List of bar associations in Africa

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This List of bar associations in Africa includes members of the International Bar Association in countries in Africa.[1] The East Africa Law Society includes many individual members plus six national Bar associations: Law Society of Kenya, Tanganyika Law Society, Uganda Law Society, Zanzibar Law Society, Kigali Bar Association and Burundi Bar Association.[2]

Country Association Website
Algeria Organisation Nationale des Avocats
Angola Angola Bar Association (Ordem dos Advogados de Angola)
Botswana SADC Lawyers' Association
The Law Society of Botswana
Cameroon Cameroon Bar Association
Cape Verde Ordem dos Advogados de Cabo Verde
Equatorial Guinea Colegio de Abogados de Guinea Ecuatorial
Ethiopia Ethiopian Lawyers' Association (ELA)
Gambia Gambia Bar Association
Ghana Ghana Bar Association
Kenya International Federation of Women Lawyers (FIDA)
Law Society of Kenya
Lesotho Law Society of Lesotho
Liberia Association of Female Lawyers of Liberia (AFELL)
Liberian National Bar Association
Malawi Malawi Law Society
Mauritius Mauritius Bar Association
Morocco Ordre des Avocats au Barreau de Casablanca
Mozambique Ordem dos Advogados de Moçambique (Mozambique Bar Association)
Namibia Society of Advocates of Namibia
Law Society of Namibia
Nigeria Nigerian Bar Association
Rwanda Ordre des Avocats Rwanda
São Tomé e Príncipe Ordem dos Advogados de São Tomé e Príncipe
Sierra Leone Sierra Leone Bar Association
South Africa Corporate Lawyers Association of South Africa
General Council of the Bar of South Africa
Law Society of South Africa
KwaZulu-Natal Law Society
The Law Society of the Cape of Good Hope
South Sudan South Sudan Bar Association
Swaziland The Law Society of Swaziland
Tanzania Tanganyika Law Society
Uganda Uganda Law Society
Zambia The Law Association of Zambia
Zimbabwe Law Society of Zimbabwe


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