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This page, one list of hereditary baronies, lists all baronies, extant, extinct, dormant, abeyant, or forfeit, in the Peerage of England.

Baronies, 1264–1707[edit]


Title Date of creation Surname Current status Notes
Baron de Ros 1264 De Ros, Manners, Cecil, MacDonnell, Villiers, FitzGerald-De Ros / Boyle, Dawson, Ross, Maxwell extant Created by writ.
Forfeit 1464-1485.
In abeyance 1508-1512.
Also Earl of Rutland 1525-1587, 1618-1632.
Also Duke of Buckingham 1649-1687.
In abeyance 1687-1806, 1939-1943, 1956-1958
Baron le Despencer 1264 le Despencer, Fane, Dashwood, Stapleton, Boscawen Extant Forfeit 1326-1398, 1400-1461
In abeyance 1449-1604
Earl of Westmorland 1626-1762
In abeyance 1762-1763, 1781-1788
Viscount Falmouth from 1891.
Baron Camoys 1264 de Camoys extinct 1372  
Baron de Colville 1264 de Colville abeyant 1370
Baron Mowbray 1283 de Mowbray, Mowbray, Howard, Stourton extant Created by writ
Abeyant 1481-1483, 1777-1878
Forfeit 1485-1554, 1572-1604
Also Baron Segrave 1368–present
Also Baron Stourton 1878–present
Subsidiary title of the Earl of Nottingham 1377-1397
Subsidiary title of the Duke of Norfolk 1397-1399, 1425-1476, 1483-1485, 1554-1572, 1660-1777
Subsidiary title of the Earl of Norfolk 1399-1425, 1476-1481
Subsidiary title of the Earl of Arundel 1604-1660
Baron Berkeley 1295 de Berkeley extinct 1418 Created by writ
Baron Boteler of Werington 1295   extinct c. 1328
Baron Bruce 1295 Bruce abeyant 1371 Created for the Earl of Carrick
Baron Daubeny 1295 Daubeny extinct 1548 Created Earl of Bridgewater in 1538
Baron Fauconberg 1295 Fauconberge, Nevill, Lane-Fox, Anderson-Pelham, Miller Abeyant 2013 In abeyance 1407-1429, 1470-1903, 1948-2012
Held together with Baron Conyers 1903-1948, 2012–2013
Baron FitzWalter 1295 FitzWalter, Radcliffe, Mildmay, Plumptre extant Forfeit 1496-1506
Also Earl of Sussex 1529-1629
Dormant 1629-1667
Also Earl Fitzwalter 1730-1756
In abeyance 1756-1924, 1932-1953
Baron Furnivall 1295 de Furnivall, Nevill, Talbot, Howard, Dent Abeyant 1968 Earl of Shrewsbury 1442-1616
In abeyance 1616-1651
Earl of Arundel 1654-1660
Duke of Norfolk 1660-1777
In abeyance 1777-1913
Baron Grey of Wilton 1295 de Grey attainted 1603
Baron Greystock 1295 Greystock extinct 1306  
Baron Hastings 1295 Hastings, Astley extant Earl of Pembroke 1339-1389
Dormant 1389-1841
In abeyance 1542-1841
Baron Hussey 1295 Hussey abeyant 1470  
Baron Hylton 1295 Hylton abeyant 1746  
Baron Martin 1295 Martin abeyant 1326  
Baron Mohaut 1295 de Mohaut extinct bef. December 1296 Created by writ.
Baron Montfort 1295 de Montfort abeyant bef. January 1370 Created by writ.
Baron Mortimer of Wigmore 1295 de Mortimer forfeit 1330 Created by writ. In 1330, Roger de Mortimer, 1st Earl of March and 2nd Baron Mortimer of Wigmore, was attainted and his titles were forfeited. In 1331, his son Edmund de Mortimer was summoned to Parliament and the title was effectively re-created, as the attainder had not been reversed.
Baron Neville de Raby 1295 Neville forfeit 1571 created Earl of Westmorland (1371)
Baron Segrave 1295 de Segrave extant united with Baron Mowbray from 1375
Baron Strange 1295 le Strange extinct 1311  
Baron Wake of Liddell 1295 Wake abeyant 1408 Earl of Kent (1321 creation) 1349-1385
Earl of Kent (1360 creation) 1385-1408
Duke of Surrey 1397-1399
Baron Morley 1295 de Morley, Morley, Lovel, Parker Mordaunt Extant abeyant 1697-1870 Created by writ.
Baron Basset of Drayton 1295 Basset abeyant 1390 created by writ
Baron Grey of Rotherfield 1297 Grey dormant 1388  
Baron Ap-Adam 1299 Ap-Adam Dormant 1310  
Baron Clinton 1299 Clinton, Fortescue, Rolle, Walpole, Trefusis extant Earl of Lincoln 1572-1692
abeyant 1692-1721
Earl Clinton 1721-1751
abeyant 1751-1760
dormant 1791-1794
abeyant 1957-1965
Baron de Clifford 1299 Clifford, Sackville, Tufton, Southwell, Russell extant Earl of Cumberland 1525-1605
dormant 1605-1649, 1676-1678
Earl of Thanet 1678-1721
abeyant 1721-1734, 1775-1776, 1832-1833
Baron De La Warr 1299 la Warr, West Abeyant 1554  
Baron Ferrers of Chartley 1299 Ferrers, Devereux, Shirley, Compton, Townshend abeyant 1855 Viscount Hereford 1550-1572
Earl of Essex 1572-1601, 1604-1646
forfeit 1601-1604
abeyant 1646-1677
Earl Ferrers 1711-1717
abeyant 1741-1749
Earl of Leicester 1784-1807
Marquess Townshend 1811-1855
Baron Grandison 1299 de Grandison extinct 1305  
Baron Grandison 1299 de Grandison Abeyant 1375  
Baron Grey of Codnor 1299 Grey, Cornwall-Legh extant Abeyant 1496–1989
Baron Latimer 1299 Latimer, Nevill, Willoughby dormant 1430 Baron Willoughby de Broke was de jure Baron Latimer 1492-1521. Since then in abeyance. Created by writ.
Baron Moels 1299 de Moels Abeyant 1337 Created by writ.
Baron Bardolf 1299 de Bardolf Morley, Lovel, Parker Extant Dormant 1408-1475
Baron Mohaut 1299 de Mohaut or de Montalt Extinct 1329 Also known as "Montalt." Created by writ. See also Baron Mohaut (1295).
Baron Mohun 1299 de Mohun, le Strange Abeyant 1594? Created by writ. In 1431, this title became united with Baron Strange.
Baron Montagu 1299 de Montagu status? Created by writ. The Complete Peerage lists several different (some in existence simultaneously) Baronies of Montagu (as well as Baron Montagu of Boughton and Baron Montagu of Kimbolton) and discusses them in Appendix E of volume IX (1936).
Baron Mortimer of Chirk 1299 de Mortimer Abeyant Created by writ.
Baron Mortimer of Richard's Castle 1299 de Mortimer Abeyant 1304 Created by writ.
Baron Multon of Egremont 1299 de Multon Abeyant bef. November 1344 Created by writ.
Baron Muncy 1299 de Muncy Extinct 1308  
Baron Percy 1299 Percy extinct 1517  
Baron St John of Basing 1299 St John extinct 1337  
Baron Lisle 1299 de Lisle extinct 1337  
Baron Stafford 1299 de Stafford, Stafford Forfeit 1521 Created Earl of Stafford in 1351. Created Duke of Buckingham in 1444.
Baron Braose 1299 de Braose, Jermy Stapleton worthy Extant abeyent 1326 1780  
Baron Strange 1299 le Strange, Stanley, Philipps extant Abeyant 1594-1921
Held by the Viscount St Davids
Baron Tuchet 1299 Tuchet extinct  
Baron Vavasour 1299 Vavasour abeyant 1826  
Baron Beauchamp de Somerset 1299 de Beauchamp abeyant 1361 1st creation of a barony of that name
Baron Ferrers of Groby 1300 Ferrers, Grey attainted 1554  


Title Date of creation Surname Current status Notes
Baron Botetourt 1305 de Botetourt, Burnell, Berkeley, Somerset Abeyant 1984 Held by the Duke of Beaufort 1803-1984.
Baron Multon of Gilsland 1307 de Multon status?  
Baron Boteler of Wem 1308 Boteler, Ferrers, de Greystoke, Dacre Abeyant 1411  
Baron Zouche of Haryngworth 1308 la Zouche, Bisshop, Curzon, Frankland extant  
Baron Cromwell 1308 de Cromwell extinct 1335 Created by writ
Baron Badlesmere 1309 de Badlesmere abeyant 1338 Created by writ
Baron Beaumont 1309 Beaumont extant Abeyant 1460-1840
Subsidiary title of Duke of Norfolk since 1975
Baron Monthermer 1309 de Monthermer, de Montagu status? Created by writ.
Baron Strange of Blackmere 1309 Strange, Talbot abeyant 1616  
Baron Lisle 1311 de Lisle extinct 1399  
Baron Cobham 1313 de Cobham, Oldcastle, Brooke, Boothby, Disney, Alexander Abeyant 1951 Forfeit 1603-1916
Abeyant 1789-1916
Baron Audley 1313 Audley, Tuchet, Ticknesse(-Touchet), (Touchet-)Jesson, Souter Abeyant 1997 Created by writ; abeyances before: 1391–1408 and 1872–1937; forfeiture: 1497–1512(restored)
Baron Willoughby de Eresby 1313 Willoughby, Bertie, Drummond-Willoughby, Heathcote-Drummond-Willoughby extant also Earl of Lindsey from 1626 to 1779; also Marquess of Lindsey from 1706 to 1779; also Duke of Ancaster and Kesteven from 1715 to 1779; also Baron Gwydyr from 1828 to 1870; also Baron Aveland from 1888 to 1983; also Earl of Ancaster from 1892 to 1983
Baron Brun 1315 le Brun Abeyant 1354/1355  
Baron Strabolgi 1318 Strathbolgi, Burgh, Kenworthy extant Created for the Earl of Atholl, now independent. Dormant or abeyant until 1916; the Complete Peerage denies its existence before 1916.
Baron Lucy 1320 de Lucy, de Umfraville, Percy Dormant 1398
Baron Dacre 1321 Dacre, Fiennes, Lennard, Barrett-Lennard, Roper, Brand, Trevor extant forfeiture 1541–1558; abeyances 1715–1741 and 1965–1970
Baron FitzHugh 1321 FitzHugh Abeyant 1512/3  
Baron Greystock 1321 de Greystock, Dacre Abeyant 1569  
Baron Grey de Ruthyn 1324 Butler-Bowdon, Grey, Longueville, Yelverton, Gould, Rawdon, Clifton Abeyant 1963 Created by writ
also Earl of Kent 1465-1639
also Viscount Longueville 1690-1799
also Earl of Sussex 1717-1799
also Marquess of Hastings 1858-1868
Abeyant 1868-1885, 1934-1940
Baron Harrington of Aldingham 1324 Harrington, Bonville, Grey forfeited 1554 created by writ, merged with the Barony of Bonville and Marquessate of Dorset in 1458.
Baron Aton 1324 de Aton Abeyant 1373
Baron Ingham 1326 de Ingham, Stapleton Dormant 1344 Abeyant already 1344-1349 and again since 1466.
Baron Maltravers 1330 Maltravers, Arundel, Fitzalan, Howard extant The Barony is united with the Earldom of Arundel and is held by the Duke of Norfolk
Baron Darcy de Knayth 1331 Darcy, Godolphin, Osborne, Lane-Fox, Herbert, Ingrams extant Created by writ. Abeyances 1418–1641 and 1888–1903
Baron Talbot 1331 Talbot Abeyant 1616  
Baron Chandos 1337 de Chandos extinct 1353  
Baron Courtenay 1337 Courtenay extinct 1835  
Baron Kerdeston 1337 de Kerdeston, Jermy, Jermy Stapleton worthy extant
Baron Monthermer (1337) 1337 de Monthermer Extinct bet. October 1339–February 1340  
Baron Poynings 1337 Poynings, Percy extinct 1670  
Baron le Despencer 1338 le Despencer extinct 1349  
Baron Dudley 1342 de Sutton, Sutton, Ward extant Abeyant between 1757 and 1917
Baron Bourchier 1348 Bourchier, Parr, Devereux Abeyant 1646  
Baron Hussey 1348 Hussey extinct 1361  
Baron Bryan 1350 de Bryan extinct 1457 abeyant from 1390
Baron Musgrave 1350 de Musgrave status?  
Baron Beauchamp de Warwick 1350 Beauchamp extinct 1360 2nd creation of a barony of that name
Baron Lisle 1357 de Lisle, de Berkeley, Beauchamp Abeyant 1420  
Baron Beauchamp of Bletso 1363 Beauchamp dormant about 1421 3rd creation of a barony of that name
Baron Botreaux 1368 Botreaux Abeyant 1960 The Barony is in abeyance together with the Baronies of Stanley and Hastings
Baron Aldeburgh 1371 Aldeburgh Abeyant 1391  
Baron Scrope of Bolton 1371 le Scrope Lapsed 1630  
Baron Stafford 1371 Stafford Abeyant 1445  
Baron Cromwell 1375 Cromwell, Stanhope, Bewicke-Copley extant Created by writ
abeyant 1455-1490, 1497-1923
Baron le Despencer 1375 le Despencer, Beauchamp, Fane, Dashwood, Stapleton, Boscawen extant Also the Viscount Falmouth.
Baron Clifton 1376 Clifton extinct 1394  
Baron Camoys 1383 de Camoys, Stoner extant Created by writ
abeyant 1426-1839
Baron Lumley 1384 Lumley Attainted 1400  
Baron le Despencer 1387 le Despencer extinct 1424  
Baron Beauchamp of Kidderminster 1387 de Beauchamp forfeit 1400, extinct 1420 4th creation of a barony of that name
Baron Bergavenny 1392 Beauchamp, Nevill extant created Earl of Abergavenny in 1784, Marquess of Abergavenny in 1876.


Title Date of creation Surname Current status Notes
Baron West 1402 West, la Warr Abeyant 1554  
Baron Tuchet 1403 Tuchet Abeyant 1997 created by writ
also Baron Audley from 1408 (ending abeyance)
forfeit 1497-1512 and 1631-1678
abeyant 1872-1937 and since 1997
Baron Stafford 1411 Stafford extinct 1420  
Baron Berkeley 1421 Berkeley, Milman, Foley, Gueterbock extant Created by writ. Current incumbent Anthony Gueterbock, 18th Baron Berkeley.
Baron Hungerford 1426 Hungerford extinct 1463  
Baron Latymer of Snape 1432 Nevill, Coutts-Nevill, Money-Coutts-Nevill extant Created by writ
in abeyance 1577-1913
Baron Dudley 1440 Sutton, Ward, Lea, Smith, Hamilton, Wallace extant Created by writ
in abeyance 1757-1916
Baron Lisle 1444 Talbot Abeyant 1470 Created Viscount Lisle in 1451
Baron De Moleyns 1445 De Moleyns, .., Philipps extant The Barony is at present held by the Viscount St Davids
Baron Ferrers of Groby 1446 Grey Attainted 1554 Also Baron Grey of Groby. Created Marquess of Dorset in 1475. Created Duke of Suffolk in 1551.
Baron Beauchamp of Powick 1447 de Beauchamp extinct 1502/1503 5th creation of a barony of that name
Baron Saye and Sele 1447 Fiennes, Twisleton extant  
Baron Stourton 1448 Stourton extant The Barony is held by Baron Mowbray, Segrave and Stourton
Baron Grey of Groby 1449 Grey Attainted 1554 Held by the Duke of Suffolk.
Baron Berners 1455 Bourchier, Knyvett, Bokenham, Wilson, Williams, Kirkham extant Created by writ
in abeyance 1693-1711, 1743-1832, 1838, 1992-1995
Baron Stanley 1456 Stanley Abeyant 1960 The Barony is in abeyance together with the Baronies of Bortreaux and Hastings.
Baron Dacre 1459 Dacre Abeyant (or extinct (?)) 1461  
Baron Hastings of Hastings 1461 Hastings Abeyant 1960 The Barony is in abeyance together with the Baronies of Stanley and Bortreaux.
Baron Herbert 1461 Herbert, Somerset, Seyfried extant Held by David Seyfried Herbert 19th Baron Herbert
Baron Lumley 1461 Lumley Attainted 1545
Baron Mountjoy 1465 Blount Extinct 1606  
Baron Howard 1470 Howard Abeyant 1777
Baron Lisle 1475 Grey extinct 1504 Created Viscount Lisle in 1483
Baron Dacre of Gillesland 1482 Dacre, (Hay, (?)), Howard extant Created Earl of Carlisle in 1661.
Baron Grey of Powys 1482 Grey Abeyant 1552
Baron Hungerford 1482 Hungerford extant Created with precedence of 1426. Held by the Viscount St Davids.
Baron Daubeny 1486 Daubeny extinct 1548 Status uncertain, recreation of earlier Baron Daubeny?
Baron Willoughby de Broke 1491 Willoughby, Greville, Verney extant


Title Date of creation Surname Current status Notes
Baron Conyers 1509 Conyers, Darcy, D'Arcy, Oxborne, Lane-Fox, Anderson-Pelham, Miller Extant In abeyance 1557-1641/4, 1888-1892, 1948-2012
Held together with Baron Fauconberg 1903-1948, 2012–present
Baron Herbert of Herbert 1509 Somerset extant Held by the Duke of Beaufort
Baron Darcy de Darcy 1509 Darcy Forfeit 1537
Baron Monteagle 1514 Stanley, Parker Abeyant 1697
Baron Sandys of the Vine 1523 Vaux, Mostyn, Gilbey Abeyant c.1683
Baron Vaux of Harrowden 1523 Vaux, Mostyn, Gilbey extant created by writ
in abeyance 1663-1838, 1935-1938
Baron Braye 1529 Braye, Otway-Cave, Wyatt-Edgell, Verney-Cave, Aubrey-Fletcher extant Created by writ
Baron Hussey of Sleaford 1529 Hussey forfeit 1537
Baron Windsor 1529 Windsor, Hickman, Windsor-Clive extant Held by the Earl of Plymouth
Baron Wentworth 1529 Wentworth, Bulwer-Lytton extant Also Earl of Lytton. Created by writ.
Baron Burgh 1529 Burgh, Leith extant created by writ
in abeyance 1602-1916
Baron Mordaunt 1532 Mordaunt, Gordon Abeyant 1836  
Baron Audley of Walden 1538 Audley Extinct 1544
Baron St John of Basing 1539 Paulet extant The Barony is held by the Marquess of Winchester
Baron Russell of Cheneys 1539 Russell extant The Barony is held by the Duke of Bedford
Baron Eure 1544 Eure (or Evres) extinct 1690
Baron Parr of Horton 1543 Parr extinct 1547
Baron Wharton 1544 Wharton, Kemys-Tynte, Vintcent, Robertson extant created by writ
in abeyance 1731-1739, 1761-1916
Baron Seymour 1546 Seymour extant Held by the Duke of Somerset
Baron Lumley 1547 Lumley extinct 1609
Baron Seymour of Sudeley 1547 Seymour Attainted 1549
Baron Sheffield of Butterwike 1547 Sheffield extinct 1735 Created Earl of Mulgrave in 1626
Baron Stafford 1547 Stafford extinct 1640
Baron Rich 1547 Rich extinct 1759 Created Earl of Warwick in 1618
Baron Willoughby of Parham 1547 Willoughby ???
Baron Darcy 1548 Darcy extinct 1635 created in tail male for the son of the Baron Darcy of Darcy (1509)
Baron Herbert of Cardiff 1551 Herbert extant Subsidiary title of the Earl of Pembroke and Montgomery
Baron Darcy of Chiche 1551 Darcy extinct 1640 Created Earl Rivers in 1626
Baron Paget 1552 Paget extant Created by writ
Baron Chandos 1554 Brydges dormant 1789 created Earl of Carnarvon in 1714. Created Duke of Chandos in 1719.
Baron North 1554 North Abeyant 1942 created by writ
in abeyance 1802-1841
Baron Howard of Effingham 1554 Howard extant Created Earl of Nottingham in 1596. Created Earl of Effingham (GB) in 1731. Created Earl of Effingham (UK) in 1837.
Baron Percy 1557 Percy extinct 1670
Baron Hunsdon of Hunsdon 1559 Carey extinct 1765 also Earl of Dover from 1628 to 1677
Baron Saint John of Bletso 1559 St John extant
Baron Beauchamp of Hache 1559 Seymour extinct 1750 6th creation of a barony of that name
Baron Lisle 1561 Dudley extinct 1590
Baron Buckhurst 1567 Sackville extinct 1843 created Earl of Dorset in 1604; Duke of Dorset in 1720.
Baron Burghley 1571 Cecil extant Created Earl of Exeter in 1605. Created Marquess of Exeter in 1801.
Baron Compton 1571 Compton, Townshend abeyant
Baron De La Warr 1572 West extant Created Earl De La Warr in 1761.
Baron Norreys of Rycote 1572 Norreys, Bertie extant Created Earl of Abingdon in 1682. Also Earl of Lindsey.
Baron Howard de Walden 1597 Howard, Scott-Ellis, Czernin extant created by writ
in abeyance 1689-1784, 1797-1799, 1999-2004


Title Date of creation Surname Current status Notes
Baron Cecil of Essendon 1603 Cecil extant Created Earl of Salisbury in 1605. Created Marquess of Salisbury in 1789.
Baron Ellesmere 1603 Egerton extinct 1829 created Viscount Brackley in 1616;Earl of Bridgewater in 1617.
Baron Grey of Groby 1603 Grey extinct 1976 Created Earl of Stamford in 1628.
Baron Petre 1603 Petre extant
Baron Russell of Thornhaugh 1603 Russell extant Held by the Duke of Bedford
Baron Spencer of Wormleighton 1603 Spencer extant Created Earl of Sunderland in 1643. Became Duke of Marlborough in 1733.
Baron Wotton 1603 Wotton extinct
Baron Denny 1604 Denny extinct 1660 Created by writ. Created Earl of Norwich in 1626.
Baron Howard of Marnhull 1604 Howard extinct 1614 Subsidiary title of the Earl of Northampton.
Baron Arundell of Wardour 1605 Arundel extinct 1944
Baron Carew 1605 Carew extinct 1629 Created Earl of Totnes in 1626.
Baron Cavendish of Hardwick 1605 Cavendish extant Created Earl of Devonshire in 1618. Created Duke of Devonshire in 1694.
Baron Herbert of Shurland 1605 Herbert extant The Barony belongs to the Earl of Montgomery and is held by the Earl of Pembroke and Montgomery.
Baron Stanhope of Harrington 1605 Stanhope extinct 1675
Baron Knyvet 1607 Knyvet extinct 1622
Baron Clifton 1608 Bligh extant Created by writ. Held by the Earl of Darnley.
Baron Settrington 1613 Stuart extinct 1672
Baron Dormer 1615 Dormer extant
Baron Stanhope of Shelford 1616 Stanhope extinct 1967 Created Earl of Chesterfield in 1628.
Baron Teynham 1616 Roper extant
Baron Noel of Ridlington 1617 Noel extinct 1798 Succeeded as Viscount Campden in 1629.
Baron Verulam 1618 Bacon extinct 1626 Created Viscount St Alban in 1621.
Baron Whaddon 1619 Villiers extinct 1687 subsidiary of Viscount Villiers, later created Earl, Marquess and Duke of Buckingham, and Earl of Coventry
Baron of Innerdale 1619 Hamilton extinct 1651 subsidiary of Earl of Cambridge
Baron Montagu of Kimbolton 1620 Montagu extant Subsidiary title of the Viscount Mandeville. Created Earl of Manchester in 1626. Created Duke of Manchester in 1719.
Baron Feilding 1620 Feilding extant Subsidiary title of the Viscount Feilding. Created Earl of Desmond in 1622. Created Earl of Denbigh in 1622.
Baron Ogle 1620 Ogle, Cavendish extinct 1691 Subsidiary title of Viscount Mansfield
Baron Brooke 1621 Greville extant Created Earl Brooke in 1746 and Earl of Warwick in 1759.
Baron Carey of Leppington 1622 Carey extinct 1661 Created Earl of Monmouth in 1626.
Baron Howard of Charlton 1622 Howard extant The Barony belongs to the Viscountcy of Andover and is held by the Earl of Suffolk.
Baron Burghersh 1624 Fane extant Subsidiary title of the Earl of Westmorland.
Baron Conway 1624 Conway extinct 1683 Created Viscount Conway in 1627. Created Earl of Conway in 1679.
Baron Grey of Chillingham 1624 Grey extinct 1706
Baron Craven 1626 Craven extant Created Earl of Craven in 1801.
Baron Fauconberg 1627 Belasyse extinct 1815 Created Viscount Fauconberg in 1643.
Baron FitzAlan 1627 Beaumont, FitzAlan-Howard extant The Barony is united with the Earldom of Arundel and is held by the Duke of Norfolk.
Baron Mountjoy of Thurveston 1627 Blount Extinct 1679 Also Baron Mountjoy of Mountjoy Fort in the Peerage of Ireland.
Baron Brudenell 1628 Brudenell extant Created Earl of Cardigan in 1661. Also Marquess of Ailesbury (created 1821) from 1868.
Baron Clifford 1628 Clifford, Boyle, Cavendish Abeyant 1858
Baron Hervey 1628 Hervey extinct 1642 also Baron Hervey of Ross.
Baron Howard of Escrick 1628 Howard extinct 1715
Baron Mohun of Okehampton 1628 Mohun Extinct 1712  
Baron Strange 1628 Stanley, Drummond of Megginch Abeyant 1982 Created by writ.
Baron Hicks of Ilmington 1628 Hicks, Noel extinct 1798 Subsidiary title of Viscount Campden.
Baron Herbert of Chirbury 1629 Herbert extinct 1691
Baron Cavendish of Bolsover 1628 Cavendish extinct 1691 Held by Viscount Mansfield. Created Marquess of Newcastle in 1643. Created Duke of Newcastle in 1664.
Baron Wentworth of Wentworth-Woodhouse 1628 Wentworth extinct 1695
Baron Bayning of Horkesley 1628 Bayning extinct 1638 subsidiary title of the Viscount Bayning of Sudbury
Baron Powis 1629 Herbert extinct 1748 Created Earl of Powis in 1674. Created Marquess of Powis in 1687.
Baron Finch of Fordwich 1640 Finch extinct 1660
Baron Stafford 1640 Howard, Jerningham, FitzHerbert extant
Baron Bruce of Skelton 1641 Bruce extinct 1747 Subsidiary title of the Earl of Ailesbury. Also the Earl of Elgin.
Baron Capel 1641 Capel extant Subsidiary title of the Earl of Essex
Baron Byron 1643 Byron extant
Baron Craven of Ryton 1643 Craven extinct 1650
Baron Astley of Reading 1644 Astley extinct 1688
Baron Clifford of Lanesborough 1644 Boyle extinct 1750 Joined with the Earldom of Burlington.
Baron Ward 1644 Ward extant created Earl of Dudley in 1860.
Baron Rockingham 1645 Watson extinct 1782
Baron Cholmondeley 1645 Cholmondeley extinct 1659 Created for the Earl of Leinster.
Baron Cobham 1645 Brooke extinct 1660  
Baron Lexinton 1645 Sutton extinct 1723  
Baron Belasyse 1645 Belasyse extinct 1691
Baron Wotton 1650 Kirkhoven extinct 1683
Baron Berkeley of Stratton 1658 Berkeley extinct 1773  
Baron Crofts 1658 Crofts extinct 1677  
Baron Monck 1660 Monck extinct 1688 subsidiary title of the Duke of Albemarle
Baron Montagu of St Neots 1660 Montagu extant subsidiary title of the Earl of Sandwich.
Baron FitzHerbert 1660 Finch extinct 1729  
Baron Ashley 1661 Ashley-Cooper extant Created Earl of Shaftesbury in 1672.
Baron Crew 1661 Crew extinct 1721
Baron Delamer 1661 Booth extinct created Earl of Warrington in 1694
Baron Holles 1661 Holles extinct 1694
Baron Townshend 1661 Townshend extant Created Viscount Townshend in 1682. Created Marquess of Townshend in 1787.
Baron Scott of Tynedale 1663 Montagu, Douglas, Scott extant Subsidiary title of the Earl of Doncaster. Held by the Duke of Buccleuch.
Baron Lucas of Crudwell 1663 Lucas extant Also Lord Dingwall.
Baron Arundell of Trerice 1664 Arundell extinct 1768
Baron St Liz 1664 Feilding extant The Barony is held by the Earl of Denbigh, who is also the Earl of Desmond.
Baron Arlington 1665 Bennet-Fitzroy extant Created Earl of Arlington in 1672. All titles abeyant 1936-99, when the abeyance of the barony was terminated.
Baron Craven 1665 Craven extant Created for the Earl of Craven, but separated on the latter title's extinction. Created Earl of Craven in 1801.
Baron Frescheville 1665 Frescheville extinct
Baron Butler 1666 Butler, Cowper abeyant
Baron Howard 1669 Howard extinct 1777 Created Earl of Norwich in 1672.
Baron Clifford of Chudleigh 1672 Clifford extant
Baron Cooper 1672 Ashley-Cooper extant Subsidiary title of the Earl of Shaftesbury.
Baron Sudbury 1672 Fitzroy extant Subsidiary title of the Earl of Euston. Created Duke of Grafton in 1675.
Baron Grey of Rolleston 1673 North extinct 1734
Baron Osborne 1673 Osborne extinct 1964 subsidiary title of the Viscount Latimer. Created Earl of Danby in 1674; Marquess of Carmarthen in 1689; and Duke of Leeds in 1694.
Baron Finch of Daventry 1674 Finch extant The Barony is held by the Earl of Nottingham, who is now also Earl of Winchilsea.
Baron Settrington 1675 Gordon-Lennox extant The Barony belongs to the Dukedom of Richmond and is held by the Duke of Richmond and Lennox.
Baron Heddington 1676 Beauclerk extant Subsidiary title of the Earl of Burford. Created Duke of St Albans in 1684.
Baron Manners of Haddon 1679 Manners extant Created for the Earl of Rutland. Created Duke of Rutland in 1703.
Baron Noel of Titchfield 1681 Noel extinct 1798 Succeeded as Viscount Campden in 1682. Created Earl of Gainsborough in 1682.
Baron Lumley 1681 Lumley extant Created Earl of Scarborough in 1690.
Baron Alington of Wymondley 1682 Alington extinct 1691 also Baron Alington of Killard in the Peerage of Ireland.
Baron Thynne 1682 Thynne extant Subsidiary title of the Viscount Weymouth. Created Marquess of Bath in 1789.
Baron Dartmouth 1682 Legge extant Created Earl of Dartmouth in 1711.
Baron Guilford 1683 North extant Created Earl of Guilford in 1752.
Baron Stawell 1683 Stawell extinct
Baron Churchill of Sundridge 1685 Churchill extant Created Earl of Marlborough in 1689 and Duke of Marlborough in 1702.
Baron Waldegrave 1686 Waldegrave extant Created Earl Waldegrave in 1729.
Baron Cirencester 1689 Bentinck extant Subsidiary title of the Earl of Portland. Created Duke of Portland in 1716.
Baron Cholmondeley of Namptwich 1689 Cholmondeley extant Created Earl of Cholmondeley in 1706. Created Marquess of Cholmondeley in 1815.
Baron Wokingham 1689 Oldenburg extinct 1708 Subsidiary title of the Duke of Cumberland
Baron Ashburnham 1689 Ashburnham extinct 1924 Created Earl of Ashburnham in 1730.
Baron Torbay 1689 Herbert extinct 1716 Subsidiary title of the Earl of Torrington.
Baron Villiers 1691 Villiers extant Subsidiary title of the Viscount Villiers. created Earl of Jersey in 1697.
Baron Capel of Tewkesbury 1692 Capel extinct 1696
Baron Portarlington 1692 de Ruvigny extinct 1720 Subsidiary title of the Viscount Galway. Created Earl of Galway in 1697.
Baron Herbert of Chirbury 1694 Herbert extinct 1738
Baron Howland 1695 Russell extant Held by the Duke of Bedford
Baron Ashford 1697 van Keppel extant Subsidiary title of the Earl of Albermarle.
Baron Shingay 1697 Russell extinct 1727
Baron Barnard 1698 Vane extant
Baron Alford 1698 de Nassau d'Auverquerque extinct 1754 Subsidiary title of the Earl of Grantham.
Baron Halifax 1700 Montagu extinct 1772


Title Date of creation Surname Current status Notes
Baron Guernsey 1703 Finch-Knightly extant Created the Earl of Aylesford in 1714.
Baron Gower 1703 Leveson-Gower extant Created the Earl Gower in 1746. Created the Marquess of Stafford in 1786. Created the Duke of Sutherland in 1833.
Baron Conway of Ragley 1703 Seymour extant Created Earl of Hertford in 1750. Created Marquess of Hertford in 1793.
Baron Hervey of Ickworth 1703 Hervey extant Created Earl of Bristol in 1714. Created Marquess of Bristol in 1826.
Baron Tewkesbury 1706 - merged in the crown 1727 Subsidiary title of the Duke of Cambridge.
Baron Cowper 1706 Cowper extinct 1905 Created Earl Cowper in 1718.
Baron Chesterford 1706 Howard extinct 1722 Subsidiary title of the Earl of Bindon.

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