List of banks in Israel

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The following is a list of banks in Israel:

Central Bank[edit]

Logo Bank Established Website
Bank of Israel logo.png Bank of Israel 1954

Major banks[edit]

Logo Bank Established Website
BankHapoalim.svg Bank Hapoalim 1921
Leumi Bank Logo.png Bank Leumi 1902
DiscountBank.svg Israel Discount Bank 1935

Other banks[edit]

Logo Bank Established Website
Arab Israel Bank.jpg Arab Israel Bank 1961
Marcantile.svg Mercantile Discount Bank 1971
בנק ירושלים.png Bank of Jerusalem 1963
Mizrahi Tefahot logo.svg Bank Mizrahi-Tefahot 1923
HaBank Hbinleumi logo.svg First International Bank of Israel 1972
OtsarLogoHE.gif Bank Otsar Ha-Hayal 1946
Bank Igud.svg Union Bank of Israel 1951
Bank Massad 1929
Bank Yahav 1954
Dexia Israel Bank 1953
Poaley Agudat Israel Bank 1977
U-Bank 1934

Foreign banks[edit]

Logo Bank Branch opened in Israel Website
BNP Paribas.svg BNP Paribas Israel 1996
HSBC.svg HSBC Israel 2001

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