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United States Numbered Highway System
Types of special routes in the U.S.
Highway names
US Routes: U.S. Highway nn (US nn)
U.S. Route nn (US nn)
Bannered routes Alternate U.S. Route nn (ALT US nn)
Business U.S. Route nn (BUS US nn)
Bypass U.S. Route nn (BYP US nn)
Connector U.S. Route nn (CONN US nn)
Scenic U.S. Route nn (Scenic US nn)
Spur U.S. Route nn (Spur US nn)
Temporary U.S. Route nn (TEMP US nn)
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A bannered U.S. Route (occasionally/neologistically auxiliary U.S. Route[disputed ]) is a term coined by roadfans to define special routes of the United States Numbered Highway system. Bannered U.S. routes, as the name suggests, are typically marked with an auxiliary sign (or "banner") above (or occasionally below) the route shield, or a suffix letter after the number in the shield. Occasionally the name of the special route type will be placed on the shield itself, as is in the case of US 13 Business in Maryland.

A unique type of special route in the U.S. Route system uses directional letter suffixes following the route number. These are known as divided U.S. Routes and are generally not considered to be bannered routes. The following bannered U.S. Routes have existed:

  • Defunct routes are listed in italics.
  • Routes are sorted by position along the main route, from south to north and west to east.
  • Common auxiliary designations are ALT (Alternate), BUS (Business), and BYP (Bypass).


US 1 – US 101[edit]

US 1[edit]

US 2[edit]

US 3[edit]

US 4[edit]

US 5[edit]

US 6[edit]

US 7[edit]

US 8[edit]

US 9[edit]

US 10[edit]

US 11[edit]

US 12[edit]

US 13[edit]

US 14[edit]

US 15[edit]

US 16[edit]

US 17[edit]

US 18[edit]

US 19[edit]

US 20[edit]

US 21[edit]

US 22[edit]

US 23[edit]

US 24[edit]

US 25[edit]

US 26[edit]

US 27[edit]

US 29[edit]

US 30[edit]

US 31[edit]

US 33[edit]

US 34[edit]

US 35[edit]

US 36[edit]

US 40[edit]

US 41[edit]

US 42[edit]

US 43[edit]

US 44[edit]

US 45[edit]

US 49[edit]

US 50[edit]

US 51[edit]

US 52[edit]

US 53[edit]

US 54[edit]

US 56[edit]

US 58[edit]

US 59[edit]

US 60[edit]

US 61[edit]

US 62[edit]

US 63[edit]

US 64[edit]

US 65[edit]

US 66[edit]

US 67[edit]

US 68[edit]

US 69[edit]

US 70[edit]

US 71[edit]

US 72[edit]

US 73[edit]

US 74[edit]

US 75[edit]

US 76[edit]

US 77[edit]

US 78[edit]

US 79[edit]

US 80[edit]

US 81[edit]

US 82[edit]

US 83[edit]

US 84[edit]

US 85[edit]

US 87[edit]

US 89[edit]

US 90[edit]

US 91[edit]

US 92[edit]

US 93[edit]

US 95[edit]

US 96[edit]

US 97[edit]

US 98[edit]

US 99[edit]

US 101[edit]

US 102 – US 199[edit]

US 104[edit]

US 111[edit]

US 112[edit]

US 113[edit]

US 117[edit]

US 119[edit]

US 123[edit]

US 127[edit]

US 129[edit]

US 130[edit]

US 131[edit]

US 136[edit]

US 141[edit]

US 150[edit]

US 151[edit]

US 154[edit]

US 158[edit]

US 160[edit]

US 165[edit]

US 166[edit]

US 167[edit]

US 169[edit]

US 171[edit]

US 175[edit]

US 176[edit]

US 178[edit]

US 180[edit]

US 181[edit]

US 183[edit]

US 189[edit]

US 190[edit]

US 191[edit]

US 195[edit]

US 200 – US 299[edit]

US 201[edit]

US 202[edit]

US 206[edit]

US 209[edit]

US 211[edit]

US 212[edit]

US 218[edit]

US 219[edit]

US 220[edit]

US 221[edit]

US 222[edit]

US 223[edit]

US 224[edit]

US 230[edit]

US 231[edit]

US 240[edit]

US 250[edit]

US 258[edit]

US 259[edit]

US 260[edit]

US 264[edit]

US 270[edit]

US 271[edit]

US 275[edit]

US 276[edit]

US 277[edit]

US 278[edit]

US 281[edit]

US 283[edit]

US 285[edit]

US 287[edit]

US 290[edit]

US 300 – US 399[edit]

US 301[edit]

US 302[edit]

US 309[edit]

US 311[edit]

US 319[edit]

US 321[edit]

US 322[edit]

US 331[edit]

US 340[edit]

US 341[edit]

US 350[edit]

US 360[edit]

US 377[edit]

US 378[edit]

US 380[edit]

US 395[edit]

US 400 – US 499[edit]

US 401[edit]

US 411[edit]

US 412[edit]

US 421[edit]

US 422[edit]

US 431[edit]

US 441[edit]

US 460[edit]

US 466[edit]

US 500 – US 599[edit]

US 501[edit]

US 521[edit]

US 522[edit]

US 541[edit]

US 550[edit]

US 600 – US 699[edit]

US 601[edit]

US 611[edit]

US 641[edit]

US 666[edit]

US 700 – US 799[edit]

US 701[edit]

US 730[edit]

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