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This is a list of venues used for professional baseball in Cincinnati, Ohio. The information is a compilation of the information contained in the references listed.

Union Cricket Club Grounds a.k.a. Union Grounds or Union Park
Occupants: Cincinnati Red Stockings independent professional (1869-1870)
Location: adjacent to Lincoln Park
Currently: railroad station
Avenue Grounds
Occupants: Cincinnati Reds - National League (1876-1879)
Location: about two short blocks west of Spring Grove Avenue, bounded on the south by Alabama Avenue, on the west by Mill Creek, on the north by the imaginary line extending from Monmouth Street, and on the immediate east by railroad tracks
Currently: Hilshire Farms and Kahn's
Bank Street Grounds
Cincinnati Reds - NL (1880)
Cincinnati Reds - American Association (1882-1883)
Cincinnati Outlaw Reds - Union Association (1884)
Location: Bank Street and McLaren Avenue
Currently: SORTA and CSX Transportation
Crosley Field prev. Redland Field, Palace of the Fans, League Park
Cincinnati Reds - American Association (1884-1889) / National League (1890-1970-mid)
Cincinnati Cubans / Cuban Stars Negro National League (1921)
Cincinnati Tigers Negro American League (1937)
Cincinnati Buckeyes/Clowns Negro American League (1942-1945)
Location: Findlay Street (south); Western Avenue (northeast, angling); York Street (north); McLean Avenue (west)
Currently: industrial park
East End Park
Occupant: Kelly's Killers - American Association (1891 part season)
Location: Humbert Street (southwest, right field); Babb (or Babby) Alley (northeast, some distance beyond third base); Watson Street (southeast, left field); Ridgeley Street (northwest, first base)
Currently: C.L. Harrison Field and Paul Kramer Field in the Schmidt Recreation Complex
Riverfront Stadium a.k.a. Cinergy Field
Occupant: Cincinnati Reds - NL (1970-mid - 2002)
Location: 201 East Pete Rose Way
Currently: The Banks mixed-use project
Great American Ball Park
Occupant: Cincinnati Reds - NL (2000-present)
Location: 100 Joe Nuxhall Way

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