List of banks in Mauritius

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This is a list of commercial banks in Mauritius.[1]

Banks Headquarters
ABC Banking Corporation Port Louis
AfrAsia Bank Limited Port Louis
Bank One Port Louis
Bank of Baroda Port Louis
Banque des Mascareignes Ebène CyberCity
BanyanTree Bank Limited Ebène CyberCity
Barclays Bank Ebène CyberCity
Century Banking Corporation Port Louis
Deutsche Bank Port Louis
Development Bank of Mauritius Port Louis
The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Ebène CyberCity
Habib Bank Limited Port Louis
Investec Bank Port Louis
MauBank Ebène CyberCity
Mauritius Commercial Bank Port Louis
Bank Internasional Indonesia Port Louis
SBI Mauritius Ebène CyberCity
Standard Bank Ebène CyberCity
Standard Chartered Bank Ebène CyberCity
State Bank of Mauritius Port Louis

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