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This is a list of baronetcies in the Baronetage of Nova Scotia. These were first created in 1624, and were replaced by the Baronetage of Great Britain in 1707.

This page lists baronetcies, whether extant, extinct, dormant (D), unproven (U), under review (R), abeyant, or forfeit, in the Baronetage of Nova Scotia.

The holders of some of the baronetcies listed on the list have died but in each case, up to the present, no person has proved succession and thus been placed upon the Official Roll of the Baronetage. Those that are marked with a "Dormant" in the penultimate column are regarded as being dormant since, although heirs are known to exist, succession has not been proved within a period of five years from the death of the holder.

A baronetcy becomes extinct when heirs cannot be traced and are believed not to exist. In this case it should not be listed on the Official Roll but would be re-activated should an heir subsequently emerge.

The Royal Warrant of Edward VII of 8 February 1910 states "no person whose name is not entered on the Official Roll shall be received as a Baronet, or shall be addressed or mentioned by that title in any civil or military Commission, Letters Patent or other official document".

The list below is not corroborated by The Standing Council of the Baronetage or the Ministry of Justice.


Title Date of creation Surname Current status Notes
Abercromby of Birkenbog 1636 Abercromby dormant 2003
Acheson of Glencairny 1628 Acheson extant sixth Baronet created Viscount Gosford in 1785; second Viscount created Earl of Gosford in 1806
Agnew of Lochnaw 1629 Agnew extant  
Alexander of Menstre 1625 Alexander extinct 1739 first Baronet created Viscount of Stirling in 1630 and Earl of Stirling in 1633
Anstruther of Anstruther 1700 Anstruther extant  
Anstruther of Balcaskie 1694 Anstruther extant  
Arnot of Arnot 1629 Arnot dormant 1838  


Title Date of creation Surname Current status Notes
Baillie of Lochend 1636 Baillie dormant 1648  
Baird of Newbyth 1660 Baird extinct 1745  
Baird of Newbyth 1680 Baird extinct 1745
Baird of Sauchtonhall 1695 Baird extant  
Balfour of Denmiln 1633 Balfour dormant 1793  
Bannerman of Elsick 1682 Bannerman extant  
Barclay of Pierston 1668 Barclay extant  
Barr of Glasgow 1628 Barr extinct 1629  
Bennet of Fife 1671 Bennet extinct 1700  
Bennet of Grubet 1670 Bennet extinct 1765  
Bethune of Scotscraig 1683 Sharp extinct 1997  
Bingham of Castlebar 1634 Bingham extant seventh Baronet created Earl of Lucan in 1795
Blackadder of Tulliallan 1626 Blackadder dormant 1670  
Blair of Kinfauns 18 September 1666 Blair extinct Remainder to heirs male of the body of Sir William Blair, 1st Baronet. Having left three daughters and no male issue, the baronetcy extinguished at his death.
Bolles of Osberton 1635 Bolles dormant 1670 Only creation for a female
Bourke of Mayo c. 1638 Bourke extinct 1767 created for the 2nd Viscount Mayo
Bourke of Brittas c. 1638 Bourke extinct 1767 first Baronet succeeded as Viscount Mayo in 1649
Broun of Colstoun 1686 Broun extant  
Brown of Barbados 1664 Brown extinct 1670  
Browne of The Neale 1636 Browne dormant 1978 seventh Baronet created Baron Kilmaine in 1789
Bruce of Balcaskie 1668 Bruce extinct 1711  
Bruce of Stenhouse 1629 Bruce extant  
Burnett of Leys 1626 Burnett dormant 1959


Title Date of creation Surname Current status Notes
Cadell 1628 Cadell Unknown  
Calder of Muirtone 1686 Calder dormant 1887  
Campbell of Aberuchil c.1668 Campbell extant  
Campbell of Ardkinglass 1679 Campbell extinct 1752  
Campbell of Ardnamurchan 1628 Campbell extinct 1651  
Campbell of Auchinbreck 1628 Campbell extant  
Campbell of Glenorchy 29 May 1625 Campbell dormant 1995 Second Baronet created Earl of Breadalbane and Holland in 1677
Campbell of Lundy 1627 Campbell extant Merged with Duke of Argyll c. 1696; Baronetcy unproven (14th Baronet died 2001) – under review
Carmichael of Bonnington c.1676 Carmichael extinct or dormant 1738  
Carmichael of Westraw 1627 Carmichael dormant 1817 first Baronet created Lord Carmichael in 1647; second Lord created Earl of Hyndford in 1701
Carnegie of Pitarrow 1663 Carnegie extant sixth Baronet succeeded as Earl of Southesk in 1855; twelfth Earl succeeded as Duke of Fife in 1959
Cathcart of Carleton 1704 Cathcart extinct 1916  
Chalmers of Cults 1664 Chalmers extinct?  
Clerk of Penicuik 1679 Clerk extant  
Cockburn of Cockburn 1671 Cockburn extant  
Cockburn of Langton 1627 Cockburn dormant 1880  
Colquhoun of Colquhoun 1625 Colquhoun, now Grant extant Merged with Earl of Seafield 1811 to 1915, now merged with Baron Strathspey
Crawford, later Crawford-Pollock of Kilbirney 1628 Crawford, Crawford-Pollok dormant 1885  
Crosbie of Queens County 1630 Crosbie extinct 1936  
Cumming of Culter 1695 Cumming extinct/dormant c 1793  
Cunningham of Cunninghamhead 1627 Cunningham extinct 1724  
Cunningham of Auchenharvie 1633 Cunningham dormant 1659  
Cunningham of London 1642 Cunningham extinct 1659  
Cunningham of Auchenharvie 1673 Cunningham extinct 1674
Montgomery-Cuninghame of Corsehill 1672 Montgomery-Cuninghame extant for Sir Alexander Cuningham, 1st Baronet, of Corsehill (d.1685)
Cunynghame of Milncraig 1702 Cunynghame extant
Curzon of Kedleston 1636 Curzon extant First Baronet also created an English Baronet in 1641. Fifth Baronet created Baron Scarsdale in 1761. Fifth Baron created Baron Curzon of Kedleston in 1898, Earl Curzon of Kedleston in 1911 and Marquess Curzon of Kedleston in 1921, which titles became extinct in 1925, also created Baron Ravensdale in 1911, which title is now separate from the Baronetcies, and Viscount Scarsdale in 1911, which title is still merged with the baronetcies; Baronetcy unproven (11th Baronet died 2000) – under Review


Title Date of creation Surname Current status Notes
Dalmahoy of Dalmahoy 1679 Dalmahoy extinct 1800  
Dalrymple of Cranstoun 1698 Dalrymple extant Created Viscount of Stair in 1690. Now merged with Earl of Stair 1840
Dalrymple of Hailes 1701 Dalrymple dormant 1829  
Dalrymple of Stair 1664 Dalrymple extant Merged with Viscount of Stair 1690, later Earl of Stair
Dalyell of Binns 1685 Dalyell extant  
Dalzell of Glenae 1666 Dalzell dormant 1941 Merged with Earl of Carnwath 1702
Davidson of Curriehill 1661 Davidson extinct 1685  
Denham of Westshield 1694 Denham extinct 1776  
Dick-Cunyngham of Lambrughton 1669 Cunningham, later Dick-Cunyngham extinct 1941 Merged with Dick baronets 1829
Dick-Lauder of Fountainhall 1690 Lauder, later Dick-Lauder extant  
Dick of Prestonfield 1677 Dick extinct 1728  
Dick of Prestonfield 1707 Dick extinct 1941 merged with Dick-Cunyngham baronets 1829| 
Dickson of Sornbeg 1695 Dickson extinct/dormant 1760  
Don, later Don-Wauchope of Newton 1667 Don, later Don-Wauchope extant  
Douglas of Glenbervie 1625 Douglas dormant 1812  
Douglas of Kelhead 1668 extant Merged with Marquess of Queensberry 1810  
Dunbar of Durn 1698 Dunbar extant  
Dunbar of Hempriggs 1706 Dunbar extant  
Dunbar of Mockrum 1694 Dunbar extant  
Dunbar of Northfield 1700 Dunbar extant  


Title Date of creation Surname Current status Notes
Eliott of Stobs 1666 Eliott extant  
Elliot of Minto 1700 Elliot extant Merged with Earl of Minto 1813
Elphinstone of Elphinstone 1628 Elphinstone dormant 1645  
Elphinstone of Logie 1701 Elphinstone extant  
Erskine of Alva 1666 Erskine extant Merged with Earl of Rosslyn 1805
Erskine of Cambo 1666 Erskine extant Merged with Earl of Kellie 1797


Title Date of creation Surname Current status Notes
Fairlie-Cuninghame of Robertland 1630 Cuninghame, later Cuninghame-Fairlie, later Fairlie-Cuninghame extant  
Falconer of Glenfarquhar 1670 Farquhar extinct 1727 Merged with Lord Falconer of Halkerton 1724
Fergusson of Kilkerran 1703 Fergusson extant  
Fleming of Farme 1661 Fleming extinct/dormant 1764  
Forbes, later Stuart-Forbes of Monymusk 1626 Forbes, Stuart-Forbes extant  
Forbes of Castle Forbes 1628 Forbes extant Merged with Earl of Granard 1684
Forbes of Craigievar 1630 Forbes extant Baronetcy unproven (12th Baronet died 2002; under review
Forbes of Foveran 1700 Forbes dormant 1760  
Forrester of Corstorphine 1625 Forrester dormant 1654 Merged with Lord Forrester 1633
Fortescue of Salden 1636 Fortescue dormant 1729  
Foulis, later Liston-Foulis of Colintun 1634 Foulis, Liston-Foulis extinct 2006  
Foulis, later Primrose of Ravelstoun 1661 Foulis, Primrose Forfeited 1746  
Fraser of Durris 1673 Fraser extinct 1729  


Title Date of creation Surname Current status Notes
Gascoigne of Barnbow 1635 Gascoigne extinct/dormant 1810  
Gibb of Carriber 1634 Gibb dormant 1650  
Gibson-Craig-Carmichael of Keirhill 1702 Gibson, then Gibson-Carmichael, then Gibson-Craig-Carmichael extant  
Gilmour of Craigmillar 1678 Gilmour extinct 1792  
Gilmour of Edinburgh 1661 Gilmour extinct 1663  
Gordon of Cluny 1625 Gordon dormant c.1668  
Gordon of Dalpholly 1704 Gordon dormant 1850  
Gordon of Earlston 1706 Gordon extant  
Gordon of Embo 1631 Gordon dormant 1956 Baronetcy dormant (12th Baronet died 1956)
Gordon of Haddo 1642 Gordon extant Merged with Earl of Aberdeen 1682
Gordon of Lesmore 1625 Gordon dormant 1839  
Gordon of Letterfourie 1625 Gordon dormant 1908  
Gordon of Lochinvar 1626 Gordon dormant 1847 Merged with Viscount Kenmure 1633
Gordon of Park 1686 Gordon extinct/dormant 1835  
Graham of Braco 1625 Graham extant Dormant 1700. Now assumed by Duke of Montrose
Graham of Gartmore 1665 Graham extinct 1708  
Grant-Suttie of Balgone 1702 Suttie, later Grant-Suttie extant  
Grant of Dalvey 1688 Grant extant  
Grant of Monymusk 1705 Grant extant  
Gray of Denmiln 1707 Gray extinct 1773  
Grierson of Lag 1685 Grierson is dormant, but not extinct in 2008, there is presently no claimant  
Guthrie of Kingsward 1638 Guthrie unknown  


Title Date of creation Surname Current status Notes
Halkett of Pitfirrane 1697 Halkett extinct/dormant 1904  
Halkett 1662 Halkett extinct 1705  
Hall of Dunglass 1687 Hall extant  
Halyburton of Pitcur 1628 Halyburton extinct/dormant 1637  
Hamilton-Dalrymple of Bargeny 1697 Dalrymple, later Hamilton-Dalrymple extant  
Hamilton of Barnton 1692 Hamilton extinct 1726  
Hamilton of Broomhill 1635 Hamilton extinct/dormant 1679? Merged with Lord Belhaven and Stenton 1647
Hamilton of Haggs 1670 Hamilton extinct 1710  
Hamilton of Killock 1628 Hamilton dormant 1714  
Hamilton, later Stirling-Hamilton of Preston 1673 Hamilton, Stirling-Hamilton extant  
Hamilton of Rosehall 1703 Hamilton dormant 1755  
Hamilton of Silvertonhill 1646 Hamilton extant  
Hamilton of West Port 1627 Hamilton extinct/dormant c.1670  
Hannay of Mochrum 1630 Hannay dormant 1842  
Hay of Alderston 1703 Hay extant  
Hay of Linplum 1667 Hay extinct 1751  
Hay of Park 1663 Hay extant  
Hay of Smithfield 1635 Hay extinct/dormant 1966 Baronetcy dormant (11th Baronet died 1966)
Henderson of Fordell 1664 Henderson extinct 1833/dormant  Baronetcy extinct with the death of the 6th Baronet died in 1833). The pretenders of the baronetcy (If they are alive) are the descendants of the younger brother of Sir William Henderson 2nd Baronet,John Henderson (b. About 1660) (but no one seems to have claimed the title after the death of the 6th baronet)
Heron-Maxwell of Springkell 1683 Maxwell, later Heron-Maxwell extant  
Hill of Waughton 1707 Hill extinct/dormant 1729  
Holburn of Menstrie 1706 Holburn extinct/dormant 1874  
Home of Blackadder 1671 Home extant  
Home of Lumdane 1697 Home extinct 1783  
Home of North Berwick 1638 Home extinct/dormant 1747  
Home of Renton 1678 Home extinct/dormant 1738  
Home of Wedderburn 1638 Home forfeit 1716  
Home-Purves-Hume-Campbell of Purves Hall 1665 Purves, later Purves-Hume-Campbell, later Home-Purves-Hume-Campbell dormant 1960 Baronetcy dormant (8th Baronet died 1960)
Hope-Dunbar of Baldoon 1664 Dunbar, later Hope-Dunbar extant  
Hope of Craighall 1628 Hope extant  
Hope of Kerse 1672 Hope extinct c 1794  
Hope of Kirkliston 1698 Hope dormant 1763  
Houston of Houston 1668 Houston extant, unclaimed  
Hume of Polwarth 1637 Hume dormant 1794 Merged with Earl of Marchmont 1794


Title Date of creation Surname Current status Notes
Inglis of Cramond 1687 Inglis extant  
Innes, later Innes-Ker of Innes 1625 Innes, Innes-Ker extant sixth Baronet succeeded as Duke of Roxburghe in 1812
Innes of Balvenie 1628 Innes extant  
Innes of Coxtoun 1686 Innes extant  
Jardine of Applegirth 1672 Jardine extant  
Johnston of Caskieben 1626 Johnston extant  
Johnston of Elphinston 1628 Johnston status unknown  
Johnstone of Westerhall 1700 Johnstone extant  


Title Date of creation Surname Current status Notes
Keith 1625 Keith forfeited 1716 created for sixth Earl Marischal
Keith of Ludquharn 1629 Keith dormant 1881  
Keith of Powburn 1663 Keith extinct or dormant after 1663  
Kennedy of Girvan 1673 Kennedy extinct 1740  
Kennedy of Culzean 1682 Kennedy extinct 1792 fourth Baronet succeeded as Earl of Cassilis in 1759
Kennedy of Clowburn 1698 Kennedy extinct or dormant 1729  
Kerr of Greenland 1637 Kerr dormant 1776  
Kinloch of Kinloch 1685 Kinloch forfeited 1746  
Kinloch of Gilmerton 1686 Kinloch extant  
Kirkaldy of Grange 1664 Kirkaldy presumably extinct c. 1680  
Kirkpatrick of Closeburn 1625 Kirkpatrick extant  


Title Date of creation Surname Current status Notes
Lauder of Idlington 1688 Lauder annulled 1692 see Dick-Lauder baronets
Laurie of Maxwelton 1685 Laurie extinct 1848  
Leslie of Wardis 1625 Leslie dormant 1967 Baronetcy dormant c. 1680-c. 1800 and since 1967 (when 9th Baronet died)
Lindsay of Evelick 1666 Lindsay extinct 1799  
Livingston, later Campbell of Glentirran 1685 Livingston, Campbell extinct or dormant 1810  
Livingston of Westquarter 1699 Livingston extinct or dormant 1853  
Livingstone of Dunnipace 1625 Livingstone dormant c. 1634  
Livingstone of Newbiggin 1627 Livingstone dormant 1718  
Livingstone of Kinnaird 1627 Livingstone dormant 1694 second Baronet created Viscount Newburgh in 1647
Lockhart, later Lockhart-Ross of Carstairs 1672 Lockhart, Lockhart-Ross extinct 1942  
Longueville of Wolverton 1638 Longueville extinct or dormant 1802  
Lowther of Lowther c. 1638 Lowther extinct or dormant 1759 second Baronet created Viscount Lonsdale in 1696; fifth Baronet created Earl of Lonsdale in 1784


Title Date of creation Surname Current status Notes
Macarty of Muskerry c. 1638 Macarty forfeit 1691 first Baronet succeeded as Viscount of Muskerry in 1640
Macdonald of Sleat 1625 Macdonald, Bosville-Macdonald extant  
Mackay of Strathnaver 1627 Mackay extant first Baronet created Lord Reay in 1628
Mackenzie of Coul 1673 Mackenzie dormant 1990  
Mackenzie of Darien 1703 Mackenzie dormant 1839  
Mackenzie, later Inglis of Gairloch 1703 Mackenzie, Inglis extant  
Mackenzie of Scatwell 1703 Mackenzie dormant 1972  
Mackenzie of Tarbart 1628 Mackenzie forfeited 1763
Mackenzie of Royston 1704 Mackenzie forfeited 1763
Maclean of Morvern 1631 Maclean extant  
Maclellan of Bombie c. 1631 Maclellan dormant 1831 first Baronet created Lord Kirkcudbright in 1633
Maculloch of Myrstoun 1664 Maculloch extinct 1697  
Maitland of Pitrichies 1672 Maitland extinct or dormant c. 1704  
Maitland of Ravelrig 1680 Maitland extant first Baronet succeeded as Earl of Lauderdale in 1695
Makgill of Cranston Riddell 1627 Makgill extant  
Malcolm of Balbedie and Innertiel 1665 Malcolm extant  
Marshall 1658 Marshall extinct 1816  
Maxwell of Calderwood 1627 Maxwell extant Merged with Baron Farnham in 1885; Baronetcy unproven (14th Baronet died 2001) – under review
Maxwell of Pollock 1630 Maxwell extinct or dormant 1647  
Maxwell of Orchardtoun 1663 Maxwell status unknown  
Maxwell of Monreith 1681 Maxwell extant  
Maxwell, later Stirling-Maxwell, later Macdonald of Pollock 1682 Maxwell, Stirling-Maxwell, Macdonald extant  
Menzies of Castle Menzies 1665 Menzies extinct 1910  
Meredith of Marston 1639 Meredith dormant 1790  
Milne of Barnton 1686 Milne extinct or dormant 1791  
Moir of Longford 1636 Moir extinct or dormant 1644  
Moncreiff of Moncreiff 1626 Moncreiff extant Merged with Baron Moncreiff in 1883; Baronetcy unproven (15th Baronet died 2002) – under review
Moncreiffe, later Hay 1685 Moncreiffe, Hay extant  
Montgomery of Skelmorly 1628 Montgomery dormant 1735
Mowat of Inglestoun 1664 Mowat status unknown  
Munro of Foulis 1634 Munro extant Foulis-Obsdale from 1954. Baronetcy unproven (15th Baronet died 1996); under review
Mure of Rowallen 1662 Mure presumably extinct c. 1700  
Murray of Cockpool 1625 Murray dormant 1658 second Baronet succeeded as Viscount Annand
Murray of Clermont 1626 Murray dormant c. 1700  
Murray of Blackbarony 1628 Murray extant  
Murray, later Erskine-Murray of Elibank 1628 Murray, Erskine-Murray extant first Baronet created Lord Elibank in 1643
Murray of Dunerne 1630 Murray dormant 1958 Baronetcy dormant (13th Baronet died 1958)
Murray of Stanhope 1664 Murray forfeited 1746  
Murray of Ochtertyre 1673 Murray extant  
Murray, later Hepburn-Murray of Glendoick 1676 Murray, Hepburn-Murray extinct c. 1774  
Murray of Melgund 1704 Murray dormant 1848  


Title Date of creation Surname Current status Notes
Naesmyth of Possos 1706 Naesmyth extinct 1928  
Nairne of Dunsinnan 1704 Nairne dormant 1811  
Napier of Merchistoun 1627 Napier extant First Baronet created Lord Napier in 1627; the titles separated in 1683 when the baronetcy became dormant. It was successfully claimed in 1817
Newton of Newton 1697 Newton extinct by 1727  
Nicolson of Cocksburnpeth 1625 Nicolson status unknown  
Nicolson of Lasswade 1629 Nicolson extant held by the Baron Carnock since 1984
Nicolson of Carnock 1637 Nicolson extant held by the Lord Napier from 1683 to 1686; eleventh Baronet created Baron Carnock in 1916
Nicolson of Glenbervie 1700 Nicolson dormant c. 1839  
Patrick Nisbet, Lord Eastbank aka Nisbet of Dean 1669 Nisbet extinct 1827  
Norton of Cheston 1635 Norton extinct c. 1673  


Title Date of creation Surname Current status Notes
Ogilvie of Carnoustie 1626 Ogilvie dormant 1861  
Ogilvie of Barras 1662 Ogilvie dormant 1861  
Ogilvy of Inverquharity 1626 Ogilvy extant  
Ogilvy of Forglen 1627 Ogilvy dormant 1803 first Baronet created Lord Banff in 1642
Oliphant of Newton 1628 Oliphant dormant c. 1691  


Title Date of creation Surname Current status Notes
Paterson of Bannockburn 1686 Paterson forfeited 1716  
Paterson of Eccles 1687 Paterson dormant 1782  
Pickering of Titchmarsh 1638 Pickering extinct 1749  
Piers of Stonepit 1638 Piers dormant 1720  
Pilkington, later Milborne-Swinnerton-Pilkington of Stanley 1635 Pilkington, Milborne-Swinnerton-Pilkington extant  
Pollock of Pollock 1703 Pollock extinct 1783  
Preston of Airdrie 1628 Preston dormant c. 1792  
Preston of Valleyfield 1637 Preston dormant 1873  
Pretyman of Lodington c. 1660 Pretyman dormant c. 1749  
Primrose of Carrington 1651 Primrose extant Earl of Rosebery
Pringle of Stichell 1683 Pringle extant  


Title Date of creation Surname Current status Notes
Ramsay of Balmain 1625 Ramsay dormant  
Ramsay of Whitehill 1665 Ramsay extinct  
Ramsay of Banff House 1666 Ramsay extinct  
Ramsay of Abbotshall 1669 Ramsay extinct  
Rayney of Wrotham 1635 Rayney dormant 1721  
Rayney of Wrotham 1642 Rayney dormant 1721  
Reid of Barra 1703 Reid extinct 1885  
Richardson, later Stewart-Richardson of Pencaitland 1630 Richardson, Stewart-Richardson extant  
Riddell of Riddell 1628 Riddell extant  
Ruthven of Redcastle 1666 Ruthven extinct c. 1700  


Title Date of creation Surname Current status Notes
St Etienne of France 1629 St Etienne presumed extinct c. 1660  
Scott of Thirlestane 1666 Scott, Napier extant Held by the Lord Napier since 1725
Scott of Ancrum 1671 Scott extinct 1902  
Seton of Abercorn 1663 Seton extant  
Seton of Carleton 1664 Seton forfeited c. 1720  
Seton of Windygowl 1671 Seton extinct 1671  
Seton of Pitmeddan 1683 Seton dormant 1993 Baronetcy dormant (11th Baronet died 1993)
Sharp, later Bethune of Scotscraig 1683 Sharp, Bethune extant  
Shaw of Greenock 1687 Shaw extinct 1752  
Sibbald of Rankelour 1630 Sibbald dormant c. 1680  
Sinclair of Dunbeath 1631 Sinclair extinct c. 1652  
Sinclair of Canisbay 1631 Sinclair extant seventh Baronet succeeded as Earl of Caithness in 1789
Sinclair, later Sinclair-Lockhart of Stevenston 1636 Sinclair, Sinclair-Lockhart extant  
Sinclair of Longformacus 1664 Sinclair extinct or dormant c. 1843  
Sinclair of Kinnaird c. 1675 Sinclair status unknown  
Sinclair of Dunbeath 1704 Sinclair extant  
Skene of Curriehill 1628 Skene extinct or dormant c. 1680  
Slingsby of Scriven 1638 Slingsby dormant 1869  
Stewart, later Drummond-Stewart of Blair and Balcaskie 1683 Stewart, Drummond-Stewart extinct 1890  
Stewart of Corsewell 1627 Stewart extant first Baronet succeeded as Earl of Galloway in 1649
Slingsby of Traquair c. 1628 Stewart dormant 1861 first Baronet created Earl of Traquair in 1633
Stewart of Ochiltree 1630 Stewart patent cancelled 1632  
Stewart, later Shaw-Stewart of Blackhall and Greenock 1667 Stewart, Shaw-Stewart extant  
Stewart of Castlemilk 1668 Stewart extinct 1797  
Stewart 1681 Stewart extinct 1735 first Baronet succeeded as Earl of Moray in 1701
Stewart of Allanbank 1681 Stewart extinct 1849  
Stewart of Burray 1687 Stewart dormant 1746 now merged into earldom of Galloway
Stewart, later Steuart-Denham of Goodtrees 1705 Stewart, Steuart-Denham extinct 1851 second Baronet succeeded in the Steuart Baronetcy of Coltness in 1773
Stewart of Tillicoultry 1707 Stewart dormant 1767  
Steuart, later Steuart-Denham, later Steuart-Barclay of Glorat 1666 Steuart, Steuart-Denham, Steuart-Barclay extinct or dormant 1851
Stirling of Glorat 1666 Stirling dormant 1949
Stirling of Ardoch 1666 Stirling extinct 1808
Strachan of Thornton, later of Inchtuthill 1625 Strachan dormant 1854
Stuart of Castle Stewart 1628 Stuart extant first Baronet created Baron Castle Stewart in 1629, ninth Baronet created Earl Castle Stewart in 1800
Stuart, later Crichton-Stuart of Bute 1627 Crichton-Stuart extant third Baronet created Earl of Bute in 1703


Title Date of creation Surname Current status Notes
Temple 1662 Temple extinct 1674
Thomson of Duddingston 1636 Thomson dormant c. 1691
Threipland of Fingask 1687 Threipland extinct or dormant 1882
Turing of Foveran c. 1638 Turing extant  


Title Date of creation Surname Current status Notes
Vernatti of Carleton 1634 Vernatti presumed dormant some time after 1678
Wallace of Craigie Wallace c. 1638 Wallace resigned 1659
Wallace of Craigie 1670 Wallace extinct 1770
Wardlaw of Pitreavie 1631 Wardlaw dormant 1983
Wedderburn of Balindean 1704 Wedderburn forfeit 1746 David Wedderburn, 7th Baronet but for the attainder, was created a Baronet in 1803 (see Ogilvy-Wedderburn baronets
Weir of Blackwood 1694 Weir extinct 1735
Wemyss of Wemyss 1625 Wemyss dormant 1679 first Baronet created Lord Wemyss 1628
Wemyss of Bogie 1704 Wemyss dormant c. 1770
Whitefoord of Blairquhan 1701 Whitefoord dormant 1803
Widdrington of Widdrington 1635 Widdrington extinct 1671
Wishart, later Belshes, later Wishart-Belshes of Clifton Hall 1706 Wishart, Belshes, Wishart-Belshes dormant 1821
Wood of Bonnytown 1666 Wood extinct 1738

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