List of banks in Israel

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The following is a list of banks in Israel:

Central Bank[edit]

Logo Bank Established Website
Bank of Israel logo.png Bank of Israel 1954

Major banks[edit]

Logo Bank Established Website
BankHapoalim.svg Bank Hapoalim 1921
Leumi Bank Logo.png Bank Leumi 1902
DiscountBank.svg Israel Discount Bank 1935

Other banks[edit]

Logo Bank Established Website
Arab Israel Bank.jpg Arab Israel Bank 1961 Arab Israel Bank was wholly owned by Bank Leumi and has been merged into Leumi
Marcantile.svg Mercantile Discount Bank 1971
Bank of Jerusalem 1963
Mizrahi Tefahot logo.svg Bank Mizrahi-Tefahot 1923
HaBank Hbinleumi logo.svg First International Bank of Israel 1972
OtsarLogoHE.gif Bank Otsar Ha-Hayal 1946
Bank Igud.svg Union Bank of Israel 1951
Bank Massad 1929
Bank Yahav 1954
Dexia Israel Bank 1953
Poaley Agudat Israel Bank 1977
U-Bank 1934

Foreign banks[edit]

Logo Bank Branch opened in Israel Website
BNP Paribas.svg BNP Paribas Israel 1996
[[Citibank] Citibank Israel 1996/2000
HSBC.svg HSBC Israel 2001

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