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This is a list of commercial banks in Sudan[1]

  1. Agricultural Bank of Sudan
  2. Savings and Social Development Bank
  3. Industrial Development Bank
  4. El -Nilien Bank
  5. Bank of Khartoum
  6. Real Estates Commercial Bank
  7. Faisal Islamic Bank
  8. Sudanese French Bank
  9. National Bank of Sudan
  10. Blue Nile Mashreq Bank
  11. Sudanese Islamic Bank
  12. Tadamon Islamic Bank
  13. Islamic Cooperative Development Bank
  14. Baraka Bank (Sudan)
  15. Export Development Bank
  16. Saudi Sudanese Bank
  17. Workers’ National Bank
  18. Animal Resources’ Bank
  19. Al Shamal Islamic Bank
  20. Farmer’s Commercial Bank
  21. Omdurman National Bank
  22. African Bank for Trade and Development
  23. Byblos Bank (Africa)
  24. Alsalam Bank
  25. Sudanese Egyptian Bank
  26. United Capital Bank
  27. Aljazeera Sudanese Jordanian Bank
  28. Family Bank
  29. Financial Investment Bank
  30. Abu Dhabi National Bank
  31. Qatar National Bank
  32. Arab Sudanese Bank

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