Bengal State Co-operative Bank
  37. Tumkur Grain Merchant's Co-operative Bank
  38. Nagpur Nagrik Sahakari Bank Limited

Urban Cooperative Banks (UCBs)[edit]

510 Army Base Workshop credit Co operative Bank Meerut Cantt UP


See also: Scheduled banks

List of Scheduled Urban Cooperative Banks in India:[9]

  1. Ahmedabad Mercantile Co-Op Bank
  2. Kalupur Commercial Coop. Bank
  3. Mehsana Urban Co-Op Bank
  4. Nutan Nagarik Sahakari Bank
  5. Rajkot Nagrik Sahakari Bank
  6. Sardar Bhiladwala Pardi Peoples Coop Bank
  7. Surat Peoples Coop Bank
  8. Rajdhani Nagar Sahkari Bank
  9. Andhra Pradesh Mahesh Co-Op Urban Bank
  10. Indian Mercantile Co-operative Bank
  11. Abhyudaya Co-operative Bank
  12. Bassein Catholic Co-operative Bank
  13. Bharat Co-operative Bank (Mumbai)
  14. Bharati Sahakari Bank
  15. Bombay Mercantile Co-operative Bank
  16. Citizencredit Co-operative Bank
  17. Cosmos Co-operative Urban Bank
  18. Dombivli Nagari Sahakari Bank
  19. Goa Urban Co-operative Bank
  20. Gopinath Patil Parsik Janata Sahakari Bank
  21. Greater Bombay Co-operative Bank
  22. Jalgaon Janata Sahakari Bank
  23. Janakalyan Sahakari Bank
  24. Janalaxmi Co-operative Bank
  25. Janata Sahakari Bank
  26. Kallappanna Awade Ichalkaranji Janata Sahakari Bank
  27. Kalyan Janata Sahakari Bank
  28. Karad Urban Co-operative Bank
  29. Mahanagar Co-operative Bank
  30. Mapusa Urban Co-operative Bank of Goa
  31. Nagar Urban Co-operative Bank
  32. Nasik Merchant's Co-operative Bank
  33. New India Co-operative Bank
  34. NKGSB Co-operative Bank
  35. Pravara Sahakari Bank
  36. Punjab & Maharashtra Co-operative Bank
  37. Rupee Co-operative Bank
  38. Sangli Urban Co-operative Bank
  39. Saraswat Co-operative Bank
  40. Shamrao Vithal Co-operative Bank
  41. Solapur Janata Sahakari Bank
  42. Thane Bharat Sahakari Bank
  43. The Kapole Co-operative Bank
  44. TJSB Sahakari Bank
  45. Zoroastrian Co-operative Bank
  46. Nagpur Nagrik Sahakari Bank
  47. Shikshak Sahakari Bank
  48. Akola Janata Commercial Co-operative Bank
  49. Akola Urban Co-operative Bank
  50. Khamgaon Urban Co-operative Bank
  52. Eenadu Urban Co operative Bank
  53. Rohit Kataria Co-operative Bank
  54. Sangli District Primary Teachers Bank Ltd; Sangli

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