List of banks in Mozambique

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This is a list of commercial banks in Mozambique[1]

  1. BancABC[2]
  2. Banco Comercial e de Investimentos (BCI)
  3. Banco Mercantil e de Investimentos (BMI)
  4. Banco Nacional de Investimentos (BNI) (National Investment Bank)
  5. Banco Tchuma
  6. Banco Terra
  7. Banco Société Générale Moçambique (SGM)
  8. Banco Unico
  9. Barclays Bank
  10. First National Bank Mozambique
  11. First Capital Bank (FCB)
  12. Millennium BIM (BIM)
  13. Moza Banco
  14. MBC Bank Mozambique (MBC)
  15. Procredit Bank
  16. Socremo Microfinance Bank
  17. Standard Bank
  18. United Bank for Africa

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