List of banks in Montenegro

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This is a list of Montenegrin banks.

Central Bank[edit]

Commercial Banks[edit]

Bank Capital Headquarters
1 AtlasMont Bank Montenegro Podgorica
2 Crnogorska komercijalna banka - OTP Bank group Hungary Podgorica
3 Hypotekarna banka Montenegro Podgorica
4 Hypo-Alpe-Adria Bank Austria Podgorica
5 Komercijalna banka Budva Serbia Budva
6 Invest Banka Montenegro (formerly Pljevaljska banka) Montenegro Podgorica
7 NLB Montenegrobanka - Nova ljubljanska banka group Slovenia Podgorica
8 Prva banka Crne Gore (First Bank of Montenegro, formerly Nikšićka banka) Montenegro Podgorica
9 Podgorička banka - Société Générale group France Podgorica
10 Erste Bank AD Podgorica (Before July 24th 2009 Opportunity Bank) Austria Podgorica
11 Lovćen banka AD Montenegro Podgorica
12 Zapad banka AD Ukraine Podgorica
13 ZIRAAT Bank Montenegro Turkey Podgorica
14 Universal Capital Bank Greece Podgorica

Former banks[edit]

  • Euromarket Bank - bought by NLB and merged into NLB Montenegrobanka
  • Ekos Bank - liquidated
  • Jugobanka

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