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This is a list of venues used for professional baseball in the five boroughs of New York City. The information is a compilation of the information contained in the references listed.

Hoboken, New Jersey

Elysian Fields
used by various amateur and professional clubs into the 1880s
New York Knickerbockers amateur club starting 1845
Mutual – independent am/pro (1862–1867)
Location: Hoboken, New Jersey waterfront
Currently: Residential buildings and a small remnant called Elysian Park; plaque at 11th and Washington Streets, a block northwest of the park, commemorates approximate location of home base


York Street Park
Occupant: Atlantics – amateur (ca. 1855–1865)
Location: Brooklyn – York Street
Currently: approach ramps for Brooklyn Bridge
Excelsior grounds (I)
Occupant: Excelsior – amateur (1854-1859)
Location: Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn
Currently: residential
Excelsior grounds (II)
Occupant: Excelsior – am/pro independent (1859–1870)
Location: Red Hook, Brooklyn – south end of Court Street, on the waterfront (Gowanus Canal)
Currently: industrial
Union Grounds
Eckford – independent am/pro (1862–1871), NA (1872)
Mutual – independent am/pro (1868–1870), NA (1871-75), NL (1876)
Atlantic – NA (1873–1875)
"Hartford of Brooklyn" – NL (1877)
Location: Williamsburg, Brooklyn – Marcy Avenue (southwest); Rutledge Street (northwest); Harrison Avenue (northeast); Lynch Street (southeast)
Currently: National Guard building, Juan Morel Campos Secondary School
Capitoline Grounds
Atlantic – am/pro independent (1864 or 1865 – 1871), NA (1872)
Excelsior – am/pro independent (1866–1871)
Enterprise – am independent (ca. 1864–1866)
Location: Bedford, Brooklyn – Marcy Avenue (east); Halsey Street (south); Putnam Avenue (north); Nostrand Avenue (west)
Currently: Residential
Washington Park I
Occupant: Brooklyn Atlantics/Bridegrooms – Inter-State League (1883), AA (1884–1889), NL (1890–1891 part)
Location: 3rd Street (north, right field) and 5th Street (south, left field); 4th Avenue (west, center field) and 5th Avenue (east, home plate)
Currently: Residential, school, public park, and Gowanus House
Eastern Park
Brooklyn Ward's WondersPL (1890)
Brooklyn Dodgers (1891 part – 1897)
Location: Brooklyn – Eastern Parkway (segment later renamed Pitkin Avenue when Eastern was diverted) (north, home plate); Long Island Railroad and Vesta Avenue (later renamed Van Sinderen Street) (east, left field); Sutter Avenue (south, center field); Powell Street (west, right field)
Currently: Commercial / industrial
Washington Park II
Brooklyn Dodgers/Superbas – NL (1898–1912)
Brooklyn Tip-TopsFL (1914–1915)
Location: diagonally across from the northwest corner of the previous Washington Park: 1st Street (north, right field) and 3rd Street (south, third base); 3rd Avenue (west, left field) and 4th Avenue (east, first base)
Currently: Consolidated Edison – part of ballpark wall still stands
Ebbets Field
Occupant: Brooklyn Dodgers – NL (1913–1957)
Location: Brooklyn – formerly within Flatbush, now considered part of Crown Heights – 55 Sullivan Place – Bedford Avenue (east, right field); Sullivan Place (south, first base); McKeever Place (west, third base); Montgomery Street (north, left field)
Currently: Jackie Robinson Apartments
MCU Park prev. Key Span Park
Occupant: Brooklyn CyclonesNew York–Penn League (2001–present)
Location: Coney Island site, Brooklyn – 1904 Surf Avenue – Surf Avenue (north, third base); Kensington Walk (east, left field); Boardwalk (south, right field); West 19th Street (west, first base)


Polo Grounds (I)
Metropolitan – independent (1880–1882), AA (1883–1885)
New York Giants – NL (1883-88)
Location: 110th Street (south, right field for Mets, third base for Giants); Fifth Avenue (east, first base for Giants); Sixth (now Lenox) Avenue (west, third base for Mets); 112th Street (north, left field for Mets, right field for Giants)
Currently: Commercial and residential buildings, Harlem Academy
Metropolitan Park
Occupant: Metropolitan – AA (1884 first part of season)
Location: Manhattan – 109th Street (north); East River (east); 107th Street (south); First Avenue (west)
Currently: Residential, commercial, public school
Manhattan Field aka Polo Grounds (II)
Occupant: New York Giants (1889 part – 1890)
Location: 155th Street (south); Eighth Avenue (east) – next to site of Polo Grounds
Currently: Apartment buildings
Polo Grounds (III) / (IV)
New York Giants – PL (1890)
New York Giants – NL (1891–1957)
New York Yankees – AL (1913–1922)
New York Mets – NL (1962–1963)
Location: Harlem River Drive aka Speedway (west, home plate); site of Manhattan Field and 155th Street viaduct (south, right field); 8th Avenue (east, center field); rail yards (north, left field)
Currently: Apartment buildings
Dyckman Oval
Occupants: Negro League clubs (1920s) including Cuban Stars (East), Bacharach Giants
Location: within Inwood Hill Park – 214th Street and Seaman Avenue (Dyckman Street borders the city park to the southwest)
Currently: There are baseball and softball diamonds in the general area
Hilltop Park formally American League Park
New York Yankees – AL (1903–1912)
New York Giants – NL (1911 part)
Location: Washington Heights, Manhattan – Broadway (southeast, right field); West 165th Street (southwest, first base); Fort Washington Avenue (west, third base); 168th Street (northeast, left field)
Currently: NewYork–Presbyterian Hospital and other medical buildings


Yankee Stadium (1923)
Occupant: New York Yankees – AL (1923–1973, 1976–2008)
Location: Bronx – East 161st Street (north, left field); River Avenue (east, right field); 157th Street (south, first base); Macombs Dam Park (west, third base)
Currently: Macombs Dam Park, Heritage Field
Yankee Stadium
Occupant: New York Yankees – AL (2009–present)
Location: Bronx – across the street to the north from the old Yankee Stadium – East 161st Street (south, first base); River Avenue (east, right field); Macombs Dam Bridge / Jerome Avenue (west, third base); East 164th Street (north, left field)


Fashion Race Course originally National Race Course
Occupants: Operated as a horse race track 1853 to about 1869. Site of an intra-city all-star game series in 1858 on July 20, August 17 and September 10; notable as first admission charges for baseball.
Location: gate at what is now 37th Avenue and 103rd Street in Corona, Queens, New York about a mile west-southwest of Citi Field.
Ridgewood Park
Occupant: Brooklyn – AA (ca. 1889-90) Sundays only
Location: within Ridgewood, Queens – in the vicinity of Myrtle Avenue and Summerfield Street; and the future sites of Seneca Avenue and Onderdonk Avenue; another field was nearby, on a block bounded by Wyckoff Avenue (northeast) and Irving Avenue (southwest); Weirfield Street (northwest) and Covert Street (southwest)
Currently: commercial / residential
Dexter Park
Occupant: Brooklyn Royal GiantsNegro Leagues (1920s-1930s)
Location: Woodhaven, Queens – Jamaica Avenue (south); Eldert Lane T's into Jamaica from the south; Dexter Court (east?)
Currently: High school athletic field, residential and commercial buildings
Shea Stadium
New York Mets – NL (1964–2008)
New York Yankees – AL (1974-75)
Location: Flushing, Queens – 123-01 Roosevelt Avenue – 126th Street (northeast, right field); Roosevelt Avenue (southeast, first base); Shea Road (southwest/northwest, third base/left field)
Currently: Parking lot for Citi Field
The Ballpark at St. John's now known as Jack Kaiser Stadium
Occupant: Brooklyn CyclonesNew York–Penn League (2000)
Location: Jamaica, Queens – St. John's University campus – Utopia Parkway (east, outfield); 175th Street (west/south, home plate/first base); Belson Stadium soccer field and Union Turnpike (northwest, third base)
Citi Field
Occupant: New York Mets – NL (2009–present)
Location: Flushing, Queens – just east of Shea Stadium site – 126th Street (northeast, right field); Roosevelt Avenue (southeast, first base); Shea Road (southwest/northwest, third base/left field)

Staten Island

St. George Grounds
Metropolitan – AA (1886–1887)
New York Giants – NL (1889) partial season
Location: St. George, Staten Island, Staten Island
Currently: Near site of Richmond County Bank Ballpark
Richmond County Bank Ballpark
Occupant: Staten Island YankeesNew York–Penn League (2001–present)
Location: St. George, Staten Island – Richmond Terrace (southwest, home plate/third base); Bank Street (southeast/northeast, first base/right field); Upper New York Bay, beyond Bank Street

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